Daker Sentenced to Life in Prison: Victims React

Part 4: Breaking her silence since Daker?s attack, Lottie Spencer grieves, reflects and moves on.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Daker Sentenced to Life in Prison: Victims React
All rise. Reporter: It took 17 years to bring waseem daker to trial for murder, but only four hours for the jury to return a verdict just this past friday. We, the jury, find the defendant waseem daker guilty. Reporter: Guilty on all 11 counts. Guilty of killing karmen smith, stabbing her son nick and the tormented stalking of lottie spencer. Tell me about getting the word about the verdict. It was amazing, because it was as if all these, all this heaviness on my heart just was released. Reporter: Outside the courthouse, jim horan, nick's uncle, thanks the jury for "seeing the truth." She was taken from us way too soon by a savage monster. Today is not a great day for our family. It is just another day without our sister, our mom, our daughter karmen. Reporter: So what would the punishment for waseem daker? At monday's sentencing, nick reminds the court of the damage done. His mother taken. His body scarred by being stabbed so many times. When waseem daker took my mom's life and stabbed me, my life was put on hold, and in my eyes it's always been in his hands. Nothing will ever bring back my mother, and I will always be branded with his rage on my chest. But maybe now I can start anew. I love you, mom. Reporter: What did you want him to know? That he didn't break me and that he might have tried to ruin my life, but he didn't do it. Reporter: And what do you want him to know about your mom? That she's still around kind of and that he can't steal memories from me or my family members or her friends and that he's not as powerful and smart as he thinks he is. Reporter: Still in character, though no longer in a suit, waseem daker insists he was wrongly convicted. I did not kill karmen. I did not stab nick smith, and i hope one day the truth comes out because this is not it. Reporter: But judge mary staley has none of it. Given the chance, you would do untold evil. Because that is what you are. You will receive a sentence of life in prison plus 47 1/2 years, and I hope you never leave prison because that would be just. All right. Take him back. Reporter: Lottie feels relief but also immense guilt. She hopes others will do what she did not. If anybody is in a similar situation of being stalked, and you feel uncomfortable in any way, your no should be no. Call the authorities immediately. Don't let it linger 'cause it's not going to stop. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, there's nothing you can do to stop somebody that is so adamant about stalking you. There's nothing. Only the police can intervene and stop it. Reporter: It was at once the end of a trial and the closing of chapter, allowing two l that have been frozen in time to move on. For nick smith, this is the first time since he was 5 years old that he can live without fear. Now there's no limit to what I can do. I don't feel anybody is ruining my life. Reporter: After that lottie says she's been able to do something she hasn't done for years. What is different on this night? All these years I've always woken up early. Me sleeping in is just laying in bed until 6:00 in the morning. That saturday I woke up at 10:30. I took a shower, which is one thing that has been difficult to do but not anymore. He's gone. This is a good step towards the healing process for the both of them. I was dealing with two soft-spoken kind of timid individuals when I first started talking to them in 2010, and by the time they came through the trial process, you're dealing people. They found their voices again. They found their strength. Reporter: The trial brought lottie and nick back together after years of trying to forget, now they will move forward together. What do you take from all of this? That despite horrific incidences in one's life, you can still go on with life and be happy. I'm stronger today than I ever have been all my life, even through the tears. I'm a strong woman. Reporter: It's that old coarse expression "don't let the bastards keep you down." Yep, and he can't. We wish good luck to lottie and nick. Let me ask you, would you ever consider representing yourself at trial, especially if the stakes are as high as they were for waseem daker? Go online to abcnews.Com/2020 and vote in our poll.

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{"id":17410904,"title":"Daker Sentenced to Life in Prison: Victims React","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 4: Breaking her silence since Daker?s attack, Lottie Spencer grieves, reflects and moves on.","url":"/2020/video/waseem-daker-lottie-spencer-stalker-murder-teen-relationship-trial-stabbing-2020-17410904","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}