Steubenville: Unforgettable Moment

Part 4: During the trial, prosecutors shocked their own witness by showing a photo of her.
6:06 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Steubenville: Unforgettable Moment
Reporter: An end of summeay morning. The morning after. The 16-year-old girl wakes up in a strange house. The scene of the crime, a basement rec room. Couches, a doll house and other play things, where boys not much more thadrchilen themselves used a girl like a toy. The 16-year-old who lives there later describes the morning to police. And when I came back downstairs, they were all starting to wake up. Okay. And that's when she started to put her clothes back on. And -- what was she saying when she was putting her clothes back on? Nothing, really. I feel like she was still kind of drunk when she woke up. Reporter: How did she seem that morning, when you guys all woke up? She's fine, just -- only thing that she was really looking for was her phone. Her phone's missing. Her underwear are missing. Her shoes are missing. Her earrings are missing. She doesn't know where she's at. It's scary. Reporter: For the girl, something else is missing. The past 12 hours. The night before is a black hole. She finds out what happened when the whispering begins on the web. In this case, the victim continued to suffer, because she was really victimized in the social media. Reporter: The twist that makes every parent shudder -- teenagers of steubenville, including, incredibly, trent mays, exhibit not concern, but scorn. Passing pictures of jane, naked and motionless. One boy sends a text "she looks dead." Another says, "you should have moved her around and gotten a better angle." Ann shokat is editor in chief of "seventeen" magazine. They live in a fish bowl on purpose. Every single thing that's happening all day long, they want to share it with their friends. There's no filter. There's no filter. Reporter: Alerted to the chatter online about their daughter, jane doe's worried parents goes to the police. As the incident draws increased attention, mays tells a witness, "listen if she gets questioned, she was real drunk and we let her stay at your house. And took care of her." In the days after, jane has chilling text exchanges with trent mays. "Why were my clothes off?" She asks. "I was passed out. You should have protected me anyone with a heart would have tried to stop that." Trent tells her he is "truly sorry," but, he adds, "like, I'm about to get kicked off my football team." Many people have said that they were protected in this community for awhile, because of their status as members of this football team. Reporter: What hap what happened that night, though, was not about football. What happened that night is about arrogance. Disregard for other human beings. Reporter: Police tapes show big red football coach reno saccoccia, a celebrity here, found out something had happened before the police did. He says he questioned the suspects at football practice that monday. And I said, "did you rape her?" They said no. I said, "did you -- her?" They said no. Th the end of our -- that was it. In a text, trent tells one of the boys, "i got reno. He took care of it. Ain't going to happen, even if they did take it to court." Coach reno says another player came to him before a preliminary hearing. I said, "just tell the truth." He says, he said, "i will." He said, and don't -- I said, "and don't answer anything that they don't ask you if they ask you, when did this start, you tell them when it started. If they ask you when --" you know what I mean? I was trying to say, just answer the question and answer it as truthfully as you can. Asked to comment, w wrr. Reporter: Asked to comment, coach reno saccoccia tells "20/20" he looks forward to giving his version of event, but he says, that must happen at the appropriate time. And what about that river of booze, the under-age binge drinking. Where are the adults? Where are the parents? The whole story as we've unraveled it and learned it is just very disturbing. Where were the parents? It's a wakeup call. It's an absolute wakeup call. Reporter: Many here says the real question is what's going onnon everywhere with kids and cell phones and sex. When you get your cell phone it doesn't come with a user's manual. They think this sounds fun, absolutely. And it's hard enough to teach teenagers about consequences, but this is one place where the consequences can be really damaging. Reporter: In court, all that technology becomes a double-edged sword. Jane doe's attorney is bob fitzsimmons. We only know something happened because of tweets and instant messages and cell phone pictures and videos that were taken that night. It was these boys and their friends that actually created their own evidence against them. If it had not been for that, this crime may have gone unpunished. Reporter: A key factor the prosecutors must prove, just how k jane was. How drunk do you have to be legally before you are unable to nt? By the law in ohio, you have to be substantially impaired. Reporter: What does that mean, though? The case law makes it clear that it's a reduction in one's ability to act or think. Clearly in this case, we had that reduction in the ability to act or think by the time she gets to the second party. And they had to have known it. Reporter: The unforgettable moment in the trial. Jane takes the stand to relive a night she can't remember. And the prosecutors shock their own witness, showing her a photograph recovered from trent mays' cell phone. She had never seen it. We had never shone it to her -- Reporter: Lying on the floor? Yeah. And her reaction in the courtroom was all telling Reporter: She burst into tears. Right. Because it was degrading and humiliating and, to know that there's another picture out there. Reporter: The fast-moving trial seems to assure a speedy

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{"id":18795535,"title":"Steubenville: Unforgettable Moment","duration":"6:06","description":"Part 4: During the trial, prosecutors shocked their own witness by showing a photo of her.","url":"/2020/video/steubenville-unforgettable-moment-18795535","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}