Son Drains Mom's Retirement Fund for Psychic Help

When Bryan James sought a psychic's advice, his mom Mary James unknowingly paid for the bill.
2:38 | 04/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Son Drains Mom's Retirement Fund for Psychic Help
The amount of money that we're talking about his past from. Bob -- guard is a former New York cop turned private investigator with a peculiar. Show. He's obsessed with helping people who say they've been haunted by psychics from a group a much larger than anyone wants to admit. Lawyers professional athletes. College professors. People call me from all walks of life this sounds outlandish why do people fall for the people go through very difficult -- in his life and a very vulnerable -- And that makes -- guard a busy man. We're following him as he -- -- the country working cases in Florida California. And New York simultaneously. Those stories are sensation. The dollar figures -- Take the case of actor Brian James currently starring on Hollywood's walk of changed. Two years ago O'Brien was driving by this psychic shop in the now. He was searching for answers about a romantic interest and decided to stop I was completely gullible as completely sucked in. O'Brien is so intrigued by his first encounter with psychic a -- that he returns again and again. A bond for just the two share meals and spend the holidays together in fact Bryant is spending all his free time with the psychic and virtually non witness family. -- matter that the psychic. Perhaps she manipulated my son but -- -- price for -- and the psychic begins asking Bryant to foot the bill. When Brian doesn't have -- the sakic allegedly comes up with a scheme to get the money through Brian's mother Mary. Brian Stoops his own mother telling her the money will be used for acting lessons and -- high powered Hollywood agent you can. Here the urgency in -- voice like I need it now like he was. Petrified. And I just said. And that's how Mary James goes from doting mother too personal ATM. It started with 101000. To 10151000. And then it -- we're talking fifty. -- we're talking -- hundred. Mary is not a wealthy -- the money she's handing over to Brian who in turn is handing over to April Lee is coming from her retirement account. She gives and gives for nearly two years until she's reigned -- -- -- 150000 dollars. It's my retirement.

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{"id":23352977,"title":"Son Drains Mom's Retirement Fund for Psychic Help","duration":"2:38","description":"When Bryan James sought a psychic's advice, his mom Mary James unknowingly paid for the bill. ","url":"/2020/video/son-drains-moms-retirement-fund-psychic-23352977","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}