The Sixth Sense: Animal Premonitions

Some animals seems to display extra-sensory gifts.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for The Sixth Sense: Animal Premonitions
Reporter: Birds flocking and elephants herding to higher ground hours before a terrible tsunami strikes southeast asia. Animals have premonitions. They have abilities that scientifically we can't explain. Reporter: A dog travels miles across streams, highways and neighborhoods to find his owner who's been taken to a hospital the dog has never seen. Do you think there's any chance that this was a coincidence? He was on his way to the hospital. I don't know. Where was he, on his way to hollywood? Miracles associated with dogs are happening every day. Reporter: There's a menagerie of animals who display some fascinating extra-sensory gifts. During the 2010 world cup a german octopus picked the winners of matches. We begin with oscar, the rhode island nursing home cat. Oscar tends to come into the room shortly before somebody is about to die. That's where he'll sit until the patient eventually passes. Somehow this cat knew oftentimes before we as physicians or care providers did. Reporter: If the grim reaper must come, you could do a lot worse than soft paws and a purr. But is there a logical explanation? Opinions differ. Reporter: Jennifer is the author of "the divinity of do dogs." They're getting a message we're not getting to let us know something is going to happen. I don't believe in esp, but i do believe with their remarkably tuned senses that animals can detect things that we can't detect. And sometimes we credit their reactions to extrasensory power. Reporter: It's not magical, but with animals' superior senses, it sometimes seems that way, like eagles who can spot a fish underwater hundreds of yards away or a bat seeing in the dark by listening to sonar. Whales navigating their world through complex underwater songs. I'm catwoman. Reporter: Is it any wonder why so many of hollywood superheroes are infused with more than a little animal dna? You read the animals, and they will teach you, they will show you. Reporter: What's coming? Yes, indeed. Reporter: Dr. Michael fox, a nationally-known author, veterinarian and master of the bamboo flubeen documenting the extraordinary behavior of animals for decades, openly believing in their supernatural powers. I invoke this notion of an empathosphere where animals and we, when we're open, can connect with this love field, if you like. A magnetic field but of emotion. But of emotion. Auditory, light, sixth sense. They definitely see things we don't see. They definitely experience things we don't see. Reporter: How about things that go bump in the night? What the hell is that. Reporter: As lead investigator for "ghost hunters" jason is something of a self-styled expert on the paranormal. Are you ready for this, maddie. Reporter: But it's his dog maddie who is sometimes the star of the show. Is there a little girl there? We have a dog, nice dog maddie you can come play with. She's been a wild dog in a kill schetter. Getting ready to be put down and I just fell in love with her. I had been looking for a dog to help me out with the things i do. Look. Reporter: What he does is chase the dead, or at least rumors of the dead, in places no one would ever choose to vacation. The camera keeps auto focus. Reporter: Unlike jason's human team of investigators, maddie comes to these allegedly haunted places with no preconceived notions about ghosts and spirits. What she does have, though, are some very keen senses. If she's sensing something, a lot of times she'll get down into an aggressive stance. She'll start growling low growls. I've only seen her flinch one time. She just freaked out. Reporter: Maddie's animal instincts take over. When I saw that, I jumped. She was scared. Almost as if she didn't know what to do, or how to defend herself. Reporter: She was spooked. Yeah, she was. They're able to hear things that are far beyond our ability, and also different frequencies. Reporter: Like voice frequencies, which brings us to a place in kentucky called bobby mackey's. The place had some tragedy. For whatever reason, maddie had locked on to this one column area while we were there. Whatever it is, it has her worked up. Reporter: They have an array of audio and video equipment. Later when listen, they heard something. You tell me what you think you're hearing. I can hear what sounds like a voice. Reporter: Jasrs something more unsettled. The voice was a distinctive male voice that says "the dog sees me." This thing could see us. It could see maddie. Reporter: While that kind of leap of logic will rankle the skeptics, there remain legions of believers that animals deeply connected to the natural rhythms of life are, well, way ahead of us when it comes to sensing the unseen. So where does all this leave us? How about here? When animal conservationist lawrence anthony died this past spring, 21 wild elephants he had loved and protected walked 12 miles to his home to mourn a man as they would any member of their own herd. How could they have known? Perhaps love is the very definition of the paranormal. Announcer: Next --

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{"id":17577257,"title":"The Sixth Sense: Animal Premonitions","duration":"3:00","description":"Some animals seems to display extra-sensory gifts.","url":"/2020/video/sixth-sense-animal-premonitions-17577257","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}