Seniors Strike Back

'Cane Fu' and other videos that prove the elderly can still kick butt.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Seniors Strike Back
We all saw Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair a week or so ago -- can't forget moment to some a senior moment to others. Inspired by dirty Harry himself we put together some others senior moments senior is fighting back you can almost hear them say. Make -- day. And wait until you see how I get into the act. Grandparents are supposed to be living the quiet life lacks in stroll on the beach -- -- and maybe a little windows. But too often the golden years find our elderly as victims preyed upon streets and elevators. But these -- lions are not called the greatest generation for nothing -- Witness of ramps are slugging it out for the young -- for the sporting event. Others are fighting crime with a first price scanner and even -- -- Now all this makes for great video and the term hero is often apply. But is this the best way out of a situation. Where -- silver superiors. What your advice. Two elderly person about what they should do in the situation of confrontation keep -- head try to keep calm the best thing to do is to try to vote gay. -- Brennan is a private investigator and former police officer DR -- some examples of these special senior moments. And says it's not as good as it looks take. The case of eighty year old until your margins a tough as nails grandma from Portugal who took eight. Rudy approach to stopping a robbery -- her son in laws in Massachusetts grocery store. Too bad guys pull a gun on the -- What I locally and -- one next and he told me it was. The guy with a gun and his look out don't see 02 billion. I'm leaving she does the unthinkable. She goes for a -- -- this. Shockingly it works in the man with the gun please the fruit. Most impressive maybe what happens next over two million gets pistol whipped by -- -- as he had sex amazingly she's able to just brush it off. Response from quickly apprehended and -- to we have for all her bravado. His lucky to be alive. She would of the best of just getting descriptions of the people reporting to police later. But not all seniors are throwing fruit and many are actually raising the stakes and risk with a gun. In fact when he -- percent of people 55 and older who own a gun according to a 2011 study by the Gallup institute. Case in point July -- first -- call Florida. Two men one armed -- an online gambling cafe when the robbers turned their backs 71 year old Samuel Williams goes dirty Harry. Injuring both men who were later arrested. Williams has been hailed as a hero Brendan sees plenty he doesn't like. The worst thing that he does he has all those machines there around the but yet they didn't protect themselves with -- -- -- -- If these guys didn't make the decision to flee he was in big trouble he was in big trouble also take a look at this in the heat of the moment Williams very nearly takes out this woman. -- almost moves into his line of fire. When you decide. That you're gonna make that. Decision you've just made the decision for everybody else that -- involved in the gun battle. In fact while packing heat may seem like a good idea. According to the Brady Center people with a gun are actually four and a half times more likely to get shots and I -- -- residency so it might just be safer going old school. -- -- 67 year old kid in -- YouTube video watched over five million times. -- fellow bus passenger comes -- after heated argument. He learns the hard way. -- -- -- a guy comes up and gets Adam and eventually strikes him. What does he do right what he does right is Eagles all out he'd made he'd made a conscious decision that I'm gonna defend myself I'm gonna have won all I got which is exactly what 69 year old Clifford this sick did not do. When this gunman attempts to rob the store he was in this sick raises Cain -- literally. And the gunman flees. A good result. But a violation of the goal all the way rule ended near deadly mistake. To go out somebody with a Cain when -- carrying -- handgun will hold the expression don't bring an -- and I don't know violent fight let alone a keg but like is that have you got to make a conscious decision you're gonna happen no that you can this song Nam. With that Kane and mark -- he says he can teach seniors to do just that. 65 year old martial arts expert develop the self defense course specifically for the elderly called -- -- That's right -- food and. A lot of time thinking about -- -- hurt somebody -- -- -- don't should I have yes. So you say that the -- Is in a sign of weakness it's a tool that can be used to -- it's an easy -- Team to learn how to use and I -- ten people not to be getting to a situation trying to get out situation for definitely and then if they have to do something them. Take -- business. Sure enough with proper training chemical attacks can be robust with relative these -- here something I learned -- hardware. And you can the front to so. The side attack. I'm the most common -- real salt. In each case 220 pounds -- potential bad guy turn. Until we see who blindly going. Public in this in this direction. -- thinking anywhere I want yes. Look at them all right pull and push worse it is for you. It is all bad for me. So while we applaud the moxie of our mothers mothers and fathers fathers we give them the advice they often give us avoid conflict. Let cooler heads prevail. And if you have to take on an attacker. Teach them the true meaning. Of -- foods. Market.

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