Super Humans: Memory Man

Marvel as artist Stephen Wiltshire draws a cityscape - after seeing it once.
3:00 | 08/16/16

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Transcript for Super Humans: Memory Man
Manhattan from. Rivers. Streams parks and forests of buildings too much would humanize. Eight in let alone remember. But Stephen will share it is no ordinary humans. Ordinary arsonist. But Felix tried to do this while good enough for the at a cost. So stupid that you. That faithful skyscrapers. And up for just thirty minutes in the air above his favorite city touchdown and a fourteen foot long expanse. Of blank. Paper and Stevens challenged he was commissioned by the Swiss bank UBS to re create what he had just seen man who comes and memory game this stuff was that Brooklyn into didn't in this. For the stuff. To queens. And he doesn't sweat more strain and he just drool sports indelibly marked his brain and a city. Pain staking and beautiful details. Putting his memory off every avenue every bridge every building down on the Abram took Stephen. Three days thank you very much. If you weren't seeing this. You couldn't even the I'm very proud of them outlook. A man wooded super human gift. He is so cool some bombs I don't think there's ever been. Personal life Stephen culture without a visual ability that it hasn't Stephen won't charters them on Everest. Well visual memory. We caught up with Stephen in London where he lives SEC he knows better than anyone because they've Stephens sees a view just once will you always remember. Yeah full scale is remembering. That they've been that bad that you could draw it again that. If it at that. That's right he remembers every view PC stored like a photograph in his extra ordinary brain. Hollywood's San Francisco. Washington DC news. Sunni. Parents. Many people with autism are -- too detailed to inanimate turns but Stephens gift is exceptional. Piece. Teaches some bombs he has never been analyzed so we can't be sure how he does it. Thoughts what we do know is that so -- syndrome as a condition in which someone has some island of genius that stands in stark contrast overall limitations. Because one part of the brain is compromised. The brain who we wires itself accessing utilizing. Other. Previously dormant areas in stevens' case parts of the brain connected with art. Content memory and it turns out and Stephen's case that the dormant potential that was released. Is phenomenal. Stephen began to memorizing London when he was just a kid on school trips. Stance when his extra ordinary talent was breast show to the world. The BBC took Steven to fabulously or nature London train station and back in the classroom. Twelve year old Stephen Drew. Every detained. Here. 25 years laser and leaf were on our way to London. Ferris wheel within Olson view of London where are Hans Stephen to memorize a chunk of the city. Or any child. My they human rights. That is yet again that bit down. Complicated mishmash of the old and new skyscrapers. And cathedrals. Unlike New York's there's no power grid system in London. It's a mess. And when you're looking at this do you memorize it by and taking. Or do you just let it just that had seen it in my head you gotta look at the windows and haven't done that. In just this. From my head. If it. Are you happy that you you'll remember that yes yes. We've been here. Fifteen minutes. Packet Stephen studio where his incredible. Mesmerizing. Works are for sale some. Costing thousands of dollars. Stephen I picked up. A pet when it rerouted and I mean. Go for it. Gradually that he'd shake. He need to concentrate really harmed or is this according. I think this court season. But every day life Chris Steven is more difficult Stephens autism makes relationships and communication. Very hard he didn't speak. Until he was fine. I had that your first where's. Whose paper. Is that true here. How come. Because that firm learned need to some paper it's need to troll on its route in the south my teacher does it. And over the years with love encouragement and practice his skills have increased. Memorizing Voss scenes is. So easy to him almost. Boring that Stevens not a challenging himself getting creative. Taking liberties. They sent me it was genius. Means. I'm a genius. And that in Russia yanking. Through our in the amended that's. Do you think your jeans yeah. And there's the proof. London from Stephen will nature's mind memorized in fifteen minutes ruled in just over an hour. Offend a couple of minor mistakes there are seven portico it was in that building. Six and eight he was rushing for us. Remember given this three day he's six he spent. Steven Cole and a New York. His feet tall man hasn't now hangs in the rivals hole at JFK. Airport. Blown up tick 250. Feet wide and seven feet tool. An advertisement UBS. And an inspiration. For visitors to New York. This news head Steve wheat seeds.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Marvel as artist Stephen Wiltshire draws a cityscape - after seeing it once.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14140166","title":"Super Humans: Memory Man","url":"/2020/video/super-humans-memory-man-14140166"}