Small Town Sex Scandal Embroils Ex-Mayor

Part 1: Parents once believed Linda Lusk's home was a safe place for their kids.
5:29 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Small Town Sex Scandal Embroils Ex-Mayor
An older woman a much younger man a teenager in fact and a mystery. What happened between them one day at lunch time in -- bedroom. They're the only two people who know for sure but that didn't stop an entire town from choosing sides now you decide. You may be shocked by what happened but the possible reason why it happened might just break your heart. Prosser Washington population 5700. Sits in the heart of the State's wine region. It's small everybody knows everybody you can walk through downtown you know. And be done and a couple blocks. We're sort source Kevin -- rescues in news anchor -- KVW. 45 miles away in southern Washington's tri cities. Processor doesn't supply many headlines stories but just recently. There was a walk. Hollywood does not make up scripts like this. It was more of those stories you can't believe is actually happening that is. At the center of the story are high school sweethearts Kevin and Linda lots. We're living out a romantic fantasy. It was just really really nice they drifted apart after graduation he married other people. Divorced then re connected and married each other after fifteen years apart. -- fiscal. Was like no time had passed everything to -- -- right back up again. -- -- There was that are there. You had your own kind of Brady Bunch work in agreement Ted Danson. I had to -- is and I had two boys. And then we've had to my children together. Do you think and speak to. Is -- art. Marlins lost was the only girl -- -- six that included a special needs child killed I can't manage. It's I have four other Brothers arguing finally -- and never again be just never being knighted and he's just. The best. -- Linda's son Taylor who would play a key role in the lost story was born with a rare disorder called -- so -- thirteen. Doctors had expected the worst. And incompatible with life syndrome is -- the economy what was that a clinical way of telling you may tell me that time. That he wouldn't probably live a week. But by 2009. -- Linda's unwavering here Taylor was fifteen well known around town. Even the local teenagers took him under their wing. If you were reported better than was -- -- so. Is so energetic. All times in this. -- since. They're. Flooding Prosser athlete Bubba Franks then fourteen was open at colossus and often with their daughter -- We're really good relationship. Ends little puppy love little closer -- -- -- We. Really boyfriend girlfriend banging is just like. Disabled. Kids crash. He's hanging around yeah he's at the house he's in the mix. Yeah. I mean it was not an unusual for our kids. Invite their friends over for a lot of people will be. For hundreds and -- and having people over on her time that's what we do. The -- -- was a popular teen gathering spot. It's only a block from the high school and it was a -- and a family. Other parents felt good about. A safe place -- parents you know I didn't minor children going to -- -- they -- People -- community needs that -- trustworthy. In fact for eleven years Kevin -- has been a well liked Prosser high school principal. Linda loss is a local businesswoman. Owning and operating a -- handbag boutique called. Get a grip and in 2003. She made a surprise run for mayor and one -- when he vote. -- Linda broke autograph. Pictures the first female -- She pushed the envelope in doing things to spread. The town's name to lay the foundation for the white business to grow. Linda was also. A very strong personality as the man and I don't think a lot of people were used to that. I did not go -- marry well with some of the council members. One of them said no damn woman should have -- much power. After one turbulent term she was voted out in 2007. Three years later -- loss was back in the local news in a way no one would have ever expected -- The loss is accused of sending sexually explicit text messages and having sexual contact with a fourteen year old boy back in April. A lot of people were -- -- the former mayor. Those principles. And -- really come off really really.

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{"id":14937742,"title":"Small Town Sex Scandal Embroils Ex-Mayor","duration":"5:29","description":"Part 1: Parents once believed Linda Lusk's home was a safe place for their kids.","url":"/2020/video/small-town-sex-scandal-embroils-mayor-14937742","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}