Teen Climber: Too Young to Scale Mt. Everest?

Jordan Romero, 13, became the youngest person ever to summit Mt. Everest.
3:00 | 08/16/16

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Transcript for Teen Climber: Too Young to Scale Mt. Everest?
This is the story of the boy's dream and a father. Climbing mountain to give it two. Jordan Romero has already steel the world's highest peaks on six different kinds. Including Denali and North America. You're on the topic Denali days. That fifth. Had never experienced the climbers in the glory of reaching the summits. And he didn't. The C. Yeah. Just days ago braving the motion. Violent and dangerous conditions on earth this thirteen year old boy stood on top of Mount Everest an astounding feat that more than 200 other climbers have died trying to achieve. I've been there six times and I get to be there once when. Someone who are there has hasn't died on the mountain. Doctor Chan Chandler is the author of surviving the extremes it was on Everest in 1996 when each climbers died in what makes this such a deadly mountain. Some sort of 21000 Phoenix ms. Cruz yeah present yes. Temperatures were forty degrees below zero or more. Breathing at sea level as far as we fighters. Your energy where is this summit of Everest we are set to be. Debris just a brief. Jordans climbed to the top of the world began in California but in fourth grade this mural of the world's seven great peaks hot as high as a dad warrant and seven summits. I was nine years old there. I was shocked my jaw was wide open. I barely knew the citizens where most parents might have said no but not Jordan's father Paul and air rescue paramedic. Along with his girlfriend Karen Lundgren they train Jordan to become the youngest American at the time to scale Mount Kilimanjaro and aged ten and then on to the tallest peaks in Australia and Russia. Argentina and Mount McKinley also known as did not only all before he turned twelve. They call themselves team Jordan vigorously training for each flying. Eight weeks ago this Tina three stood at the base of Mount Everest and did you think. Holy talent on their client that. The summit literally looks so close. You don't you think you could just packed couple of thousand extra fleece and just. And it and just go there felt people who died Kennedy clan that mountain did I tried not so let me get Smart and that was the key. McDonald's body when taking money hand over hand mom. The amount. As visitors see this guy like we're live and trust and trust for. Leaving them there sailors. Very hard he feels like. Yes in the box I'm here. In your legs. Breathing heavily after taking a five minute breaks every place second. Eighty to 90% of climbers hire expensive professional guides to help them summit from teen Jordan did not instead hiring local sure those who traditionally assistant climbers but do not make critical decisions about when to try and summit. And even more important when you turn back and these guys. No the whether they know the route they know they can on the mountain extremely well I know my team and my son. We're not rookies. But it is still a gamble team Jordan climbs the deadlier northern face of Everest which is colder windier. And where one night hurricane force gales ripped through their camp at 120. Miles per hour. We have wind. Other times we're literally being blown off me. Going a hundred feet up in the air just four you know that does little bit scary but near it's it's crazy out there. Crazy dangerous and suddenly deadly wind right in front of them a towering wall of ice collapses. Almost killing them. It. Jordan and his father are dragged down the mountain and briefly married. Big. Just eighty feet away a Hungarian climber is killed buried under a sheet of ice. We can join. Us. Sure there must commend all. You know we said I did that guy right before it all it happen. Just seconds it's just seconds. He survived but Paul is hurt his head in lakes punctured by the spikes on Jordan's boots. Still Jeanne Jordan did not waver and continued on despite growing criticism in the press and among fellow climbers that no father should take his thirteen year old son into the top of Mount Everest who has been out of people who think this was irresponsible for you to take it a thirteen year old boy on this mountain. You take to call for mountaineers are now and you put them on a rope with him and we haven't Clementine mom and you have some holiday thanking us. Never test. He's not old enough to drive he's not old enough to drink. He that'll have to vote he had BCCI. To be somebody Mount Everest I mean might my seven year old wants to drive the family con Edison in Iowa Adam I mean yeah me isn't it a father's duty to sometimes say. This isn't wait wait a couple years. Don't let alone are responsible parenting let's talk about the million some parents are standing in the fast food restaurant Rita supersize your kindred African attack. That's a responsible parent. You that you think that getting your to that they Medford and it's the same thing as taking a thirteen year old boy at the top amount of loans. Wrong to promote disease and early death. Documented. What ever you think about a thirteen year old boy climbing Everest when no one can dispute Jordan's tremendous strength and skill and Jordan actually. Gets. Faster and stronger. How her he gets the. As they near the summit Jordan menace father where oxygen masks to most climbers need them and the ultra thin air. Probably wondered if you don't. And now after five weeks on Everest Jordan was about to become the youngest person ever to stand on top of the world. What did it feel like this. Now that that world record itself. Really good. Filled my songs Clinton's. I feel like so much from Iraq. Your news yeah I was just so happy that our whole team had had done it do you think other kids should trying to use do you think other thirteen year old should try. Now yes it's a game it's a dangerous in and hard mountain. From the roof of the world and new world record. As thirteen year old Jordan Romero celebrates amid the stark and brutal beauty of Everest and embraces the words of sir Edmund Hillary the man to climb Everest who said it's not the mountain we conquer and sound. It's and I encourage other kids to find their own Everest and really sit dream big and live life. It is something.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jordan Romero, 13, became the youngest person ever to summit Mt. Everest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"10832111","title":"Teen Climber: Too Young to Scale Mt. Everest?","url":"/2020/video/teen-climber-young-scale-mt-everest-10832111"}