Waiting on the Court

Part 5: Hannah Overton hopes a Texas court will overturn her conviction.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Waiting on the Court
After six days of testimony in hand is -- -- same judge from her original trial that her case you didn't deserve another -- Not surprising to -- his supporters and the judge had ruled against her several times before. That he doesn't have the final say. Ten -- in Spain now rests in the hands of the Texas court of criminal appeals which could decide either to free Hannah. A new trial or reject her appealed that ruling could come at any time. Meanwhile Hanna says the agonizing wait to be reunited with her children -- this -- turn for the better. -- -- First Amendment got lined up -- remember saying to my husband that I was just and I -- a broken heart. But it that's not me and -- -- here today. This experience has turned you into a fighter. A fighter who now has strong words for the person she says put her behind bars for life. -- at best jump to conclusions. And didn't take the time and energy to. That's kind of -- and at worst. -- along with -- to win -- case. What you're accusing the prosecutor is. Misconduct. -- hiding evidence yes he -- that's -- serious traffic. And you're convinced care yes. So far the courts have not agreed with her but her supporters hold out hope this court -- do say hey yeah. Meanwhile -- husband Larry has been a single father to five children. Hi kids hope it's been hard it's hard to watch them grow up without their -- I've got another girl that's going -- and it's Carol started there 81010. That he understands that this little girls go -- that -- that they really that moment -- -- modestly. Equipped to handle. And remember the little boy being questioned about Andrew. -- heard him the video that prosecutors tried to use against his own parents and I -- Overton is now thirteen. Sometimes forgets he's not a parent and sometimes he really doesn't take a responsible it's terrible pain does. Perez quote somewhere recently that said we -- sentence someone you don't just sends -- -- and and I think that's very true because you know our lives have been turned upside down the past five years. On the first day of -- -- hearing last spring -- insisted on being present. To -- that I supported minimum payment on -- and I knew that means decent game. What do you miss doing there's one memory that -- Who live in -- and countless teen from. It was always the time for little ones -- go down for not. And I really am kind of child -- to each child needs change. New and it's current and -- meals this time the options are limited and -- lawyers saying -- -- things can't winning awards. They will appeal to the governor of Texas for -- -- more. If you could have a moment to speak with governor parent what would you say. I'm asking to please take the time telling get linking it to considered. The truth about my case and what's the truth. The minutes and. Do you ever Pozen wonder or even regret bringing Andrew -- airline. -- He still was able to be a family. An experience that -- have Brothers and sisters and experience. Handling life -- so. For him his home.

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{"id":17188091,"title":"Waiting on the Court","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 5: Hannah Overton hopes a Texas court will overturn her conviction.","url":"/2020/video/waiting-court-17188091","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}