Scott Peterson refuses to take polygraph test on wife's disappearance

Scott Peterson said he purposely held back from the media because he hoped it would keep the media coming back.
7:13 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Scott Peterson refuses to take polygraph test on wife's disappearance
It seemed too cold to go play golf at the club. So, you know, decided that, you know, might as well do that. I've done a lot of missing persons cases and I don't recall ever asking the, you know, the husband or the wife to come down to the station and sit through a video interview. I can't even explain why I interviewed him in the police station. So, today, she told you what she was gonna do for the day. Yeah. And what was that? Take the dog for a walk, and then she was going to the store to buy for Christmas morning breakfast tomorrow. She was going to make gingerbread cookies for tonight. He was calm. His demeanor wasn't urgent. He didn't have that sense of urgency that you would expect, that you saw from other people. Have you guys -- you guys haven't had any problems? Marriage problems? No. Everything is good? Hum-um. And you been married four years? He just doesn't seem like the guy whose wife is missing. In the initial hours, where normally you would think the husband would be like stop talking to me, get out there and find my wife. You know, I didn't do it. Leave me alone, but he just didn't -- he hadn't -- something about him in the way he was answering questions, his demeanor, was suspicious. Okay, did you drive straight there? I did. You get your boat in. How long you think you stayed in the water? Ah, felt like an hour and a half or so. Did you have a map for that area or -- No. What, you just wing it? Um-hum. He was fishing for big fish, sturgeon, as I recall in San Francisco bay. That's a big, big fish. And he had this little aluminum boat. And why didn't he tell his wife that he had this boat? The boat was a big deal. I remember asking him about the boat. I asked him, "When did you buy the boat?" His answer to that question was, "It was a surprise for Ron." He didn't tell me when he bought it. It was a surprise for Ron. Which made no sense at all, of course. Those are the kind of answers I would get to questions I asked. Never a straight answer. Would you be willing to take a polygraph? Sure. Originally, he agreed to it, because once again it's Scott. He's everybody's neighbor. He's everybody's best friend. He's the guy you want at your barbecue. There's know way he's going to say no. So we actually arranged it. We had it for Christmas day and he called me that morning and said, "I'm not taking it." We began our immediate search of the park and river areas. We continued that search on Christmas day. Waterways, vacant lots, vacant buildings, abandoned cars, abandoned barns. I want to make sure that everything's been checked. Whoever has her, please, please, please bring her back. We love her so much. We want her back. Please, let us have her back. The room is packed and we've got chief up there talking about her and the fact that Scott went fishing and, man, the hands start coming up. "He went fishing? Where'd he go fishing at?" And he got up and walked out. Scott did. And so, we obtained a search warrant for his house. And we went in and he was reading the newspaper at the dining room table. So we give him this form and it says, "I give consent for us to search all that stuff." And all he has to do is sign it. And we can search. And he picks it up and he reads it, and he's like, "You don't expect me to sign this without a lawyer, do you?" Well, we weren't sure, but we have a search warrant. And he's like, he looks right at me and he's like, "Al, where's the trust?" I mean, that's what he says to me. "Where's the trust?" Scott Peterson wanted to give off the permission that he was being completely forthcoming and helpful to the police. But there were lies that he drew. Scott was always in the background. He always gave the excuse that he didn't want it to be about him. He wanted the focus to be on Laci. He didn't want to be photographed. He didn't want to be on camera. He was adamant that his photo not be put on posters, that pictures of him not be taken. Scott had specific directions for us, guidelines. He would leave the volunteer center, walk out the exit door before the media would come in, and then we could let the media in. He didn't want his picture up at all. Everything of her and him had to come down off the wall. It only could be pictures of her. And he -- but the way he took it down, he goes, "Oh, I'm going to keep this." We had this wall in there. When you first walk in, there was this wall and we had pictures of her everywhere. And he would make sure every picture of him was down off the wall. Daily. Daily. We would put more up, they would come down. Let me go to you, Jackie Peterson, where is Scott tonight? I would imagine he would be out begging the viewers to help in the search for his wife. He is and he has and he is with friends this evening, that have been searching all day. If your wife or husband or baby were missing, what would you do to find them? How far would you go? To the end of the Earth? To the local TV station? Who wouldn't? Scott Peterson. There is a lot of questions of why I have not been in the media. Media will put, I believe, emotional stuff out there for a couple of days and then the story will get dropped for something else. It was our thoughts that if I was to hold back from the media, the media would continue to come because, frankly, cameras, reporters they want something they can't get right away. This was our way of keeping the media coming back for us. He's as smooth as they get. He's cool, he doesn't seem to get rattled, he seems authentic. So many people said, Christmas eve, you have a very pregnant wife, and you decide to go fishing? My day was open to, um, either play golf or go fishing. I chose fishing that day, which was, you know, the choice I made and I, obviously, regret now. You know like, just decide to stay home this would not have happened. He was nervous, he was under the spotlight. He was being questioned and he hid a terrible secret.

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{"id":49854890,"title":"Scott Peterson refuses to take polygraph test on wife's disappearance","duration":"7:13","description":"Scott Peterson said he purposely held back from the media because he hoped it would keep the media coming back.","url":"/2020/video/scott-peterson-refuses-polygraph-test-wifes-disappearance-part-49854890","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}