A Former Small-Town Mayor Has a Seemingly Ideal Life

Act 1: Linda Lusk, now a boutique-owner, was married to her high school sweetheart in Prosser, Wash.
6:10 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for A Former Small-Town Mayor Has a Seemingly Ideal Life
Good evening. Tonight, a sex scandal. A small town, and a rumor mill in overdrive. Those are the ingredients of an explosive he said/she said between a teenage boy, a football star, and a popular mom who was also the principal's wife and one-time town mayor. As you know, for three years now, "20/20" with exclusive access to the linda lusk case. In a town divided. In fact, so many of you divided, too. Tonight, shell has one major hurdle left to get her life back, just as we learn of a brand new twist. A new younger man in her life. With the school year just under way across america, like most players' moms, linda lusk is on the way to watch her son's football game. But unlike other parents, linda will not get out of her car. This is the closest she'll get to those cheers. Forced to watch from a distance, beyond the fence. We're at my son riley's home football game and I asked for permission to attend and I got a one-word response from the superintendent, it just say "denied." Reporter: In fact, if linda steps one foot onto school property, she could be arrested. Did you ever think your life would take this turn? No. It's been unbelievable. It's been a nightmare. Really it's just ruined my life, really. Reporter: Linda lusk is the one-time former mayor of this small, picturesque community of 5,400 in washington state's wine country. She's a well-known face, for reasons no one saw coming. Do you see them looking at you, at the grocery store and the gas station? Oh, absolutely. Go out to eat and you see people, you know, doing the whisper and -- Reporter: What do you think they're whispering? Oh, that's that lady. That town, felt like it was suffocating me, choking the life out of me. It was just toxic. Reporter: Linda lusk's troubles began three years ago. Hollywood does not make up scripts like this. Reporter: Kevin uretsky is a longtime local news man. But rarely do headlines like this come from prosser, washington. And this one was a stunner. It was one of those stories that you can't believe is actually happening but is. Reporter: At the center of the story, high school sweethearts kevin and linda lusk, who are finally together. We were friends for the longest time. It was just really, really Reporter: They'd drifted apart. They both went on to marry other people, divorce and then reconnected and finally married each other after 15 years apart. It's official. It was like no time had passed. Everything just sort of picked right back up again where it was. There was that spark there. Reporter: It's "the brady bunch" in real life. Kevin had two boys, and I had two boys. And then we've had two more children together. So his, mine and ours. Reporter: Their daughter together, karlie, was the only girl along with those five boys. One of those boys a special needs child, taylor. Hi, tay man. You could just never be mad at him. He's just the best. Reporter: Linda's life devoted to her son taylor, born with a rare disorder called trisomy-13. Doctors expecting the wos. He probably wouldn't live a week. Reporter: But under linda's unwavering care, taylor would deny defy the odds, making it to 16. He was beloved by the teenagers in town. The teens who spend so much time at linda's house, among them bubba frank. If he wanted to play, we'd play with him, with his toys and stuff. He was so energetic all the time and just -- they love him to death and stuff, so, he's great. Reporter: At the time, bubba, 14, a star football player, is not only a fan of taylor. He's also fallen for linda's daughter, too, karlie is his first love. We had a really good relationship and stuff. I liked him and we were like, boyfriend and girlfriend. But it was just like, oh, just a little kid crush. Yeah, a little puppy love. It was not unusual for our kids to invite their friends over, and for a lot of people to be there. We're barbecuing and having people over all the time. That's what we do. Reporter: The lusk home is a popular hang out for teenagers. It's only a block from the high school, a family other parents felt good about. A safe place where parents, you know, didn't mind their children going to, you know. They were people in the community that were trustworthy. Reporter: Linda lusk's husband, kevin, is the longtime high school principal in town. She's a local businesswoman, owning and operating her own handbag boutique called get a grip.2003, she made a surprise run for mayor, and won by just 20 votes. Linda broke a lot of ground. She was the first female mayor. She pushed the envelope in doing things to spread the town's name. Linda was also a very strong personality as the mayor, and i don't think a lot of people were used to that. That did not go over very well with some of the council members. One of them said, no woman should have that much power. And there was an editor at the local paper then, that didn't like me very much. Reporter: After one turbulent term, she was voted out. But three years later, linda lusk would be thrust back into the spotlight, in a way no one would ever have imagined. The loving mother, devoted wife, the one-time mayor now accused of this. Linda lusk is accused of sending sexually explicit text messages and having sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy back in april. A lot of people were thinking, wait, the former mayor? The principal's wife? Really? Come on, really? Really?

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{"id":20255431,"title":"A Former Small-Town Mayor Has a Seemingly Ideal Life","duration":"6:10","description":"Act 1: Linda Lusk, now a boutique-owner, was married to her high school sweetheart in Prosser, Wash.","url":"/2020/video/small-town-mayor-seemingly-ideal-life-20255431","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}