How Free Sperm Donation Works

From an online meeting to a coffee shop encounter, a step-by-step look.
2:13 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for How Free Sperm Donation Works
I wouldn't be a mom since -- and child time his journey began when she was nineteen years old and made the toughest decision of her young life. I ain't got pregnant -- and -- just had its place our child for adoption. It changed me forever and you wonder where she -- of course every day like. Like act have a hole in my heart. Attack have that now their biological retirement. That had the -- to be her Moorer. He would at least you. Me feel a little bit -- In her thirties Tonya had a long time boyfriend when he told her he didn't want children it crushed her heart. Not -- hope she turned to sperm banks I. Unfortunately he. How three miscarriages. Punishment -- -- probably 67000. Dollars 70000 dollars I was so expensive I didn't have any. Infertility insurance at all. So I had to pay for everything -- -- pocket. This past summer after her third miscarriage she still longed for a child. Out of work for savings exhausted she went on line. Tanya found a freeze sperm donor registry and opted to leave the choice between artificial and natural insemination blank. I just decided that LED of this person with someone that I would be interested -- really -- One online. -- -- -- he now playing and talking on the do you really getting to know each other and eventually they agreed to meet -- found herself conducting the strangest interview she could imagine. Over dinner and a glass of wine. Whereabouts shaking as we were lifting our plan classes that what kinds of questions did you ask. We actually started from the very beginning to -- soldiers continue -- funny and -- -- and it sounds like -- they -- For I don't. It actually turned out to be okay and that sort that we're gonna spend the rest are -- at -- but we will definitely the have a special bond for -- -- if I get part.

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{"id":15349278,"title":"How Free Sperm Donation Works","duration":"2:13","description":"From an online meeting to a coffee shop encounter, a step-by-step look.","url":"/2020/video/free-sperm-donation-works-15349278","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}