True Confessions: Flight Attendants' Secrets

Flight attendants know much more about passengers' sneaky behavior than you might think.
0:25 | 04/14/12

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Transcript for True Confessions: Flight Attendants' Secrets
Flying can be downright miserable. But it's often your fellow passengers it'll -- get a special -- from screaming. Two drunken diatribe. It's enough to drive even -- attempt to -- Like the woman in this -- -- -- Caught in the crossfire between cost cutting airlines and irritated passengers. Now it's like everyone in his every line -- the punching bag. -- as veteran flight attendant Heather. Poole writes in her book bruising attitude. Tensions can run -- on board. One of the worst cases came earlier this year when jetBlue captain -- allows. Clearly broke down mid life. And then there was the unforgettable story of Steven Slater and fed up with -- abusive passengers and low -- he snapped and dropping the -- Bob over the intercom and he grabbed some beer and pop the plane's emergency chute and slid down and headed home. You can only push people so are you know who has often overworked and underpaid and wall -- Another blue reminds us that he didn't passengers aren't the only ones who suffer because of the endless flight regulations. Everybody's always surprised and I have rally paid when the door shut so for flying hours only. There's a delay. Yet no matter what they feel inside she says flight attendants tried to hold their smiled as passengers board and even while keeping a sharp eye out. Or trouble -- -- the crazy ones as soon as they want them. When you're saying good morning good morning. -- -- Adam my last fight a guy like -- it's me I'm -- -- I'm not have date. Another sign of potential trouble passengers who ignore repeated warnings to turn -- of those cell phones. While the need to do so was open for debate Heather has no choice but to enforce the law. Still passengers will do their best to resist. When you're sitting there with your head between your leg is talking to the floor and I don't think young friend out -- I know you're doing on Andre steps -- life last year one person chatting on the wasn't listening to -- war. The woman just ignore -- -- -- -- Turned away from her rudely put -- hand up as if to say speak to that I'm on the firing -- -- important the pilot also trolley. But fail applied immediately just turned around shouldn't get off my -- Yeah -- behind me. Almost 400 passengers were reported last year. For refusing to turn off electronic devices -- -- -- bad behavior but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's just at the New York City area airports a loan. -- -- -- -- The other -- says there's good reason to get rid of the potentially disruptive passengers. Before it's too late. -- something escalates and flight no -- coming there's no police to college environment and -- -- the -- -- you're stuck. Six hours in a flying to the 35000 feet. No way out those several unstable passages of actually trying. Attempting to over the plane's door in mid flight. Terrifying prospect that seems easy to pull off and this commercial. Fortunately that's impossible. Cabin air pressure together with special locks -- keep the doors -- shot. Another on board problem. Fighting passengers. They can force a pilot to take drastic measures. Second 2001 since the end Chris public who -- twin sisters. We're flying from San Francisco to Shanghai. Once in the air they talk with each other and began -- Screaming. And spitting at and fellow passengers. After landing in Alaska police board the plane and the rest of the troublesome twins. The the sisters were later -- fine and sentenced to community service. As for their 231. Fellow passengers. All of them were stranded in Alaska where more than -- day before completing their marathon written. The biggest booster and bad behavior drinking making matters worse alcohol actually becomes more potent. At sky high altitudes. And -- cut them off. -- and -- she's becomes more orange juice and drop of vodka convenience. -- Alison we've run out of alcohol. But flight attendants have to walk a fine line between keeping customers happy and controlling the craziness. This alcohol fueled high school senior trip to Mexico back in 1998. Got the party started early. With a wet T shirt contest on board. The biggest surprise here not only does the flight attendant on this charter let it continue. He actually jumps in to act as an MC. This -- -- was soon out of a job. I just this week an entire airline with spying for sponsoring another racy routine. On board a flight -- Vietnam these scantily clad beauty pageant queens put on quite a show. In -- passengers got their cameras rolling and this footage has become an overnight Internet sensation. Of course not all high flying high -- are so out in the open just joined the mile high -- Cross the Atlantic. This guy I was so proud of joining the legendary club of the airplane bathrooms. That he publicly staked his claim on -- Like -- says Heather usually knows exactly what's going off. So we not we pray they come out with their pants up. Others says these days you're more likely to find lofty lover's back in their -- -- on overnight flights. Usually when one passenger sitting on -- of another passenger air and had a pretty good idea of what might be happening there. Think for that -- get away. -- remember cameras are everywhere here. And bad behavior of any kind can result in the -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"0:25","description":"Flight attendants know much more about passengers' sneaky behavior than you might think.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"16982987","title":"True Confessions: Flight Attendants' Secrets","url":"/2020/video/true-confessions-flight-attendants-secrets-16982987"}