The Year: Lives Lost

Part 10 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011.
7:15 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for The Year: Lives Lost
When people ask Elizabeth Taylor the woman who seemed to have -- all. What -- she could possibly want her answer was I have had tomorrow. For all the people who left us this year before they had they -- tomorrow's. We look back and remember all the wonderful yesterday's. They left behind. -- Yeah. She was often called the last real movie star. -- want to -- -- and I -- -- act act and a tough times. If you look at how -- cat on hot tin -- Her dazzling celluloid career spanned seventy years. Over fifty films and eight marriages -- seven husbands marrying Richard Burton twice. And she never stop hoping or lucky his continued -- out there to protect contain anything can I can I -- Many of Taylor suitors and friends lavished her with glittering guest. Helping her and -- one of the most stunning jewelry collections ever seen. Just this week -- Elizabeth Taylor collection was auction at Christie's. This 33 carat -- A gift from Richard Burton was bought by -- identifier in Asia for over eight point eight million dollars. But above all it was Taylor's charity work that will be her greatest legacy. As a pioneer in the fight against eight. Students and community -- in many ways of kind of like humans. Fearless and selfless. Campaign -- We let me. OK. It's. And another Hollywood bombshell leftists this year mr. Jane Russell the -- -- who held her own against this scene stealing Maryland's -- In gentlemen prefer blondes. I think you Greta shutting down an elevator shaft. And it couldn't. But it was an early role in a western called the outlaw and meet her pin -- star. The movie the outlaw is Jane Russell nursing he got back to help them all she does is lead over his -- and I'm sure people like out of this guy never gets back. And down Jacqueline lane eighteen to get better with age as -- kick and punt and -- -- the size 1950s America. And coax them to look fitness revolution and then I -- -- tell -- who. He was way ahead of his time in any idea about the need for fitness and need for eating right the idea for taking care -- -- -- Was something that was just kind of unheard. -- -- -- Sixty years later he was still going strong you're probably about a penny office directed me -- -- And from a TV pioneer. To a TV fixture. You know something I don't like chocolate chip cookies every week -- thirty years the often cranky Andy Rooney turned sixteen minutes. Into his signature soap box. He was a journalist and a journalist who cared. An -- at the heart of all of those cranky little -- and holidays time I've been paid to say what is on my mind -- -- don't get any -- in life than that. First Lady Betty Ford spoke -- -- light Green addiction out into the open. Today -- and am very grateful recovering alcoholic. And I know firsthand. That treatment. Does work. Her tireless work led to the creation of the Betty Ford Center in California. And in new attitude. About addiction. And then there's Steve Jobs. Today apple is going -- reinvent the phone. If anyone is responsible for changing the way we live and in many ways the world. It's the man who brought us the IMAX the iPod the iPhone and the -- -- notoriously difficult jobs with the creative genius. And will likely join the ranks of Addison and. We -- -- do things. That sometimes. His -- this is -- or whatever was probably wasn't -- it may have even been counterproductive. But it's hard to argue with the results which is the type of team he built and the loyalty was able to engender. -- cancer diagnosis and 3003. Meeting realized there was no time like the present. -- thought he shared with students during the Stanford commencement address. Depp is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be because death is very likely the single best invention of life. While Steve Jobs brought us products that revolutionized the world appearance -- first things you may not recognize. And -- in smaller ways. Okay fine day -- Cary Cooper junior was working for Eastman Kodak in the 1950s. When one of the materials. You everything you can you say alcohol have a life I -- -- -- -- he says asked. We didn't think so but you can say. -- -- -- No other super -- -- Honolulu -- you never know what you'll say yeah. And what child in the fifties and sixties can forget chatty Cathy and other Mattel toys invented by Elliot handler. In 1959 his wife Ruth convinced him to turn baby dolls. Into a Barbie dolls -- -- I wasn't crazy about that -- at the beginning and a hot wheels he invented we're not far behind. Blair knew when there automatically mean. -- -- -- Obama's lead went from hot meals since hot lips. We lost the big man. The indelible image. Springsteen and Clarence Clemons on the cover born to run that's a dream you know. Guys will be -- Music black and white working together making one cent. From the big man. To the woman with the big boys. Only 27 when she died. Even winehouse his battle with drugs and alcohol. Became as famous as her soulful singing. She had recently recorded a duet body and soul with Tony Bennett I didn't -- singing that. The ending just -- -- -- -- -- -- winehouse died -- soared in popularity can. Reaffirmed what an amazing scene if she had been and could -- -- even. --

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{"id":15167667,"title":"The Year: Lives Lost","duration":"7:15","description":"Part 10 of Katie Couric's special looking back at 2011. ","url":"/2020/video/this-year-lives-lost-katie-couric-special-2011-steve-jobs-apple-computer-2020-15167667","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}