Tim Bass goes on trial for 1989 murder of Mandy Stavik: Part 10

Bass’ younger brother testified against him, saying Bass asked him to lie. The defense argued Bass’ relationship with Stavik was consensual and that Bass was not involved in her murder.
10:04 | 09/21/19

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Transcript for Tim Bass goes on trial for 1989 murder of Mandy Stavik: Part 10
Buy a box and help all kids be tigers. I am convinced what happened. I have no doubt at all. I don't know what else to say. The truth. Everything I've said is the truth. Tim maintained his innocence, denying any involvement at all. I know you think differently, you think I did this. I didn't. While we were interviewing Tim, Gina came in and was being interviewed. Gina, do I have your permission to record this statement today? Yes. Gina did give Tim an alibi. Do you remember the day she went missing? Were you at work, were you at school? No, I was on my way to Tim's house, because I went to his house after school, and I passed her. She was running. So I saw her. When you went to his house that day, was Tim there? Yeah. He was there the entire time? Yeah. Tim and Gina spent the rest of the day together and he couldn't have done anything to hurt Mandy. This case took almost 30 years to get to trial. To me a trial is where I really love to be. All rise. Finally getting under way was such a relief to me. The evidence will show that Mandy was abducted and we can tell you where it happened. My theory is, Mandy set out to do her five-mile run with the dog. About a quarter of a mile from her house where there's a wooded area, it's very secluded and that's where Tim is waiting for her to run by. He grabs her, gets her in the car. She was taken approximately six miles south to an isolated location where she was raped. I think she tried to get away by running away, naked, wearing only her shoes and socks. He caught up with her and hit her in the head and knocked her out. Either struck in the head or pushed into a tree. And then she was placed in the river where she was drowned. The defendant's DNA was inside her and we know that she was kidnapped, she was raped, and then she was killed. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Tim bass is not guilty. He didn't kidnap anyone. He didn't rape anyone. And he ctainly didn't kill anyone. Evidence of sexual contact is certainly not evidence of murder. Timothy bass's defense attorneys were trying to say that just because his DNA matched that found in Mandy's body, it doesn't necessarily mean that he killed her. Day two in the Timothy bass murder trial, Mandy stavik's mother took the stand 30 years after her teenage daughter was found dead. She was here every day of the trial and she wanted to know what happened to her daughter, as painful as it was. She wanted the answers. Good morning, Ms. Stavik. Good morning. Mary is 82. And the judge said, "The jury is going to come in, everybody's going to stand, but you don't have to." You can remain seated while that happens. I can stand up. You're going to be okay? I'm fine. Okay, whatever you feel comfortable doing. Well, if everybody else is standing up, I'll think I'll stand up too. Madam bailiff? Mary said, "I'm going to stand." And she did. The sheriff came to my door and said that they'd found her body. Everybody tells me I did really well. Ms. Stavik, I have just a few questions. I decided that before I went up there, that I would answer every question they asked, as briefly and as well as I could. Did you ever see her with Tim bass? No. One of the things I did with the witnesses I called, I asked each of them if they had ever seen Mandy with Tim bass. No. Never. We wouldn't hang out with him at all, ever. The main point was they didn't know each other. They didn't hang out together. They didn't run in the same circles. Mr. Mceachran, would you like to call your next witness? The most devastating testimony against Tim bass came from Tom bass' younger brother. Good afternoon, Mr. Bass. Tim's brother Tom, who was a few years younger than Tim, testified against him. Do you swear, affirm to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in all matters here before the court? Tom is a solid person. Is it difficult for you to be here testifying today? Very much so. When I met with Tom, Tom said, well, he did come up and want me to lie about it. And I told him no. When investigators came to Timothy bass to question him and to ask him to submit a DNA sample, he immediately went to his younger brother Tom and said, "Tom, they're after me." He was very nervous, very anxious. And he said, "The reason I'm so worried, I'm so anxious, is that I slept with Mandy." I said, "What?" He goes, "Yeah, I slept with Mandy." Then he said, "I was hoping that you could maybe say that you slept with her too." He said, "Look, if you could say you had sex with her, that would help," trying to make her look like a loose girl. I said, "How long did, you know, how long did this go on?" He said, "Oh, we slept together a couple times before she went to college and then once when she came back on Thanksgiving He asked his brother, "Do you believe me?" His brother was shocked, just shocked at this. Tom must have realized right then and there that something terrible was going on. He testified at the trial. Oh, this ain't good. He's asking people to lie for him. Thank you, Tom. I have no further questions, your honor. I can't imagine going against my brothers. It's the heart of loyalty, right? It's band of brothers. People understand and appreciate that a brother is not going to flip on another brother unless they truly believe that their brother is guilty of doing something horrible. The state would next call Gina Malone. Were you previously married to the defendant Tim bass? Yes. I filed for divorce. I only saw him one time in jail. By the time Gina bass walked into that courtroom, there's a lot of change in her life. Gina came forward and said that her alibi that she originally told us was false. I believe Gina was providing his alibi to protect herself and once she felt secure and safe herself, then she could actually tell the truth. After the police came, he told me that I need to lie and say that I was with him that day. And he said, "Otherwise I'm gonna go to prison." I felt like I just have to agree with everything he's saying because if I don't, I could be next. Do you have any memory of being at the bass house the day after Thanksgiving at all? No. I wasn't a strong person back then. I just was very weak. But I should've gone with my gut instinct. All of today was taken up by these closing arguments. Just a few hours ago, the defense wrapped up this afternoon. This is an investigation that was set up for 30 years, based on the faulty assumption that this is a sexual assault. And that is the fundamental error in this case. They could not refute the fact that the DNA found on Mandy's body belonged to their client Tim bass. There was no denying that, so they had to say, "Look, it was a consensual relationship." They were trying to tell the jury that they very well could have ignored or excluded the real killer. Everyone in whatcom county was calling in to say, "I saw somebody acting strange. You need to go talk to this guy." All of those suspects were excluded based purely and simply on the fact that their biological evidence did not match the semen that was taken from Ms. Stavik. I found their theory and their statement a little insulting. Not a little, a lot insulting for the fact that we had it all wrong. We take a lot of pride in our work. I was so eager to get back up and respond to it. I could hardly wait. They would have you believe that somehow there was some -- she snuck out of the house, and had some sexual liaison with this guy. Do you believe that? Do you believe that that could happen? When we bring cases in, we don't expect people to leave their common sense in their cars. How did the DNA get into Mandy stavik from this defendant? And the only explanation was, when he raped her, after he abducted her, and then he killed her. The defendant's DNA was there, and I'm asking you to hold him accountable. Closing arguments just finished in a trial of a 30-year-old murder case in whatcom county. The jury will decide whether or not Timothy bass raped and killed 18-year-old Mandy stavik. When the jury leaves I always feel apprehension. You never know. It's almost like waiting for lab tests to see if you have cancer or not. I understand that the jury has reached its verdict. We have. When they read the verdict, I felt like somebody knocked the

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{"duration":"10:04","description":"Bass’ younger brother testified against him, saying Bass asked him to lie. The defense argued Bass’ relationship with Stavik was consensual and that Bass was not involved in her murder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"65761434","title":"Tim Bass goes on trial for 1989 murder of Mandy Stavik: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/tim-bass-trial-1989-murder-mandy-stavik-part-65761434"}