Coming Home

Journeying with U.S. troops as they come home for the holidays.
8:24 | 12/23/11

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Some families are getting the best Christmas present of their lives this year. Their loved ones coming back from Iraq just in time for the holidays. They're the last ones out as the mission officially ended last Thursday. And no one knows their commitment and sacrifice more than our very own Bob Woodruff. Miles from nowhere and a steady wind fills the air and dust and clings to. This barren stretch of Kuwaiti desert is called camp Virginia in the last stop for many soldiers on their way home. From America's war with -- -- Troops will spend up to a week here. Decompression chamber of sorts unwinding soldiers from the world of guns and flak jackets. Preparing them -- reentry and their wives and family and supermarkets. Sargent first class Christopher delivered Kenya as a medic was lost fifteen years in the arm. Beloved companion videotaped his convoy making its way across the -- out of Iraq. -- -- staircase and -- -- about Iraq he's excited to see his wife and four kids. Youngest born just five days and before he left Iraq when he and -- joining -- that. Plan they come -- deal and give you a big hug and normally just left speechless at that point in just. I need to see Yemen and hold them and just it's just feeling. I can ever remember having. 08000 miles away in El Paso, Texas. Out of his wife Danielle and their kids can't wait to have -- back in the -- safe and sound. I'm like -- crazy single mother. -- still working here there but I got that whole thing -- -- about him over top of it did you miss some alone when he was gone. We -- where was your daddy look. Then there -- staff sergeant -- -- tank commander who has been to Iraq five time previous wife Sabrina and four year old daughter Gabriella behind. Most of her life I haven't been that have been around you make it back for a berth. And then you get ago right -- Away from for the next nine months of painful as I almost missed her first words her first walking. And that's a big thing. Back in Texas his wife Sabrina gets ready to welcome her husband Eddie home for Christmas. She and get real and said more goodbyes and they can remember. He almost nights Mary tent camps. He can't be -- you weren't -- They only come. Prescreen and they floating land. For supply sergeant assigned -- Allston. It is a husband back home some nights I can't create explaining that they. Beginning -- -- -- this is their second trip to Iraq and can't wait to see her family and have her favorite meal curry chicken and rice. You gonna have to cook hitters he can occur between none and I'm gonna -- He can't cook following yes he's a very good -- blunt. I'm a better cook. Up. -- School he dressed her husband who worry plays mr. mom holding down the household -- -- -- In his kids are excited for moms early return. The first -- was very hard. Play a hero allowed via his mom's place it was he definitely took -- -- -- you miss your mom a lot when she was gone. The kitchen and bathroom and -- can't would you letter saying you. You learn -- Palin she's so much. Highland games and went bad when you come back with a -- moms help our country -- isn't that crazy. I don't -- I can live out -- lighting -- in front. It is a world that has changed dramatically since that bombing of Baghdad -- -- ten years ago when shopping mall -- some other. I was embedded with the Marines poured across the border heading north of Baghdad in 2003. Almost three years later being wounded by IED myself gave me some perspective the dangers soldiers face. This is a -- great here. So on this my first trip back. Strange. Walking up to the same order. Where an Iraqi guard shakes my hand. May seriously value attendance. Continuing -- few hours then yeah. Now the troops are heading home they board a plane in Kuwait Begin the 31 hour journey to Portland's. -- -- People -- of. And his Kuwait fades into the distance these soldiers will have time to reflect on how they will fit in back at home. It's anybody's we're gonna miss this place we have soldiers. Have expressed. Some of bill. Bond that we've had every single day seeing each other group investment going to be there and that's -- part of that whole. Army family. To make the trip more bearable at a fuel stop in -- soldiers are welcome. Unexpectedly. By strangers. As they take their first steps on American soil. Being ready we'll -- -- Just hours until homecoming back in Texas Sabrina Beckett and her daughter Gabrielle. Kicks off they're welcome home shopping list. -- that's perfect flowers. And the Chinese food. Their husband Eddie said he brings -- -- Reynolds. Is that all right I -- with -- -- Daniel village Kenya and her kids the icing on the cake is that Christopher is coming home on his birthday. Freshly baked cupcakes and we'll -- -- got. And at the Allston household. The excitement is palpable. Next stop Texans and soldiers readied themselves to see their loved. Finally touchdown. And help. Remarkably. The rainbow -- when Atlanta it's day. Right there and do you miss. That he is there. Next plays. After first relinquishing the weapons. The soldiers get a warning. Don't -- individual that. -- back safely and he gets do you live feeds and there's thousands of somebody else do not let this really very stern -- -- There's there's some guys who come home and they they want things to do exactly the same way as when they left and I can't just come back can go uh oh we're -- at this -- accident back. Because that that's the total disruption of everything. Okay. Okay. In a dramatic celebration right through smoke machine -- -- and -- fast. And I. -- -- -- -- As the memories of the Iraq War Begin to slip away. They -- replaced by the warmth of Chris. Family building new memories together into the new year.

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{"id":15226070,"title":"Coming Home","duration":"8:24","description":"Journeying with U.S. troops as they come home for the holidays.","url":"/2020/video/troops-military-home-holidays-us-15226070","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}