Cruise Ship Confidential

Former crew members reveal the secret world of sex and liquor below deck.
5:58 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Cruise Ship Confidential
Anyone who's ever been on a cruise ship knows there are crew members all over trying to make your life easier. They feed you they give you towels they make sure you're having a great time. The question is what are they doing when they're not with you. We're told for some that's when the real job begins the job of having the time of their lives here's Deborah Roberts. Bin need to pools could be Strauss the bars. Down to ask the son -- and through these doors is a world few clues. -- -- These YouTube videos posted by crews and police offered just a glimpse into life -- the -- But this man saw -- all all the action is below the water like all of it. Brian David crews worked -- -- -- aboard cruise ships into 2005. Dishing about his adventures in his three books. Is there a lot of -- that goes on even amongst the crew members amongst the crew members that's where the party is. The amount of alcohol and sex it's going on down there it's Paramount. The average crude -- makes a sorority house look like an -- I'm not kidding. It's plain to see on these -- video. Young people from all around the world spending months -- seen working and plainly aboard these floating cities. There are regular crew parties and bars designated Jones -- Hispanic. It's a big free for all that's all it is sheriff Cecil worked on a luxury cruise liner in 2004. Climbing the letter from waitress to officer. Their sex cabins and there's an -- to cap and and they can somehow. Sneak past the out of the capital where -- to have sex. -- -- happening she says under the passenger's noses. -- losers both in the curious decks and enjoyed beautiful cabins on the lower floors often below the waterline. Is duke thru -- It's like a separate -- with dining areas rec -- In tiny cabins and once hosted by crewmembers on -- -- -- Housing at least two mile -- the cabin is the size of a walk in closet. And within this little society of C a strict hierarchy all its own. As -- crew goes I was the highest ranking crew member. As is -- reporting European luxury cruise liner Larson say she enjoyed a privilege. Status. The ship itself was you don't -- accommodations weren't more from -- very that. If you go down to the crew area -- the crew bar but I can also go. Even the dining room the passengers. The hanging out with the captain and top officers both Brian and meant to say is almost unheard. It's a kind of percent to -- upstairs downstairs and you know sort of a feeling. You're working here they're working there and you don't yes then it's not just a feeling as physical as well. Staff officers all those guys are up on the bridge decks. They never go down below the water line they don't even go to the crude decks if they can help it. Yeah unless -- -- reason. A lot of my friends and restaurants were pretty ladies. They always had an officer that was asking them. To be there should squeeze. That's what it's called -- -- we all have one -- -- friends they have wives and kids back home when the lights come on the families. The mistresses are put off shore for a week's vacation and that -- sleeve and on this just as they come back. It's tougher fight for crew members -- -- days are filled with back breaking -- You work constantly. I don't -- caught a sweatshop conditions but that's really what it is. You -- you work eighty hours week minimum of eighty hours a week I worked fifteen weeks in a row at 100 hours a week. They're paying you something like forty dollars a month almost 100% of their salary come from tips from the guest. Between 1000 and maybe 3000 on. High end -- Human rights groups have accused cruise lines of exploiting workers with long hours and low pay. Cruise industry says it's a problem of the -- the new laws will regulate working in -- out just yet former employees Cecil says passengers have been deliberately kept in the dark about eighteen negative. Tell -- anything if there's a mechanical breakdown just we do not tell them. If -- -- is an illness outbreak we do not challenged. We are told to -- to them. Cherries personal whose story is frightening. Just two months into her contract after a night of drinking she says a fellow crew member raped her in her have been. The trauma on the attack was horrifying enough she says then she told her superiors. And my -- call me in his office and said. -- bad things happening that people. You just have to put to society he's just gonna have to get out your life get over it and -- afterward. City you show up tonight at work if you -- pack your backs. I had already been -- was an -- my career. -- continued working. Two years later she left the ship sued the cruise line and settled for an undisclosed amount. They shoot first and ask questions later if there's even a whiff of controversy. -- -- You get pregnant you're gone. They very much sweeping under the drug -- Still Bryant says the good outweighs the bad. He and others we talked with insisted crews work is mostly free of serious trouble or controversy. Would you take a cruise today calling I can't wait to take -- bring -- -- and I'm ready to get my passport let's go.

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{"id":15408662,"title":"Cruise Ship Confidential ","duration":"5:58","description":"Former crew members reveal the secret world of sex and liquor below deck.","url":"/2020/video/secrets-deck-15408662","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}