Transgender at 11: 'I Want Boobs!'

Part 2: How will puberty affect Jazz's quest to live as a girl?
5:28 | 01/19/13

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Transcript for Transgender at 11: 'I Want Boobs!'
If you think life is complicated. -- dealing with the transgender girl. Texting a -- and she just -- -- she's. Meeting new friends and it's -- -- and so I tell her you know can have friends that are boys they need to know immediately. Tell you I was transgender which means that I wasn't the way. And it became -- ground so have a girlfriend but I don't mind. A few moments late in the boy responds obviously confused. Yeah. We. While wearing. That's a very difficult question asked what did you tell to watch the videos first. Janice -- back to watch this online video of him. Hoping it will help him to understand. I OK I. I don't write -- news. Well they're cute video -- person what above point you have. What do you say -- -- she. War. Done. He put. Mica tech team that won't amount. The Hebrew. Is likely to follow jazz and -- -- I don't care what he thinks about me if -- that. It's good news and. You're. Always clear she Craig has been down this road before work with his oldest doctor. But advising and transgender between with the trash is new territory when it wouldn't. He was asked me for -- I am that's. You have to now I'm taking my friend I think me unfair. Tactic. What part are being transgender -- -- the most. My genitalia. His right now I feel like a girl -- and then when I looked down there it reminds me. An atmosphere of an advantage here yeah. Jazz is eleven on the marriage pure -- For a boy who wants to -- colonel pat must be a disaster it change your voice. Facial hair. It can be a disaster. Any little girl does not want to develop appeared low voice and we have done something about that. Jazz is on hormone blockers isn't -- formula. Fitzgibbon as to shots more morals venison has been stated in turn. Her -- led to the medication stops testosterone from entering her body essentially causing her natural -- development. She has no detectable testosterone in her system -- never. They block any facial hair and -- today there. Armpit hair -- like just it's just so I don't look like employers -- getting and deep voice also. Jazz is 100% girl other site. -- passing no doubt in my mind they've -- -- entertainers. Doctor will Charlton is just as doctor. With the development and cause. The next big decision is if and going to give her estrogen the female hormone -- will allow jazz to -- -- prevent facial hair. And -- just attribute her body fat. Giving her -- feminine shape. But the -- hormone thing here is in addition. I wish I could take entering and -- -- because I want start looking like -- -- getting some -- it's getting some dressed yet. Storm -- specific. I Wear a parent rob because they just like one of fit in with other girls and just have lives like they do. But once jazz begins taking estrogen she will be permanently infertile at eleven years old do you think at all about being -- -- not having Europe. Biological children -- -- and she wants that the baby of her own. But she can't she knows she can't. And -- one of the things that upsets are the most. All this. Isn't -- Most insurance companies don't cover these treatments for transgender people. Hormone blockers can cost up to 181000 dollars and estrogen even more around eighteen years old. Jazz will likely face another decisions. Let the to have gender reassignment surgery to have -- dress and hence. And if she chooses to have opinions injected into a vagina. You know that some transgender children that have not been able to. -- trans gender. Even when -- -- Yes and that's why I'm doing this with -- day I want to help those kids. Need calm and the person they -- now want to. Tell the pairings that they should still love them to -- -- When I came to visit you are you saying this time that I was familiar with true risk from the movie Cinderella and -- Yeah. -- name -- her name wrong. Sheryl Crow and hanging. -- -- -- and I can in the -- my hand and -- -- Thing. Unknown between noon -- -- fancy. I -- slash a and you man. And now well -- or -- and flown. I think I think that's true I don't you -- it -- thank you thank you.

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{"id":18260885,"title":"Transgender at 11: 'I Want Boobs!'","duration":"5:28","description":"Part 2: How will puberty affect Jazz's quest to live as a girl? ","url":"/2020/video/transgender-11-boobs-18260885","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}