Getting Taller Through Surgery

Men undergo costly procedures to "grow" inches.
2:44 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Getting Taller Through Surgery
These two men want to be taller and they're making it happen. Before the surgery when I was four foot eleven halves inches people didn't take me seriously for realize that the world looks to me as a way. But I didn't look at myself in a certain way. And -- you know I wanted. The way art both involve myself where the -- -- -- -- -- through recent war 25 year old icon Schuch. And this 37 year old man who asked not to be identified or part of a growing the unintended. But controversial trend in cosmetic surgery. Men who want and get. There lay eggs linked there are people that have said -- don't accept what god gave you. But everybody is trying to Alter what god -- -- If kids have crooked teeth you know increases. But this isn't exactly the streak teach. -- -- If you. Break a bone pull it apart very slowly like a millimeter. -- knows -- -- regenerate. He uses the state of the art telescopic implantable -- Once inserted into the middle of the broken bones the rod actually expands and allows new -- to grow around. This is hardly a fast process. Takes at least three months to complete included demanded and exclude. Physical therapy -- own pain we'll go away. -- -- -- they can gain will stay with you for the rest of -- life. A -- -- is now thrilled to be nearly five foot two but this guy who went from five foot six to 59 well that wasn't enough for him. So last fall he went back for more surgery to add another five inches -- 62 -- in four weeks. -- -- still went through right now you're growing as we speak as we speak. He actually traveled overseas for the surgery as many Americans do because labeling thing might cost you about. 85000 dollars with a doctor -- but you can pay less than half of that with a foreign doctor. But sometimes you get what you pay for. With these internal rods. The patient is the one who controls the length and actually twisting their -- legs to extend the rot inside it makes a noise so we. Get ready to cringe. This is the -- forward. This is the quick back to reset. That -- much court. No one quirk have to do nine more than yesterday to do -- point seven -- was all of us were that all this -- almost I think that's what we. With women my dating life has improved exponentially because of those four inches to six inches social.

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{"id":15783649,"title":"Getting Taller Through Surgery","duration":"2:44","description":"Men undergo costly procedures to \"grow\" inches.","url":"/2020/video/taller-surgery-15783649","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}