Saved! Getting Ethan Out

How the FBI tricked the gunman before going in -- and the first video of Ethan after his rescue.
4:53 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Saved! Getting Ethan Out
Dawn was breaking on the sixth day of the stand the -- just two days from his sixth birthday. At his mother his family and entire -- unsure he'd ever be able to prove he could never. So hopefully. Behind the scenes at BI agency -- growing increasingly worried two. We monitored that bunker he could see he could hear Jimmy Lee dykes growing increasingly agitated. He was holding a gun. He's bragging about his unfolding plans to time for negotiating and suddenly over what. Did you hear. -- told him you had to get to point out that our negotiators. Power behavioral analysis personnel were all telling me the subjects not gonna come out. It's not gonna get it any better. It's getting worse he clearly was going -- we -- he made it very clear that he was gonna execute his plan. And that was the day I -- the child was an imminent danger. It was his call to make it 312 in the afternoon nearly six days -- the hour. -- and was dragged off that bus at a small elite team that have been practicing and at makeshift bunker. It's moving it. They told likes what they had told him before they -- to drop off more than -- medicine. But people waiting and small patch when -- approaches they sent off to flash grenades to distract him to -- to have children. But gunfights and -- firing at the -- they fired. Back and silence. For everyone listening to command center their most worrisome moment. I cannot tell you how long it saying. From the time of the breach. Until it -- Then what -- the agents radioed in the best boards I've heard. -- The child's crying. The child is crying you can -- he's he he he was crying he was breathing. News that that was good news in for Putin's mother. Who've been relying and every text message sent from that team this time she would get a phone call. And -- older brother cameras was right there you were there when she got the call. We were all there when they told us. But this place that we had. Its. Down below an alarming finds two bombs -- the reason for the plan one of the bunker the other in that ventilation -- And they discovered weddings left behind by dikes that the FBI told us might one day shed light on his motive. Meantime the town includes family moving forward with plans for that sixth birthday party. And tonight -- ABC news exclusive. The first images of -- after the rescue. The family told us they hoped -- -- show America that he didn't smile as return it. Ethan is playing you get the -- telling us he hasn't spoken of the bunker of that man. Instead focusing on his new toy cars and finally celebrating a birthday to town church -- only other trip they tell us to Toys -- Us. And from his family tonight a message for the team that -- their little boy thank you for brain. The -- back. -- -- -- As something that is a -- of doing and how its -- thank you every day acted because they gave us Ambac. There was someone else can -- like to thank. The bus driver took Pullman who -- -- only to protect the other children on that bus to town pastor his wife and their own grandchildren on the bus. The kids -- that school bus they loved the pastor -- I lived in the united even knowing. And it turns out that bus driver was not only -- to schoolchildren and he's been kind even to Jimmy Lee dykes. FBI telling us tonight the bus driver and his wife in recent months had befriended -- -- known to everyone else in the town -- mean man. They were worried that he was alone. It's a matter of fact the bus driver may have been one of -- only friends that the subject. Fans he -- of us demanded children. And shot his friend. Tonight the town remembering mr. Poland. And -- town still praying for little Ethan crane -- -- smiles and returned for good. His mother saying she can't describe how incredible it is pulled him again -- sweet boy. Finally finally able to hunt the boy loves to -- -- -- -- night. An attack. I've lost -- What would you like -- attack. Thank. Thank you. A simple thank you now that -- is home.

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{"id":18447166,"title":"Saved! Getting Ethan Out","duration":"4:53","description":"How the FBI tricked the gunman before going in -- and the first video of Ethan after his rescue.","url":"/2020/video/saved-ethan-18447166","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}