Shoe Obsessed

Beth Shak says she owns more than 1,000 pairs of shoes.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for Shoe Obsessed
On average most women by seven pairs of shoes each year but that's close -- just one week's total for the footwear obsessed woman you are about to meet. She takes the cake the Manolo as the -- would -- and anything else she can slip on or lace up. Here's Amy Roebuck. I would like to -- -- new parent of the -- news. He underwent a high heels in the red -- jail -- -- about them. -- -- -- Sex in the city's Carrie Bradshaw lust after them. It's a passion for issues. And nobody understands it better than 42 year old best -- Smith. Who has an incredible deal -- the -- he'll. Taller and more pulling down the better. And approximately 12100 pairs of -- look at would say -- an obsession. I would agree that that's what most people would say yes. And over 2400. Shoes read out in not one. But -- password protected -- Give passcodes against -- closet yet -- I can see why. Closet overflowing with the finest of high fashion footwear meticulously organized. And reorganized white -- on a regular basis you can -- -- bigger closet. I'm not getting -- last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Movies. And how much. I think they -- and around. Thirty -- 3500 dollars -- shoe leather gold spikes and swore off ski crystals. How much -- -- other one. I love Marilyn and her she had. Piece of -- that I went -- at least. Since they're actually in the piece of really and look at the east one -- from heavy -- means I've worn knees and -- my god it's like. Twenty minutes -- put them on in twenty minutes always Bollenbach -- assault. -- -- work for it got help you if you drink too much Wear these to the airport. So what does she Wear for a coffee run through his hair -- -- current. Do you flip flop there SE not treated as nicely and argue that hasn't -- enough what are the. If the devil wears Prada to clean -- -- who would not bet has 700. Pairs of offense designed red bottom high -- said. Hundred dollars and run up to over 6000 dollars per pair. So how they -- afford her full house appeals Beck was married to a hedge fund manager and has had their own successful ventures. Including winning as a professional poker player. I'm -- in. -- -- as high as 329000. Bucks. She's never had to worry about making rent like Carrie -- -- I think. He thousand dollars on shoes and I have no place -- -- I will literally each year old woman who lived in her shoes. How much if you spent on issue. The retail. A lot of them is up words from. 602. Thousands. It's a lot. A lot she's not bluffing. For those counting at home 12100 pairs times an average price of 800 dollars is nearly -- million -- Bet Wall Street -- ex husband recently made headlines or suing her for his share of her world famous designer shoe collection. But a few weeks ago he abruptly dropped the case. Healthy relationship that you have issues you were sitting across. -- -- -- and Jay Leno what he saved up their car relaxed and I think that everybody positive collects and because. I win. But not very long. I can tell you warn that many pairs are -- two or three times and then sent off charities to make room. For new ones is only one -- is that I have that are displayed and not war and there my Elizabeth Keller. And -- -- -- fetish is part of her earliest memories and became a security blanket in adulthood. I want to point in my life may be it was a self healing. At other points to gave me self esteem and to make me feel good -- make you happy. Address doesn't do that handbag doesn't do that issues to make me smile off. Jack stash makes her feel sexy and that attracts the attention of the opposite sex. I think the outward appearance that you're giving to. Men the way they look at you is it's the same thing. Members issues which do you like better unlike. This request and she used have you ever seen my -- For 100 -- OK -- I. These days that's been walking a romantic beach with her police officer boyfriend a job not known to produce designer paychecks. -- -- issue. In my class -- month after it started dating wildcats. Back really. And he tried to go where no man had gone before I -- I was the first manned by -- harris' did you like him. You think I. Am not -- -- has three children including a seventeen year old doctor. -- -- I don't. So do -- shares used. -- in the same stock I have. And everything but humans funded five day I mean -- Yeah I said to her when the time comes asking them all tissue maker and distracts mountain. Like beyoncé Fergie and the card that -- -- bets -- is stretching her foot fixation into a business. By producing her own line she gave us a sneak peek. And official donate a portion of proceeds to charity here is c.s are -- -- be your staples shares of -- they're going to be your way out -- are going to be about. These are -- -- high and -- crazy but you like the idea of being able to change the look of them I'll I love it I mean you could -- anything in the bottom I mean. I -- know it would wanted to running I think that gold fish hunt -- stake at about but until her own bed chat line is produced this fall -- she'd done buying. It is going to be black patent do you want more chance don't want -- more shoes -- clearly. I'm so I'm -- And there she plus on a recent visit to Bloomingdale's just two rounds that I do not want to walk out your parents. That but of course she did -- slipped out with only a single parent I mean they're really Friday. 650 dollar Giuseppe did not API -- platform pumps. I really wrong. You like dump them in other -- this week.

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{"id":17016443,"title":"Shoe Obsessed","duration":"3:00","description":"Beth Shak says she owns more than 1,000 pairs of shoes.","url":"/2020/video/shoe-obsessed-17016443","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}