Suspect in Hotel Attack Denies Involvement, Offers DNA

Act 8: While Brennan believes Michael Jones is guilty, detective Foote disagrees.
6:09 | 08/03/14

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Transcript for Suspect in Hotel Attack Denies Involvement, Offers DNA
You take whatever clue you have, wherever you can go and you just keep working at it and see where that takes you. Might take you to a dead end, might take you to a blind alley, but it might take tow the promised land. Reporter: For ken Brennan, the promised land is right here -- a modest apartment in Frederick, Maryland, occupied by Michael Jones in the spring of 2006. 1,000 miles away from the hotel where inn budnystska was attacked. Brennan thinks Miami detective Alan Foote should go collect a DNA sample from Jones, but Foote is still somewhat skeptical. He is telling me, "I have got the guy. This is the guy. This is going to be your guy." And I'm thinking, it's a theory. But I still have no indication that it's a Blake male. Reporter: So, you're not there yet. I'm not there yet. I'm not there. And I can understand his reluctance. However, I knew I had the guy. I got to get his ass up there to get him. Reporter: A few weeks later, detective Alan Foote flies up from Florida and is now the first investigator to confront Michael Jones. He finds Jones here, managing the concessions at this minor league baseball stadium. What was he like when you first met him? A teddy bear. Reporter: A teddy bear. A big -- A big -- Reporter: Mild-mannered guy? Mild-mannered guy. He was soft-spoken. He appeared to be educated. He was, I thought, very forthcoming. Reporter: Jones is not only cooperative, he's acting like a man without a care in the world. Oh, he is staying cool as a cucumber. He's just very relaxed, leaned back in the chair. No hiding or stuttering, looking for something. Reporter: Jones confirms he was in Miami working at the boat show and staying at the airport regency when inn was attacked. So I'm thinking, hmm, okay. So, I said, do you have any sex with european women? And he says, yes, but it was with a German woman at the boat show. So, I have to throw out some more at him, was it a Russian girl? Was it at the hotel? And he's completely denying it. And he sounds creditable. He is being totally cooperative. Reporter: Then -- a real surprise. And so I came out and eventually said, I'm working a rape case where the girl was beaten and left for dead. Did you do? And he said, well, no, of course not. Reporter: And does he seem believable at that point? Yes. He does. And I ask him, would you will being to give a DNA specimen? Because I have specimens from the rape. And he said, absolutely. Reporter: What did that tell you? That he was so willing and -- I figured the guy didn't do it. I called ken, I said, this is not your guy. He says, I don't know, ken, I don't think so. I don't think so. I talked to him. I said, yeah, I know you talked to him. I'm telling you, it's the guy. Reporter: It will take months for the DNA test to come back. In the meantime, Brennan has called this man -- Frederick police sergeant Tom chase. I informed the lieutenant chase that I believed that he was a serial rapist, if not a serial murderer possibly, and that, you know, he might be a person of interest for him to keep an eye on, just, you know, in case something happened in one of those neighborhoods that he could possibly be responsible for. I utilized my contacts to keep an eye on the fact that he was still in town, because I want to make sure he's available for them when they're ready to come and get him. This is the ballpark where he was working at the time. And this is where he was living. Reporter: Lieutenant chase takes precautions knowing a possible serial rapist is living under his nose. I was more diligent in keeping track of the reports that were coming in for any type of suspicious person or any type of -- any type of sexual assaults. He had his officers going by to keep an eye on him. He was going by on his own time on his way home from work. Reporter: But Brennan's not content to just watch matters unfold from afar. He makes his own trip to Maryland and gets Michael Jones to meet him at the ballpark. And I interviewed him for three successive days. Reporter: The guy is calm and collected. What does he tell you? He says, listen, I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, I, you know, I hooked up with a couple girls while I was there, but I don't know anything about this Russian girl. Reporter: Are you believing him? No, not for a second. Because if he had nothing to do with it, why would he talk to me for three days? The reason why he talked to me for three days is because he knows that I know more about this case than anybody did. So, he's trying to find out from me, you know, how much he has to worry, what does he have to worry about, how much of this case does this guy know? You know, how close is he to me? Reporter: Still, could someone who's guilty remain so calm and so friendly? And why would anybody but an innocent man volunteer his DNA? So it doesn't throw you that he's cool, calm and collected. It doesn't trouble you at all that he seems to be cooperative? Not at all. I knew for sure that this was the guy. Reporter: After interviewing Jones, Brennan offers his own cool and final message -- Let me tell you something. I know you did this. I said, this ain't like a bad dream where you're just going to wake up and it's going to be over. Take a good look at my face. You're going to see this face again, because I'm coming for you. Reporter: The next time Brennan speaks to Jones will be inside this interrogation room. Will his far-out hunches prove Brennan correct? Or will his theories all go up in smoke? You better remember how that

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{"id":24823521,"title":"Suspect in Hotel Attack Denies Involvement, Offers DNA","duration":"6:09","description":"Act 8: While Brennan believes Michael Jones is guilty, detective Foote disagrees.","url":"/2020/video/suspect-hotel-attack-denies-involvement-offers-dna-24823521","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}