After Sex Scandal, Ex-Mayor Faces New Battle

Act 6: Linda Lusk hopes to attend her daughter Karlie's high school graduation.
2:46 | 09/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for After Sex Scandal, Ex-Mayor Faces New Battle
Reporter: Linda lusk has found love again. But finding peace in a small town that shunned her is much harder. She moved 30 minutes away to richland, washington. It's really tough for me to return to this community. I just instantly feel this sort of cloudy, like, weight on my shoulders. People just love to talk. Reporter: Small towns. Small town. I've got my haters. Reporter: But what do you say, though, to the members of the community who say, you brought this on yourself? I would say that we've all made mistakes and I paid for them. And I'm not a threat. Reporter: But there are many in this town who still believe she is. And that teenager bubba, who never pressed charges against linda lusk, he says he's not bothers by her new title as sex offender. What she did was wrong. Everyone deserves to know that she is a sex offender. Reporter: Perhaps surprisingly, karlie, linda's daughter, is friends with bubba again. She says she just wants her family to heal, and part of that healing also means accepting her mother's new boyfriend, adam, into the family. Cheers. Compliments to the chef. My kids have a great relationship with adam. They love him. He's a lot of fun. They have a good relationship with him. Reporter: As I sit here with the two of you, you both seem very happy, and you're both looking forward to your own future. What about the teenage boy? I feel very bad for what happened, but I don't hit the he's ever accepted responsibility for what he did. Reporter: But do you hope he'll have a future like the two of you are going to have? Yeah. I hope he has a good future. But I really don't dwell on it. Reporter: Doesn't sound terribly convincing. You know, I just need to move on. To a better place. And be happy. Reporter: She wants to move on, but with one final hurdle tonight. Every time I ask to attend something, it's just, denied. Reporter: Seeing her own daughter graduate at the end of this senior year. So, I'm gravely concerned that they are going to deny my access to graduation, and I've already missed so much of my daughter's high school years. I have a right to be involved in my kids' lives. Reporter: And when we asked the high school if linda will be allowed to attend her daughter's graduation, they told us they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. So you, are determined to fight? Absolutely. Reporter: You plan on being at the graduation? Yes. There's no way that they're going to keep me, even if I get arrested, I'm going to m the bulger defense team

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{"id":20255722,"title":"After Sex Scandal, Ex-Mayor Faces New Battle","duration":"2:46","description":"Act 6: Linda Lusk hopes to attend her daughter Karlie's high school graduation.","url":"/2020/video/sex-scandal-mayor-faces-battle-20255722","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}