Tips For Happy Holiday Feasts

What to bring, make or puchase when heading out for a holiday meal.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Tips For Happy Holiday Feasts
"The real dish" continues with how to travel with your holiday food. Once again, chris cuomo. ♪ Reporter: Turkey day is coming, and you know what that means -- this year over 114 million families will gather to celebrate thanksgiving this year. What to bring? Oh, yes, the vision that is sandra lee, the star of the food network's semi-homemade. Let's start with that should you bring something? Reporter: Let's begin with the don'ts, so you can avoid a "turk- astrophe." A turkey catastrophe. Don't defrost the turkey at room temperature. As soon as the bird thaws, bacteria growth starts, so allow it to thaw overnight in the fridge. Food poisoni is no fun, is it? Have you ever had food poisoning? I've had it. It's a drag especially around the holidays. Reporter: Be careful traveling with prepared foods. Is that kind of an indication that putting things in your car for a long drive not the best idea. You shouldn't be in the car with it for longer than two hours. That's your window. You got two hours to keep it below 41 degrees or above 135. Reporter: And don't bring things unless someone is going to eat them. We'll call this one, the fruitcake factor. Fruitcake gets a bad name but doesn't it deserve it? It comes out as fruit football cake because it is hard. You can pass it. It's great for thanksgiving day for a football game outside but nobody wants it. Reporter: How about bringing a turducken. That is that a creole-inspired concoction, duck inside of chicken inside of turkey. The best part, it all is inside your tummy. It's just wrong. Reporter: Come on. Okay, okay, so how about the DOs. Do call ahead. Ask first and bring what they need and then cook when you get there. Know how to take what you make. The big, beautiful cakes are gorgeous pies like lemon meringue pie put it in there with plastic over it and wonder why it's smooshed down when they get to grandma's or half eaten because the kids have been in the backseat and wondering why they're amping out. Especially your kids. Reporter: You're right. They don't need any help. Bring holiday spirits. Keep it same many. After this holiday season you may need a responsible drink. Showing up with a beautiful bottle of godiva chocolately your is a great alternative to wine. Reporter: Given the latest blow, come strong with a box of unbaked goodness. Twinkies. I'm not answering questions on twinkies. Reporter: It's not exactly health food but one thing for sure, it'll keep. No matter what food you bring, sandra lee reminds us the best gift of all is you, so bring the best of yourself. Just a fun, festive attitude. Reporter: Holiday attitude. Holiday attitude, that's a good one a smile a lot, no matter what.

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{"id":17745179,"title":"Tips For Happy Holiday Feasts","duration":"3:00","description":"What to bring, make or puchase when heading out for a holiday meal.","url":"/2020/video/tips-happy-holiday-feasts-17745179","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}