Ex-Rutgers Coach Hopes for Redemption

Act 2: Mike Rice tears up while talking about becoming a changed man and being part of a team again.
7:49 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Ex-Rutgers Coach Hopes for Redemption
Take a look at the shocking video making headlines this morning. On April 2 former assistant coach Eric Murdock appeared on ESP -- to denounce his former boss to. In this that video just like intention discussions -- And means. Embarrassed by the shocking expose -- of their basketball practices under intense pressure Rutgers University fired Mike -- Others followed price's assistant coach known as a baby rice who had also bully players resign. As did Rutgers athletic director -- -- -- Murdoch felt vindicated my. Rice -- removal was -- do first to stop -- mistreatment. Of Rutgers student athletes and cooks rice his reputation once in ruins -- -- greedy. Public shame that was heaped upon this man outlets was intense I mean almost in some ways unprecedented -- Went from being anonymous division one college basketball coach being. Earlier. Poster boy for everything that's wrong with. Competitive sports and in America but -- so many people down my players my administration -- university the fans. Sorry -- -- most difficult going home owning up to those kids Michael and Katie. And his wife -- how did you talk to your children about this. Your son and daughter we talked a lot about. Daddy made some mistakes studies working on it that is so is working ion. Getting better what I'm most proud about and this is a lesson he's also told my children there's no blame here on anybody else. Was it difficult to go home. I don't think people realize he. What you team -- a year here your fans down he let the parents but. Your family there are all part of it but to communicate to them that now this is. This is nobody's fault -- -- your father's fault this is -- -- -- -- have to live with and you're gonna have to deal with. And this evening more shock waves at some of the harshest criticism came as a result of those anti gay slurs -- And are -- as sensitive subject of Rutgers since -- when freshman Tyler Clementi took his bottom line. Here's the Rutgers University freshman who took his own life after video showing his sexual encounter with another man you're at that same university and your. You're shouting those names -- -- -- Did it ever occur to you that this is just really. So far out of an idiotic because I wasn't thinking that I was shouting at Tyler Clementi or anybody else -- -- gay or lesbian and looking for answers Mike reached out to the gay lesbian and straight education network a -- and fired is who -- president Ernest. He went with us to be specific training for PE teachers and coaches. He also had experience of coaching students who would never show up on his teen. Who's really important he meet with the students and hear from them. -- these young people this is a highly unlikely yes and typical encounter but to the places that LG BT students avoid. As much as -- -- Our locker rooms and. All right so we -- not going to turn it over to coach my right hand for Mike -- a major step in his search for redemption it's hard talking about it it's -- Sitting in a classroom. Full of gay lesbian students and being told you're no better than a -- The group did not hold back so -- game in lower than a straight -- it doesn't make sense why couldn't you. Do you really be -- oh yeah do you realize yes. Yes and I wouldn't be here facing -- -- I did. And until -- girl -- this year no better than a bully who said something to -- last week. In front -- my locker room and made me cry and and -- emotions. Poured out. Should your leader you heard your leader of student athlete you help. Perpetuate. That's ugly stereo -- that -- less or worse off their words this where that do you think that you were a bully some actions that. -- certainly. -- -- -- Well that was a that was a hard lesson learned that's for sure might also travel to Houston on his quest for insight into his behavior from former NBA player John Lucas. Who runs a treatment center for recovering athletes how did working with his group held view in dealing with -- -- John. Tells you the truth like no other person maybe on this planet and the length stories is were driving from Jim that Jim just him saying. It's okay to make mistakes. You forgive -- we didn't forgive you. And I'm telling. Therapy sessions went on for hours to me what we're doing this veterans. I. Forgive myself. And I didn't know this could take a -- milk and you. -- forgive myself -- There could be good enough. John. Released. As a way of allowing yourself to understand it you are human that you do make mistakes there are some people. There are always -- disassociate Mike -- With that video despite all that you have done. How do you reconcile that by trying to be the best parent. That's coached the best teacher to get this much. Owl is humanly possible to young coaches -- Self control. About boundaries about. This morning from your mistakes whoever Mike -- -- from here I do think it's safe to say that he is being forced to deal with. Who he well that's the great coaches somewhere along the way. Figure out that they need to be able to step outside themselves they need to be able to listen to other people that sort of part of the process. I think of learning really had to be a great coats go hard work I'm very good job today rice runs clinics for teenage boys a doctor de rated. Oh I love that cap stocks and girls'. School. With his thirteen year old daughter's team. Rice practices a new coaching style that's not tell his passion for the game still very much alive and he has apparently. -- -- -- Pressure on the ball they should never stand there you go up strong famous -- There -- many people saying there is no way. This man should ever coach again. Let something that I have to. I have to live with what I went through when him and everything I've learned that at the steps I've taken in -- How people of help me along the way -- I've I've I've changed. Is it. What do you work in progress in the of course and so wouldn't go from here -- You go and you continue. Sorry. You go and continue to be a good father she coped continue to learn. And try to develop I will be in -- gym which student athletes -- -- be. A part of -- -- Where that takes me I'm not real sure. It's going to be -- radical this next drill. -- -- -- --

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{"id":20836008,"title":"Ex-Rutgers Coach Hopes for Redemption","duration":"7:49","description":"Act 2: Mike Rice tears up while talking about becoming a changed man and being part of a team again.","url":"/2020/video/rutgers-coach-hopes-redemption-20836008","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}