Tim Allen: 'Last Man Standing'

"Home Improvement" star on his wild past, alpha male success and advice on women
9:21 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for Tim Allen: 'Last Man Standing'
He may have left -- tool belt and his Santa Claus fat suit behind but Tim Allen is still making us laugh. Which is perhaps ironic considering his early years were anything but funny. His father's tragic death his own addictions and time in prison. How do you find -- humor and that and how does god come into this very surprising picture. Well will the real Tim Allen please stand up. Are you ready I'm nervous. Are always after twenty years since -- and Tim Allen still gets stage right. -- -- Judge guys about forgiveness but once the cameras start rolling. Open to take -- and he's right at home with his TV family entertaining eleven million guests. Second -- know exactly what do your compliment me so you take away. I invented this move. You don't have to worked -- you know your hugely successful why not retire I gotta be some placed in the day. I'm not a guy that can retire and Cisco call for whatever that means to people would like to retire I love all -- aspects of this business. So I'm very grateful to be working days. Working these days means taking episodes of last man standing a new ABC sitcom in which Allen plays Mike Baxter. A middle aged dad defending the glory of the Y chromosomes and how was he with women's. Back. Like don't -- it. You slice it -- they need. If it feels like -- radio versions of attended -- died from home improvement it's Nowak. Allen's first -- was a prime time smash for eight years in the ninety. Ended playing a beleaguered alpha male worked before why would never work again with some 21 century twist -- He can speak Spanish great Chinese. Poetry part bet. Let's -- you gotta survive but Diop and from the garage -- into the pool and escape or not. Like the first and home improvement you are a -- and restrictions. Right it's three daughters and from one of them a single mother so -- brings a whole new dynamic in an edgier dynamic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Conversely what it is -- -- today. Where women's roles have changed I've always -- when liberals have changed so much you've grown up with strong women around -- had two wives not at the same time. How horrible that -- anyway what you learned from them I just -- to -- Just don't tell them and let them do their thing I appreciate women. They just don't wanna be that I don't want it and wanted to kowtow to -- there's certain things that didn't do. I think it is defining the defying the -- between men and women in my Vegas show. Is passing gas. -- -- -- Think this is hysterical. -- -- And then we'll joke about this until they're old women don't find this funny at all. Why do you still do stand -- comedy and the -- women don't feed -- is like capsule just keep showing up to this is just. That seems to be an awful lot of work at a real high wire act and I love it because I hate -- to do I hated and stand up it's all me. I decide when I do the jokes and decide where the punch -- -- when to go on I make every decision. Allen may be in control now but for much of his life he wasn't -- when he was just eleven years old his world was shattered when his father was killed by a drunk driver. I had. The curious relationship with god since my father died. The law set Allen on a self destructive path hard partying -- in 1979. A cocaine bust which landed him in prison for two years. Don't ever sold drugs the -- they don't like it they tend to tell judges people come get you. Then you eat very bad food for a long time. What do you think is that. Most important thing you learn -- survivor of number one I know how to survive. Money since Hubert clearly is -- allies such a certain sense -- safety. Always does. -- -- -- -- President stand -- became a career. Alexander his after -- the image of the Howard tool wielding man and. And before long and oddly -- -- made that mouth breather -- strong. -- actually got -- A phone call one -- from your parole officer and the next day from Jeffrey Katzenberg and Disney. -- that he released everything was going well within that the Katzenberg called me and said we'd like it'd be part of the Disney family did you irony strikes you on did you save kimberlite is -- -- -- -- with our I just filled with irony. Conversations -- home improvement and -- white hot celebrity. Alan parlay that popularity onto the big screen starring in a slew of Stanley favorites like the Santa Claus and Toy Story -- Let's get our parts together and get ready come out on line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By 1997. Allen had conquered Hollywood but still had not wrestled his own demons to the ground your dad. Was -- but it can track and in. You in -- adult life were arrested for trying to track. And I find it humiliating and in and I am by the grace of god it didn't hurt anybody -- myself for the years that I was you know drinking and driving. I could've been that -- did -- tell us. But you did say gave -- your greatest gift which surprised -- bright idea. With a -- never thought -- that it would be no fun and it turns -- fund has -- to do with being drunk at least for -- and -- yourself. I'm still the person of excess luckily it's not food or gambling or sex or -- -- cars. The coroner's. Allen owns more than he'll admit on camera what is this -- -- because I have to say that's the thing -- Look at what everybody goes the bright colors we're like children -- -- in a quick tour of his garage we saw his 66 should bell. This all slides back but as a VW bug. I love this old fashion. Everything about it this and this antique truck you don't still drag this one. You know I wish legacy ask is that -- really cool with mr. hit went a little bit had a daughter. Alan restores many these cars himself like this rare 1970 Ford falcon. So why so many of your cars in this collection old. Because I'm old. So he's trying to today. Not at this I hate this sort of stuff the legion of this up -- -- all the -- old why do you have wrinkles and your eyes that's what. At white -- had to walk slower. Because -- old. But don't let the answer is -- you. Allen is a thinking man's clown. He'd rather discuss quantum physics and box office numbers but they are true believer. Or a pagan. -- spends a lot of time working on -- curious relationship with god. For -- he says the builder. You need to seek out -- church. We do -- whoever put me here and the builder what did you want me to do. Do you think people be surprised to know how deeply religious you're spiritually you are but he if you know only -- knowledge I don't push it I just want a relationship with whoever built me. This is too much too weird that it happened by accident didn't have -- -- I don't feel better -- right. It seems the builder has a sense of humor to this event everything. Allen who's spent his life trying to relate to females also gets to raise them. He has an adult daughter and now with two and a half year old baby named Elizabeth I would never in my life be involved in tea party's -- him. It's very different -- -- and not my wheel house I don't like it but I love -- with her. Still discussed parenting and spirituality with a straight face. But at heart Tim Allen is a common and is never too long before he returns to his natural habitats. And I found out myself with my cellphone ring. Hello. Hi sweetheart -- -- of an interview -- sheriff sheriff now as the kid I'll call you right back okay. Okay. I will let you buy and said it was the man's -- -- get a -- hasn't gone up. I did it again so get a slice of yeah I journalists. You -- -- -- I got. Chlorine. Loved to laugh and love it more than anything else along -- -- there's nothing better -- American people expect.

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