Rutgers Webcam Spying Scandal

Part 1: Dharun Ravi was convicted of hate crime for spying on his gay roommate.
9:05 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Rutgers Webcam Spying Scandal
A look into the secret life of the eighteen year old to typical kids starting college for the very first time. Except these kids made national headlines -- one of them ended up dead just 25 days into his freshman year the question. What really happened when their dorm room closed -- to complete strangers and complete opposites had to find a way to coexist. What happened when one of them got sex zeile. Kicked out of his room when his roommate wanted to have sex. Think you know the story of the explosive court case that just ended you have not heard the half of -- until now. It's impossible to know what flashed through the mind of Tyler Clemente as he walked the pathway of the George Washington Bridge. In New York City on the evening of September 22. 2000 -- What we do know is that at 8:42 PM. The eighteen year old college freshman -- this FaceBook message from his cell phone. Jumping off the GW bridge. Sorry. Tyler's life ended that night 200 feet below in the Hudson River. A death that sparked a chain reaction generating a media and cultural fire storm. If you are someone -- was being -- believe it or -- names it also transform Tyler's roommate at Rutgers University. A slender frisbee throwing freshman named dark room -- need to be convicted felon facing ten years in prison. Do you think people know who he -- I really don't they thought I hated gay people I wanted to intimidate them. And -- -- the -- makes sense to me. How do you. -- -- -- Excoriated for provoking Tyler's suicide by harassing the gay teenager online. He speaks out for the first time tonight. Uniting our -- -- go back in time and space change. What happened only can do -- learn from -- Born in southern India -- room grew up in this suburban New Jersey town of planes per room was known as bright inquisitive. Thrilled to be heading to college I was very excited I wanted to meet -- people. In contrast to the hyper social -- -- Tyler Clementi was -- reserved self described loner. A -- violinist who played in the ridgewood New Jersey symphony Tyler also happen to be gay. Something he told his parents right before he left for college. It was really great to -- around the house very hopeful. Very content generous with his time. -- found out for himself that Tyler was gay. During an online search about his prospective college roommate that's when he discovered a post from Tyler on the -- website. What do you mean to you that he was getting. It -- and -- Andrew -- Anderson -- like almost every fact that dark room thought was interesting he decided to tweet it. Like most teams and our room was hopelessly addicted to social media. You like to tweet -- but what the social media. Mean to you guys today when you type it doesn't mean you mean it more -- don't say that it's. Probably opposite me. What most people type is like raft with seven layers of sarcasm and on the live iron. But what -- -- -- online would play a huge role in -- case starting with his first instant message about his new roommate. My life. He's gay are you doing I was because you hate gays you're afraid of games how and I thought I mean you Michael's friends they know me they know I don't I -- no -- people spoke at no follow any kind of people. What you guys were doing. Was not necessarily uncommon. But do you see that it wasn't really nice five. Why that language that's just thousand Norway could spark which other beware when are we thinking about. -- what are some note reads those are they gonna feel August 28 2010. -- in Tyler head to the Rutgers campus in New Jersey for move in day. And meet for the first time in the Davidson C dorm -- -- very shy very polite very quiet. I was conversational him. But they fizzle out really -- I mean I tried -- -- hard. Meanwhile Tyler message to friend with his own off color impressions of his new roommate I got an Asian. In commenting that rob these parents definitely owned a Dunkin' Donuts. Almost immediately did you freshman set off and on different paths. Tyler joins the school orchestra and mostly keeps to himself I wasn't sure if he had any friends at all I never -- interacting with anyone -- -- -- -- -- takes immediately to college social -- joining the ultimate frisbee team and becoming known for his unique sense of humor. If you could -- jokes at U. He could push it too far he felt he was strong enough to take this kind jokes maybe he -- understand or some other people weren't as strong as he takes us. But while Robbie may have been more outgoing it would be the reclusive Tyler who -- scored the first dating college on September 19. What would turn out to be a fateful event. -- his pay is okay if our friend over when did you meet the friend guy walking is clearly older than I look at him and I say hi -- took immunity. Vs -- -- on ground and his expression he with a little angry I don't know why -- -- expression. Uneasy about Tyler's friends are -- says he headed across the hall to the room of -- way. -- classmate from his. High school that's smaller and smaller and it is really weird guy in my room and they go when you look away. Trying to describe him now might -- I can assure you. Turns out the tech savvy to our room had rigged the web cam on his computer to turn on by remote pats -- on. And then we looked at and we can tell they're kissing and can register the both lost what happened at the same time and I close handlers like oh my god. When you turned on the camera. When did you think that you were going to interrupt -- Romans. Now -- -- -- acute reminder that this was less than a minute after I left the room. Did seem that weird or is it just kissing basically with two people the same gender known don't care about that you weren't looking to rule. Invade can figure out what's going on -- him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet Robbie immediately treated all his friend. Roommate asked for the room till midnight -- went into Molly's room and turned on my web -- I saw him making out with a dude -- Why did you -- I want all my friends from back home know in my head. That's just how Twitter what's put it was a Picasso be involved in each other's -- -- was going on. But it is not just our rooms hometown friends who read -- sweet. Tyler Clemente also -- in the next day. At first Tyler seems to dismiss the instant messaging a friend that it's not like he left -- on or recorded or anything. Later he post messages on a -- web -- writing I'm kind of pissed at him. But I don't know if I have enough to get him in trouble he never saw anything pornographic. Despite all of the online Hanks did to say nothing to each other in person if they had it may have changed everything. So I -- not -- I would avenge its own someday down the road and beef. -- we laugh at them. A day later on September 21 -- -- is sect style from his room once again. Tyler has scheduled another date with his mysterious friend my concerns -- two things that. This will be come through regular. And second I did not trust the guys that was there but instead of addressing those concerns with. Tyler and -- once again decides to -- Anyone -- I -- I dare you to video chat me between the hours of 9:30 PM till midnight yes it's happening again. Robbie even sent a text saying people are having their viewing party to the bottle of -- party in the year was they're going to be a viewing party. -- that was just a dozen -- for around my friends looking back I was very self absorbed through the whole thing just about what I was thinking what I was. How is reacting to everything I and I never it was never put a Todd finds out how's he gonna feel about it. In fact Tyler had found out he could checking -- Twitter feed Tyler even unplugged -- -- computer before his date that night. He also files a complaint with -- his resident assistant and asks for a room change. He writes I feel that my privacy has been violated and I am extremely uncomfortable sharing a room with someone who would act in this wildly inappropriate manner. When you saw Tyler the next day that he still reacting like he knew something was up none at all at -- time Robbie was unaware that Tyler knew all about the webcam spying yet he seemed completely normal and did you think you done something wrong. -- Yes that the first national looked ever. That's what -- -- when that's the Tyler.

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{"id":15991718,"title":"Rutgers Webcam Spying Scandal","duration":"9:05","description":"Part 1: Dharun Ravi was convicted of hate crime for spying on his gay roommate.","url":"/2020/video/sharun-ravi-rutgers-webcam-spying-roommate-gay-hate-crime-15991718","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}