Teen Accuses Popular High School Senior of Rape

Act 3: In Maryville, Mo., Daisy Coleman and her friend claim they were sexually assaulted.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Teen Accuses Popular High School Senior of Rape
Ain't garages great? Tonight, there's red-hot debate in one american town about a decision made in a high school case that rocked the entire community of maryville. A special prosecutor making her final decision about a case of alleged rain. Te teenage daughter and high school football. Today, matt gutman in maryville where that prosecutor's decision is rippling through the town tonight. Reporter: Today, dazy coleman is the latest face. The sexual assault case. Is making headlines once again. The teenage victim shedding anonymity to speak out about what happened to her. I really wish more girls would tell their story. Reporter: And what she says is happening to young girls all over the country. You had a lot of young people that made a lot of bad decisions, and they ended up getting caught. Reporter: Her story is set in maryville, missouri, an all-american town where football is king and its players royalty. Here the fairy tale on these plains is that the football champs date the cute cheerleaders. But not for daisy. At 14, a beaming, and back then blond cheerleader new to maryville. She had already survived one tragedy when she was 9, a car accident that killed her father, a physician. For daisy, her three brothers and veterinarian mom, melinda, the move to maryville with its cows and cornfields was meant to be a fresh start. So, when you moved to maryville, what was it like? Maryville was great. We were anonymous. We were starting over fresh, we didn't have to be the tragic family. We were just us. Reporter: But that fresh start and anonymity would soon end so bitterly. Trouble began harmlessly enough on a frigid january evening. A sleepover with her friend paige who was in the eighth grade. She just came over, we started watching scary movies. Reporter: They also started drinking. Daisy says it was one of the first times she and 13-year-old paige had consumed alcohol. I was in high school and everyone was already doing it. So I was like "oh, I might as well try this." Reporter: Weeks before, daisy had already begun texting with a high school senior. A tall and broad-shouldered defensive end named matthew barnett. He was in the cool crowd of athletes along with her oldest brother charlie. Here they are together at the prom. But charlie wasn't exactly pleased with all that flirty texting. I told him, I was like, "stop texting my sister." Reporter: You told him to stop texting? Yeah. And I told her stop. And I was like, "listen, he was a senior. You're a freshman. You're my little sister. He hangs out with me. That's so messed up. You can't be talkin' to him." And she's like, "oh, okay, okay, okay." Well, she didn't listen. He was really popular, he was a senior football player, he was friends with everyone. And he asked to hang out. So we snuck out of my house around 1:00, and he drove us to his house, and he had to sneak us through his basement window. Reporter: At the house some of the town's most popular teens and athletes. Barnett, the grandson of a former longtime missouri state representative. Junior jordan zech, a standout wrestler. A senior whose family owned the biggest restaurant in town. A junior star running back and a 15-year-old. Those were the guys I was with every single day. Reporter: You could've trusted them like a brother and you hope that you could've trusted them with your sister. Yeah. I hoped. They kind of egged me on to drink from this really tall shot glass. Reporter: Daisy says the boys called it the "bitch cup." And she drank from it. Everything after that was just black. And that's all I remember. Reporter: Paige says she does remember what happened next. They just automatically separated us. And another guy took me to a different room and sexually assaulted me. And we went back out into the living room and we had to wait until matt was done. He opened the door and I went in there and she was, couldn't talk at all, and they were trying to get her to stand up, and they realized that she wasn't going to be able to, so they proceeded to drag her out of the window. Reporter: In police reports, barnett admits having sex with daisy but it was consensual. The biggest question, was she incapacitated by her drunkenness? That would soon become a critical legal detail. Barnett claims she was buzzed when they had sex but didn't get truly drunk until after they had sex. One boy told police that she drank five to ten shots of vodka in less than 15 minutes after sex with barnett. That same boy shot a short iphone video of daisy and barnett, "dry humping." Less than an hour after they had arrived, paige says the boys dragged daisy to the car. She was crying. En route barnett and the boy who had sex with paige chucked their used condoms out the window. They just started panicking a lot, saying "how are we gonna get her dropped off, without her brothers waking up, without them hearing us." And so they brought us back to the house and dropped her off. Well, they dropped her off. Reporter: All the while, melinda thought that she was safely asleep in bed all night. It was 5:00 a.M. When daisy was discovered. The dogs started barking which woke mom up and my youngest brother. And they went to the door and she was coming toward the porch. Like probably on the porch at this point. She had just sweat pants and a t-shirt on, it was 22 degrees, her hair was wet and frozen, and I could see that she had frostbite on her feet. And then I was woken up to, "charlie, wake up. Wake up, charlie. There's something wrong." And that's when I got up and came upstairs. And that's probably when my life changed quite a bit. Reporter: Daisy had been abandoned on the lawn for almost three hours wearing no shoes or socks. It was terrifying. I couldn't understand why she was outside. We pulled her and wrapped her in blankets and start, started warming her up. Reporter: She thought that maybe daisy may have been sleepwalking. But when she put daisy in the bathtub to warm her up, she noticed marks on her body. I asked if she was hurting and she kind of said yes and started crying. And that when I was pretty certain that something had happened. She said, "okay, there's -- something's been seriously wrong. I need you to find her phone." So my brother and I went in the yard and found a phone, started reading these messages from matty. Reporter: You read that text message that said matty on the phone and you saw your sister. Did you instantly know what happened? I knew there was something was going on. And I -- the last message on there was, "i'll be there in a minute." And I was -- I was so mad. And i, I called the police and, and they came out. And then I took her in to the emergency room. The doctor said, she had been raped. And, I was, we were both crying. I think that's when it really hit us. It was definitely my worst fears. I, as a mom I just, it just hurt so much and you want to take the pain away, and I think I knew what she was gonna go through. Reporter: The night that began with the girls watching horror movies quickly became a real life nightmare for daisy. Like, they would yell liar or the "s" word. We thought it was bad then, it got even worse. Reporter: Next, a suicide attempt and one final bombshell. I think it's a just result. It's the right result.

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{"id":21496408,"title":"Teen Accuses Popular High School Senior of Rape","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 3: In Maryville, Mo., Daisy Coleman and her friend claim they were sexually assaulted. ","url":"/2020/video/teen-accuses-popular-high-school-senior-rape-21496408","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}