Tragedy at the Elementary School: Social Media Reacts

Part 8: Deborah Roberts looks at people's reactions online to the shooting.
3:54 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tragedy at the Elementary School: Social Media Reacts
Test Text1 u This special edition of "20/20" continues. Tragedy at the elementary school. All day long across this country, you have been online, talking to each other and forming a kind of community of doubt and comfort, of questions and the search of answers. And debra roberts is back now. Because she was there with you and reports on some of what you had to say. Almost as soon as the shots were fired at the school, people were on social media. I know a teacher at sandy hook. Sister, driving to sandy hook. Came upon first graders running from the school. She took them to the police department. , Heartbreaking. The sentiment is sorrow. There is true evil in the words. So scary, you drop your kids off at scoot and may not able to protect them. When a major event occur, koeshl media is the place where everyone goes to share their e actions and to find out what they be reacting today. This is the editor of gizmodo. He says that social kbleed will propagate misinformation. The subpoena suspect's name comes out. Ryan lanza, I would stair you in the eyes and shoot you with no guilt. Unfortunately, the name was false. And he posted remarks on his facebook page. Facebook and twit e the perfect place to rant and rail against whatever it is you want to stand up against. And that thing or person or institution can talk right back. As the hours come back, the tweets are overwhelming. More than 2.1 million with the word shooting. And 450,000 with the word praying. Double the aaur error ra movie from months ago. The people you are friends with and follow, they often have the same ideas as you, the point of view as you. Gun control was the echo on both sides. I don't think the most effective gun control will stop insane people from doing insane things. Now is not the time to talk about gun control. Yesterday was. Too soon to talk about a gun crazy nation? No, too late. At least 31 school shootings since columbine. And children's faces online. Talking to kids is sick. How could you interview an 8-year-old about what they went through? Makes me sick. Any time anything happens to a child, let alone death and shooting there is emotions that can not controlled and anger needs to be vented. As darkness fell, the raw emotion of the day continued. Grief from all corners and celebrities joining in. LeBRON JAMES, THIS VALELY Messing with my minds. Kids is everything to me and i have two of my own in elementary school as well. Justin bieber, my prayer goes out to all these suffering in this tragedicy. It's just wrong. And rihanna, words retweeted more than 15,000 times. God have mercy, no one deserves this. Praying for the families of the connecticut shooting. What a christmas it will be. When things happen that most of us cannot understand, we want to have a shred of insight. And social media can help us. OTHERS CAN SAY, YOUTest Texnderline Test Text1 italics

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{"id":17981010,"title":"Tragedy at the Elementary School: Social Media Reacts","duration":"3:54","description":"Part 8: Deborah Roberts looks at people's reactions online to the shooting.","url":"/2020/video/tragedy-elementary-school-social-media-reacts-17981010","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}