Sugar Babies

College students in need of tuition cash sign up with "sugar daddy" sites.
6:11 | 01/14/12

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You've all heard the expression arm candy sale wealthy older man with a younger a beautiful woman or a trophy wife. But these days that candy is getting younger college girls drowning in student loans. And resorting to sugar dating sugar daddy's dating sugar babies. But what happens after dessert when it's time to pick up the check. Handgun -- -- Yeah yeah. It is 6 o'clock in the evening 24 year old Christine Morris of New York City is doing what she loves best -- and dreamed about dancing. Her -- carcass. Going to school getting my thinking. That lifelong passion earned her a spot at a prestigious school of music. But as she inched closer to graduation reality set in. I had just taken out too many student loans. I couldn't take out anymore how much. Is tuition roughly 101000 semester at one point -- had three jobs where that leave time for school. It didn't. Just one semester shy of her bachelor's degree Christine left school. But so far waiting tables isn't adding up to the big bucks she desperately needs. So tonight Christine is trying something different. She's going to have dinner with the man she met here on a website called seeking arrangement dot com. It's one of several sugardaddies sites where men can hook up with potential sugar babies. Younger women who want to be supported financially in exchange for their companionship. So what made you decide to Travis. I mean it's funny how and went -- they -- outback and school. And she's not alone the fastest growing population on the site today. According to a company -- college students and some speculate it's -- direct result of skyrocketing tuition costs and student debt. In fact seeking arrangement now targets college sugar babies. Which in turn attracts sugar daddies who pay as much as 2500. Dollars to sign up. Who -- appeasement Wall Street and businessmen. Lawyers. Told him general are these guys. Also about it -- in their forties. For a few decades. Exact thing. Now any early -- a freelance writer based in New York City went undercover. -- men from the site to write an -- -- for Vanity Fair. The distinguishing characteristic of sugar babies sugar that relationship is -- You openly discussed the financial component of the relationship is right up front right up front and threw out. One man Burlingame that said in his profile that he was willing to spend ten to 20000. Dollars a month. No doubt attractive to college graduate who now shoulder an average of 25000. Dollars of debt. Seeking arrangement gave twenty to one -- list of the schools it says have the highest number of sugar babies and some of the names might surprise you. -- YU at number one and even Harvard makes the top ten. -- if you need to understand why young women. Would. Be willing to do this they need the money -- Why men willing to do this I found that it was a lot of men who were very well aware that their -- sources could be used a younger women and how else would these men meet these younger women and -- you've heard the term arm candy. Is that some of these women are in the same vein is what a trophy office. Richard I'm Las Vegas sugar -- in his fifties who asked not to be identified says these arrangements are -- win win for helping. You can afford to help somebody give them a better life from -- they give you a whole bunch of all fun and companionship you might not achieve otherwise -- A good return. But companionship. Can mean different things to different people. How much -- it involved sex most men expected some sexual relationship. How over worthing. I was directly asked would you have -- -- me. So pretty overt but this certainly isn't like prostitution. It was more akin to -- -- girlfriend. But if there is sex -- in exchange for money isn't that prostitution you could say that there's a lack of romance but. I don't know it's a necessary reality effort. Those people involved and -- setting your description I'm looking for mutually beneficial really. -- ship and what does that mean exactly. And basically training companionship. For money and mean a lot of these guys we'll just Paper. Pretty girls have dinner with them but surely you must -- thought there might be an expectation -- -- with some of them there is IA. Also made known that that's not my expectation. Which don't exactly say sex is the question. Right. Sex isn't it yet and it is aren't says pixie a 23 get rolled shook her baby from New York. Sex with us to come just like any other relationship step by step but the financial transaction she says he isn't tied to the sex. You know bring an envelope and just that in their personal and a -- are sometimes -- -- saying thank you need anything besides their homes. Dean now says his plans to go to law school so she's looking for a new arrangement. I tell them whatever amount -- 89000 a month. For some -- hey that's not a lot of money postal costs a -- -- hasn't -- anything close to that yet she says she averages 100 to 500 dollars a day. Your parents -- you're doing this thing down. They think they might now my president. And.

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