A look at troubling past of man whose girlfriend committed suicide: Part 2

Leon Jacob was fired from a residency program and has been charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend Meghan.
6:16 | 09/23/17

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Transcript for A look at troubling past of man whose girlfriend committed suicide: Part 2
Reporter: The death of Dr. Valerie Mcdaniel sent shockwaves through the affluent Texas community of river oaks. Co-workers held a vigil at the veterinarian clinic she so cherished. Yeah, Chauncey, by all accounts the montrose veterinary clinic was Valerie Mcdaniel's life. Those who knew her here are now mourning her death. Valerie was a wonderful person Reporter: Her close friends in a state of shock -- We couldn't believe it. Reporter: A boyfriend left to ponder what might have been. We'd shared an apartment, we had an account -- bank accounts together, and we had told people we were getting married. We now know that Valerie Mcdaniel left a note detailing her final wishes. Reporter: That wasn't all she left behind. Before her death, Valerie Mcdaniel recorded her final thoughts on an iPad. I fell deeply in love with Leon during the whole incident at the end of my marriage. Reporter: Leon Jacob can be charming and disarming. Just ask him. It seems like you're almost some svengali, with this one-flick of the finger, you know, just making this woman fall madly in love with you. Without sounding like a pompous ass I can only describe it as I've always understood women really well and they've always liked me. Reporter: Former FBI profiler and ABC news consultant Brad Garrett says guys like Leon present well. Leon is somebody that will always be able to get into a relationship, because he's willing to put the energy into it on the front end. Reporter: But it's the back end of some of Leon's relationships that have been problematic. Like the one with his first wife, Annie. We would fight, fight, fight, and love, love, love, fight, fight, fight, love, love, love. It was just -- it was one of those relationships that people are like, "God, they're crazy, but they're their crazy, and we love that." Reporter: But after 11 years, Annie must have had enough crazy. She filed for divorce and would later press charges for aggravated stalking and intimidation. Court documents say he made calls, sent texts and e-mails threatening to inflict bodily harm. Attempted cyber harassment is what I plead guilty to. Yes. She went a little overboard with her complaints about me. Reporter: Leon's personal struggles mirror his professional life which has been unraveling for years, says assistant district attorney Samantha Knecht. He's a danger as a physician and he's also a danger out in the community. Reporter: Here's the not-so-illustrious timeline -- 2005 -- Leon graduates from med school on the island of Grenada and enters a residency program at the university of Texas. He's let go in 2010 and his physician-in-training certificate is terminated. 2010 -- enters an Ohio residency program, but a supervisor says he lied about patient care following a surgery and overall had a lack of medical knowledge. He was kicked out, because he wasn't being truthful with the people that were supervising him. Reporter: Those supervisors later find Leon to be an immediate threat to patient safety and he's fired. Leon sues but a judge rules against him, writing -- "The likelihood of harm to the hospital's patients is significant if Dr. Jacob is restored to his previous employment. It's not in the public's interest to return Dr. Jacob to the residency program." I -- I understand that -- "By reason of his deficiencies and apparent inability to acknowledge or correct these deficiencies." You know, these are statements -- some people that wanted me out wanted me out pretty badly. That's Leon Jacob. It's always somebody else's fault. Reporter: Then in 2012, it goes from cautionary to downright criminal in Ohio. Leon Jacob is charged with burglary at the home of a hospital administrator. He eventually pleads guilty to criminal trespass. He for some reason continued to believe that he was being wronged by the system. Reporter: By 2016, Leon has fallen on hard times and files for bankruptcy. When I hear, "He has a medical degree," I immediately think, "Oh, well, where is he practicing medicine?" Nowhere. Reporter: By this time, Leon had met a woman named Meghan. They had been dating until a big fight back this past January. One that brought cops to Meghan's apartment. According to the police report, you busted her lip -- Okay. When you put -- That's true? I never put any hand on her. We were fighting, I shouldn't have put my hand anywhere near her face. I didn't touch her in any way. I was simply trying to calm, but she bit my hand, and in that time, she bit her own lip. And subsequently, that charge has been dropped because there was no evidence. Reporter: Charges dropped, yes. But Leon won't let Meghan drop off his radar. But you kept on pursuing her, despite the fact that she told you not to? I kept on pursuing her for a little bit, yeah. But cops do charge Leon with stalking. The ex-girlfriend says that he hides in the bushes and waits outside her work place. Reporter: Here's the 911 call from a concerned co-worker. The person is stalking my boss so when we came out of work just now he tried to duck down and then got in his car and tried to leave. Reporter: But on that 911 call, it sounds like Leon Jacob is not done. He doubles back for another look. He circled back around. That's what I'm saying, like, since the previous time that we called over 20 minutes ago ,he's actually managed to come back by the property. You know you've been spotted. You know you're doing a bad thing and you keep doing it. He plays by his rules. You're charge with stalking and with -- they caught you in the bushes outside her office -- There are -- Building -- No bushes out -- there are no bushes outside her office building. They caught you loitering outside her office. She -- she says that. People can claim a lot of things, right? You can say -- you know, "Superman came down and took me into kryptonite --- you know, krypton for the weekend." It doesn't make it true. Reporter: Another romance in Tatters. And Leon is once again free to pursue a new love, and that's how he winds up with the vet, Valerie Mcdaniel. As for Meghan? She's gone but not forgotten.

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{"id":50033463,"title":"A look at troubling past of man whose girlfriend committed suicide: Part 2","duration":"6:16","description":"Leon Jacob was fired from a residency program and has been charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend Meghan.","url":"/2020/video/troubling-past-man-girlfriend-committed-suicide-part-50033463","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}