Taylor Swift: New Album, New Pressures

Part 2: Swift says she never wants to be called predictable.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for Taylor Swift: New Album, New Pressures
of taylor swift's new album "red" was crafted with platinum precision. Hi. I'm taylor. You like it. Reporter: To the international pre-tour crescendoing to a launch week frenzy. ♪ We are never ever ever getting back together ♪ ♪ we are never ev ♪ Reporter: Each note orchestrated to help "red" break records. Is this a really nerve-wracking time for you? Almost every time for me is a nerve-wracking time for me, because I will find the pressure in every situation and think about it, and my life has become sort of a constant balancing act between, you know, like hope and fear and like faith and worrying and like, you know, being nervous about this album I've worked really hard of -- hard on and like being proud of this album I've worked really hard on. ♪ Reporter: For taylor her hard work usually pays off big time. She's the only female artist to release three number one albums in a row, each selling more than 5 million copies, numbers only matched by the likes of the beatles and michael jackson. With such a history of unprecedented success, a new album brings new pressures. I know the last thing you want to be called is predictable, right? It's really important for me for my fans to trust me and to not go so far in the opposite direction that they don't recognize me anymore. It's trying to evolve, it's trying to try new things without becoming a new thing. ♪ When you're fifteen feeling like there's nothing to figure out ♪ Reporter: Taylor first became a star as a teen, innocently singing among butterflies, about first kisses. But she's trying not to grow up too fast. ♪ I didn't know it at 15 ♪ Reporter: How do you kind of transition from that young girl to a more mature artist? I think a mistake that sometimes gets made when there's pressure to grow up, you look at that artist, and you think you didn't have to grow up ten years in a month. No, that's what what you had to do. Reporter: You didn't have to go boom. I want to live a life, and i want to live my life one year at a time, and when I'm 22, I want to be 22, and when I'm 23, whatever that is. Reporter: There's also some developments in her personal life, right? Meredith. Reporter: How did you know i was going to do that? Because she's just a little fuzzy cat, and she's so cute. Reporter: Meredith is the star of taylor's tweets and a social media sensation. And with this -- Reporter: -- She meowed her way to over 1 million hits on youtube. The thing about meredith is she's like, she's just a cat, so she has no idea she's really kind of famous. It's hilarious. Good girl. Reporter: But meredith the cat isn't all that's being talked about. This past summer, rumors of a swift romance with conor kennedy were the talk of the town. The paparazzi pursued them with abandon. They called them the new camelot. Taylor's summer of love headlines were endless. Can I just make one observation, though. It seems like you had a really fun summer. Is that accurate? It was a great summer. The single came out and did so well, made the album, was a great summer. Reporter: I know you don't talk about your personal life, and I want to respect that. But whyou so private about that? I think for me, I just think that my personal stories sound better in a song than in an interview in quotes. ♪ You with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me ♪ Reporter: She says it all in her songs, but don't expect her to spill her guts about her private life. She doesn't want to talk about it, and she doesn't want to read about it. It's not about, you know, what -- what gossip is, you know, currently online, because I don't read any of that stuff. Because -- Reporter: Ever? Not really ever. I just have a huge priority on being happy. And for me, happiness does not include, like, googling myself and checking what the minute-to-minute perception of me is right now. Reporter: For the young woman so in control of every move she makes, it's what she can't control that scares her the most. Finish this sentence if you could, in ten years I will be -- 32, and, whoa, that's such a hard question. Reporter: Really? It's like all my fears come out. Reporter: Like what? Like, oh, like losing everything, like losing my friends or my family and like ending up alone and crying and stuff. Reporter: Let's take a more positive approach. in ten years I will hopefully know -- either have a family or know when I want to have one. Or something. Reporter: And professionally? I have no idea. I just really don't want to do this after people get tired of me. I want to know when that line is. ♪ Just everything now ♪ and if I overstay my welcome, people. Reporter: And still focus on being happy? Yeah, I really want to end up happy.

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{"id":17576716,"title":"Taylor Swift: New Album, New Pressures","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Swift says she never wants to be called predictable.","url":"/2020/video/taylor-swift-album-pressures-17576716","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}