A One-Man Sperm Bank

Part 2: Prolific sperm donor claims to have sired 14 children in five years.
6:38 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for A One-Man Sperm Bank
In the underground gallery of online -- donors no one even comes close -- Trent arsenal's. Around fifteen their friend. Recipients. A total of over 300 actual donations. That's right. Fifteen women -- hear about three donations a week. A prolific output he says has resulted in fourteen children -- the past ninety years. A reclusive computer engineer who works out of his home for several major companies. Trenton post pictures of his offspring on his website. He recently met one of them a toddler named -- -- He's pretty good considering that -- like ages four and up I think the biggest misconception. That people see when they hear about music donor is that. His condolences to create hundreds -- thousands of copies of myself. And and no that isn't in the case. -- community service work from volunteered at church and I think this is just. Another way to help the community. -- This afternoon 39 year old justice on her way to meet trend. I don't think a lot of people understand -- journey and I never thought this journey that I would have to take. -- holds a good job in the financial industry that something was missing. She and -- partner spent nearly 101000 dollars on six cycles of unsuccessful. Frozen sperm insemination it's. I always ask why and mind such a failure for not being able to sustain a pregnancy -- -- pregnant. So Kristen started looking at alternatives. -- soon became convinced that -- rather than frozen sperm offered a better shot at her dream. I was looking at the statistics. And I realized that my chances would be a lot batter using -- -- So we found -- on line. It worked Kristen got pregnant by Trent twice but miss -- She trusts him she says because he posts his medical history and STD test results. Trenton tested regularly so I feel very comfortable. He's seeing his term as much as I would working with the frozen stern. And now they will try again. And -- at -- -- does all he can to ensure that women in his best product. That means a strict physical regiment and a healthy dose of his special homemade fertility studies. Putting organic blueberries and it's -- -- did. Have fun. All kinds of ingredients that I think. -- -- officials of sperm count. I'm you know -- fructose they're organic as well football player apart and improving sperm count. Phillies and hopefully cultivating. It's just trophies. I haven't done a science I think I have my sperm count -- that. Approximate four times higher than average net. Krista sending text message she's -- away with the hydrant -- coming up on your house that's my -- cover the same man. Trent gets ready to make his donation room in this general cock. -- -- because every minute or so that passers by some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then the handoff on trends front porch of good -- -- he. -- -- -- -- -- -- In her car Crist his partner in disseminate her with the drug -- syringe and -- rests in the backseat born. -- Yeah. It's a very emotional. Time it's filled with a lot of and a lot of excitement. -- worked for the day is done that not everyone is pleased with what he's doing. The FDA is now involved saying Trent does not following federal guidelines. Issued a cease manufacture order. Telling him to stop distributing this -- I would -- written approval from the government before it could recover my own thing. For now tried -- still in business and recently retained a lawyer to challenge the FDA's order. The agency declined our request for an interview but did -- -- quote. Human cells and tissues intended for donation are regulated. Regardless of whether they're for sale or free of charge I know the FDA frowns on this but is it illegal. It's effectively illegal he need to have a barrier STV tests. Fees for the laboratories are more than a thousand dollars per attempt those standards are so arduous -- to make it possible for somebody like -- -- to me. It's not up to the government to determine who I decide the father to our child should be -- someone has the right to go to a bar in the evening. And wind up having sexual intercourse why is that they can -- guy and I can't -- to have this person be the biological contributor to my child. Two legal or not there are alarming questions about how much the women really know about the online donors. It turns out that over the years -- has posted dozens of graphic videos of himself. He says the videos are quote part of his process and they raise serious concerns. Out there on line not everything is as it represents -- -- debate. Doctor Jessica brown as a fertility specialist who has helped women get pregnant for nearly twenty years. She -- other things sperm banks often do besides STD testing. Is screen donors for psychological issues it does make sense to tried to weed out men who may be doing this. Her bizarre reasons or may have some type of of psychiatric illness -- personality disorder. And there is another big question about the Jones. I think concerns that the he's gonna want to exercise parental rights that I I don't want an exercise and -- don't watch around Christmas tree heavy here. You know I I manager sperm might one of my baby and thank you so -- action see you later what virtually all these women. Have. Have contracts at the -- signs where -- movement which is parental rights. Now whether those are enforceable if the government decides actually change my mind it's a gray area.

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{"id":15359183,"title":"A One-Man Sperm Bank","duration":"6:38","description":"Part 2: Prolific sperm donor claims to have sired 14 children in five years.","url":"/2020/video/sperm-donors-internet-parents-baby-15359183","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}