Searchers struggle to find missing mother-to-be Laci Peterson

Family, friends and supporters held a candle light vigil for Laci Peterson, while Scott Peterson stayed off-stage.
5:47 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Searchers struggle to find missing mother-to-be Laci Peterson
"Truth and lies" continues. ??? The bay searches started I believe it was the end of December or thereabouts. They were also doing searches in the freshwater reservoirs up in the Sierras. But when it came to the bay searches, that was pretty widely publicized because Scott had maintained that, you know, his alibi was he went fishing you know at the Berkeley marina launching his boat. He said he went to the bay, he had proof he went to the bay. We believed she was in the bay so we're searching the bay. What's he doing? He's renting cars, driving to the bay, just to see where we're looking. To see where the boats are. He isn't checking in with us to say, hey, how's the search going? Or, you know, he's just up there looking and then driving home. As a veteran of the news business I'm a very cynical person when it comes to spousal mystery. I always blame the husband, and I am almost always right. I start with the presumption that the husband did it, but there were alternative theories. One, she was kidnapped by a satanic cult. Also, there were people who say they saw her walking a dog at a time after Scott Peterson left to go fishing. And if so obviously, she wasn't dead in the back of his truck when he left. We had a tip line up 24/7. We were getting calls of people seeing a pregnant lady walking a dog on Christmas eve in the neighborhood. Two credible witnesses indicated they saw a pregnant woman with a yellow dog in the area. They had to exclude that evidence. No idea who killed this beautiful pregnant woman. We found a pregnant lady with a retriever. The conclusion was that not Laci and Mckinsey. The police needed to look at other possibilities. But they needed to stay on Scott. They needed to do what they did. We pretty much department with all of the satanic cults. The dog walkers. The only thing we couldn't eliminate was Scott. It I've spent a great deal of time with police. Always cordial but when it came to going 100% to clear himself he just wouldn't do it. Do you think it's possible they think you know where she is? Are you afraid police will arrest you? No. I know there's no basis. I had nothing to do with her disappearance so there is no possible evidence or anything like that. I mean, the thoughts that go through your head. I mean, it's not like this is a total stranger that you might be suspecting. This is somebody that's been a member of your family for several years now. Yeah, it's a lot of turmoil, going back and forth and, because you don't want to -- that's the last person you want to think, had anything to do with the disappearance of your daughter, her husband. Because I knew in my heart that if he did, she wasn't coming home. I'm Laci's mother-in-law, and Scott's mother, and I want to thank all of you for the love and outpouring. So, now, there's a big memorial for Laci in Modesto. Thank everybody for coming out here tonight. Laci would be so happy to see she had so many friends and supporters, and just keep looking for Laci. Please don't give up. There were a lot of people who came to that vigil in the park. Lord, tonight, we lift Laci Peterson to you father. I do remember I didn't see Scott the entire evening. I did not see him in the park at all. I -- he was there apparently but I didn't see him. The only thing I saw were the pictures in the media from him that night. Never saw him. They ask about the candlelight vigil that we held in the park and they asked why weren't you on that stage with the family, and frankly, because this isn't about us, to be out in front of the camera. It's about us to work towards bringing home the one person who's hurting the most, the piece of our family that's missing right now. We are kindling a fire in this cold world full of hatred and selfishness. Our little blaze may seem to be unveiling. There's a vigil going on for Laci, a candlelight vigil, and I -- I say, well, where's the husband? Why isn't the husband speaking to all of these people that have been searching for and praying for, and trying to find Laci. Why doesn't he -- what's happening? Well, I'll tell you where he was. He was off in the corner talking on the phone to his mistress amber Frey, with some crazy story that he was in Europe, at some new year's celebration, and she recorded it. Amber, it's new year's eve. Yes, are you having a good

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{"id":49854856,"title":"Searchers struggle to find missing mother-to-be Laci Peterson","duration":"5:47","description":"Family, friends and supporters held a candle light vigil for Laci Peterson, while Scott Peterson stayed off-stage.","url":"/2020/video/searchers-struggle-find-missing-mother-laci-peterson-part-49854856","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}