While undercover, John Giuca's mom secretly records juror conversations: Part 7

In her recordings, juror Jason Allo is heard saying he didn't disclose that he knew some of Giuca's friends during jury selection.
6:13 | 05/18/19

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Transcript for While undercover, John Giuca's mom secretly records juror conversations: Part 7
A lot of people suggested that you couldn't make this story up. It would be completely unbelievable. But Doreen is a woman that would do anything for her son. And she's also in Brooklyn where anything could happen and ingenuity seems to be inbred in people's psyches. I was willing to look like a prostitute with my six-inch heels and my push-up bra. You don't let your children down. You fight for your children. I think even she would admit, it cost her her marriage. It cost her dearly. What did the undercover sting do to your marriage? It destroyed it. My husband had a full time job. His wife was with another man, all dolled up and that is when the marriage started to crumble. And yet, you said early on, your husband had drawn a line. Yes. Don't have sex with the guy. Right. Even though you made the pledge to your husband, you knew you'd do whatever it took? Of course. But it didn't come to that. No. I think you were quoted as saying, I can get another husband, but I can't get another son. That's right. I still feel the same way. We were in the living room, and the TV was on and the music was on. I believe it was the rolling stones, and we were smoking pot. I'll never be your beast of burden I I walk for miles my feet are hurting all I want is for you to make love to me And he decided he was gonna tell me how he was on a trial and how he convicted this guy of felony murder. I had the recorder I believe in my pocket book right next to me. They tried to make him out to be him out to be like the Tony soprano but he was a Clown too. He's a tall, skinny jewish kid with glasses. He described my son as a tall, skinny, jewish kid with glasses. And proceeded to tell me how he hated Jews. And you could've got excused, there's a million and one excuses to get it excuse. Number one excuse, I'm prejudice. You're what? Hate Jews! That would've been perfect for you! Exactly! That's how most people get out. I asked him why did he wanna be on the jury. And that there would be a million and one excuses that he could use to have himself excused. And he said "I hate Jews," believing John was jewish. How did you keep your composure? I turned my back on him. I couldn't even look at him. I was in the kitchen. What did you wanna do? I wanted to punch him in his face. I wanted to stab him. I found out so much more than I anticipated. Allo admits that he shouldn't have even been on that jury because he knew friends of John's. Technically by law if I knew that I shouldn't have even been in that jury. Why not? By law, you're not supposed to be. They read you a list of all the witnesses. If you know or are affiliated in any way, you have to let them know. So when allo started confessing that maybe he didn't belong on this jury and he had known some of the kids, what went through your mind? I was disgusted with him because he said it proudly. It depends on what he was asked in jury selection. It seems that he knew that he should have said more in the context of jury selection. Did he lie in jury selection? He says no. But on that tape he sure seems to recognize that there were some reasons that he probably shouldn't have been on this jury. I'll tell you this but I would never tell anybody else, I actually had some type of information. About -- Remember when I told you they hang out over here sometimes. Right. A friend of mine, she told me some stuff that she heard. Okay. Well, it's not even a friend. It's my cousin and she wouldn't lie about something like that. So what did she say? I rather not say but -- she overheard them talking like shortly after this happened. The group? Right, the guys that hang out together. So they were out of -- oh, okay. Yeah, the whole group of guys. I mean John and Russo. One of the blockbuster tidbits that Doreen as Dee Quinn obtained from Jason allo was he knew things about the case that he shouldn't have known. He never specified what they were, but he did make clear that he had this information and had the people in authority known that he had this information, he never would have been selected to be on the jury. Not only does she get the juror to admit that he shouldn't have been on that jury to begin with, but she's wearing a wire at the time. So she tapes him saying it. And now she's got the evidence. He committed very serious juror misconduct. And I've uncovered it. Armed with what she believes is this damning recording, she's ready to go demand justice for her son. Frank was sleeping. I woke him up and I thought, I thought we had it. She believes that this is the blockbuster bombshell that's gonna blow this case wide open. She felt she was holding the cards and the keys to her son's freedom. Bam! Mission accomplished! What no one expected. Is for that juror to come out of the shadows -- She's not any cup of tea. Are options. Like an "Unjection".

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"In her recordings, juror Jason Allo is heard saying he didn't disclose that he knew some of Giuca's friends during jury selection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63117499","title":"While undercover, John Giuca's mom secretly records juror conversations: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/undercover-john-giucas-mom-secretly-records-juror-conversations-63117499"}