Last Steps Towards a Breakthrough

Act 4: Teens Come face-to-face with their obsessive compulsive disorder fears.
3:00 | 11/16/13

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Transcript for Last Steps Towards a Breakthrough
Bridget has now reached her final hurdle -- own father. Last time she couldn't even look at him. Yeah. I can. Today she gets closer much close -- and doctor -- who is touching her father. Children can focus. Good. And then -- touches her father Purcell the first time. In six months. -- He's got an -- laugh cry her left the -- Control these are less steps before Richard decides she can finally trying to -- I can't -- in the senate candidate in the next session in predicts it's between her parents on the couch she's about to move toward her father. And finally. It breaks. This was undoubtedly her biggest breakthrough yet she tries to get home. While for Michelle the biggest challenges that -- away from home that eighth -- bomb -- overnight trip some of them seeing students she once feared. This is Michelle's biggest night of the school year the problem. -- says he's doing getting ready for a how's -- gonna get credit rob yeah so this is the fancy dress -- -- She's proud of her dress proud of being here and her friends they're proud of Michelle Monaghan she has kept OCD a secret. Until now the heat cool cat. -- Pet like -- he is flashing the penguins are free and -- what I have to act if you don't contact the -- people. But that's your friends get ready -- that blue shield is fighting the OC team on the inside the freedom to school activities and. 0:8. PM and you know mostly been abandoned its own money. Room. Not the only thing only. You. It's it's fifty. A lot of people might think well that's just being a little homesick but everybody gets that. He can't. But I think for me because -- and -- family. For just -- -- straight it's hard for me in my -- And you're feeling it already it. Do you feel badly because you left them. But I know it's up my home and am looking. So you're doing this in part for them. -- -- -- -- -- As the rules assemble in the hallway as they ready for the ball room Michelle shares the anxiety that he's creeping back. I -- have delayed exposure therapy she has already tested the bed like sitting up. Just to prove yourself to the dead were strangers have slept. -- crude dirty. Just like she tested that Jim Walker long before and that -- to the -- park but this time she was testing yourself without the -- for coach. You did it on your own that your friends were in the room. I think they even knew that you were trying to -- Her friends are waiting. -- bomb about to start actually just outside just out of sight mom -- as well. Just in case. I don't want anybody to see me I don't want her -- What I need to be close enough that if she does have a panic attack course you can't do it bad that I can be able to do. There. Would be come back we search for Michelle -- that come through. What would we find. -- that could produce house where she is finally home. We were not expecting what happened next -- --

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{"id":20911756,"title":"Last Steps Towards a Breakthrough","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 4: Teens Come face-to-face with their obsessive compulsive disorder fears.","url":"/2020/video/steps-breakthrough-20911756","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}