Tragedy at the Elementary School: Surgeons

Part 4: As surgeons at Danbury Hospital treated the injured, they wondered why more weren't coming.
2:50 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Tragedy at the Elementary School: Surgeons
and now, we want to go to our colleague amy robach at the dan bury hospital. So many doctors and nurses came in to help the wounded. She tells the story at the hospital today. Amy? That is true. As many as 80 doctors and nurses were anxiously waiting to tweet as many as two dozen woundsed victims from the school shooting. Unfortunately, only three made it here and more tragically, we know that two of the victims have since died. Both of them children. A crushing blow to this community and the doctors who tried to save their lives. Just a short while ago, we spoke to dr. John murphy. He was here when the call came in. Dr. Murphy, tell me when you first heard word what was going on at the school? Shortly at 10:00 this morning, we received a phone kale from the police there had been a mass shooting and we mobilized what we call a trauma code and brought in 70 or 80 people. We opened up four trauma rooms and six operating rooms and were prepared to deal with whatever came our way and nints or so, three shooting victims were brought to the hospital. And 30 minutes later, we began to realize no one else was coming and t enormity sunk in. You said it was like the emergency workers felt on 9/11, waiting for victims. We got the phone call and i was standing next to a couple physicians and we realized, this was it. We anticipated there was two dozen victims and somebody said this is how they must have felt on 9/11. Vs. Very difficult. It touches nempb the community. Because it's such a tight knit community. Absy. Parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, grandparents, teachers. All the ems respondsers, the teachers, we have been affected by this and we are prepared for months to come to don't provide the mental health services that will have to be provided. And in fact, dan bury hospital has send out mobile units to help with the group counciling and we have a crisis provengs service available, a service in high demand in the days, week, mthds to come here. Absolutely. Thank you very much. Amy, this is how we move

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{"id":17980740,"title":"Tragedy at the Elementary School: Surgeons","duration":"2:50","description":"Part 4: As surgeons at Danbury Hospital treated the injured, they wondered why more weren't coming.","url":"/2020/video/tragedy-elementary-school-surgeons-17980740","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}