Wacky Wedding Proposals

For many men today, a good proposal needs to wow not just your girlfriend but millions online.
6:22 | 08/10/13

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full of meaty tenders and crunchy bites. Forget sitting down on be bended knee when it comes to pop the question, the "will I marry me question. Reporter: So you're head over heels and ready to take it to the next step. Well, what happens when crazy love turns into preposterous proposals? When this hector shut down part of an l.A. Freeway to pop the question in a puff of pink smoke, he got more than just his fiancee's attention. He got arrested and charged with public nuisance. Her fiance was in search of whackiest proposal. Full mock arrest. Reporter: Pulled some strings and got her pulled over. Right now, over $2,000 unpaid finance 30 days in jail. Reporter: Just when she thought she'd spend next month in handcuffs her boyfriend shows up with a more appealing accessory. You pay the fine and let you go if you take his hand in marriage. Reporter: The elaborate stunt paid off, with their dream wedding. Jake proposed with cameras rolling hfl. Get roar heart racing-dr. Reporter: After fame online they found themselves on "gma." In the viral world a successful proposal leads to not just your girlfriends but millions on line. Canadian pilot david lang is the mastermind behind one of the internet's most popular proposals. It all began six years ago when he and then girlfriend athena codutti came up with a unique way to chronicle their courtship -- taking pictures of themselves in meaningful places with letters that would one day spell out the phrase we always knew. I liked the idea that-being able to document our relationship over time, right? And I said, how neat would it be if one day we did get married, that we document the highlights of our life. And we'll show them at our wedding. To family and friends. Reporter: You actually had this conversation? We actually had this conversation. I know, it's pretty weird for a guy. Reporter: So when did you take the first picture with the first w? We were waiting for the right moment. And then we were on a vacation in majorca in spain the island. And we said, okay, we're gonna take our w in spain. The l was underwater in mexico? The y was in greece we had the s in venice. Reporter: After six years and 11 letters, with just one more to go, david hatched a new plan. But this one would be a surprise. And then once it occurred to me what -- we always knew the w finished that sentence, and also started "will you marry me," then it was just so clear and it was so perfect. Reporter: A perfect coincidence that led to the perfect proposal. With the location picked, david just needed the help of a few decoy tourists. No simple feat. After six years being together, we know all the same people. We have the same friends, the I had to find people that she didn't know. Reporter: What were you thinking that morning? I was so excited. It was our last letter. So I was already on cloud number nine. And he played it totally normal. Everything was -- it was just like any other letter. Reporter: But with the unfurling of a banner behind the couple's back, this letter marked the beginning of a whole new chapter. So athena, tell me about the moment when you go and check in the camera. I looked at the picture and i, really, I got weak in the knees. I don't think this should be the last letter. That the love of my life asked me to marry him. I'll never forget the feeling. Reporter: An unforgettable moment that's been seen by millions online, part of the trend of men getting creative with their "will you marry me" moments. Like this man, who popped the question while plummeting from the sky. I think it's time we make the next jump in our relationship. Reporter: Or this couple, who stepped inside favorite video game where the prize was a diamond ring. If you're looking for something flashier, why not try a flash mob. My beautiful girlfriend and i-dr. Reporter: Or maybe this fake proposal will inspire your own death-defying stunt. Bobby, the ring. Oh, my gosh! Oh. Reporter: But the viral proposal that takes the cake is this fake trailer made by matt still. His girlfriend ginny thought she was watching the preview for a real movie, but got the shock of her life when her father and matt appeared on screen and she realized this was about her. The epic video has been seen on youtube over 25 million times. With that kind of pressure to pop the question with panache, some men call for back-up. Tell me what a proposal planner is exactly. I design dream marriage proposals. I mean, does every guy know how to get down on one knee and say, will you marry me? Of course they do. But I think they are sort of realizing it's their time to shine. Reporter: How elaborate do some of these proposals get? They do get pretty elaborate. Whether it's a couple thousand dollars or, you know, into the five figures, I mean, it's making it a dream day. Reporter: Five figures? Definitely. Reporter: Just on the proposal? Yes. Reporter: Starting to wish your own proposal was infurd with crazy love? Not to worry, newest trend, the re-proposal. I can't tell you how many people I meet say I hated my proposal. They would like a chance to redo it. How would you feel if all of the sudden you went home tonight and your husband was down on one knee asking to mare rehim again. Reporter: After nearly ten years of marriage. That would be pretty cool. Hint, hint.

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{"id":19928232,"title":"Wacky Wedding Proposals","duration":"6:22","description":"For many men today, a good proposal needs to wow not just your girlfriend but millions online. ","url":"/2020/video/wacky-wedding-proposals-19928232","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}