Wealthy businessman found guilty of murdering Dee Dee Jackson: Part 4

Coroner Dr. David Posey told jurors that bruises on Dee Dee Jackson's body were signs that Bohana severely beat her before she drowned.
6:34 | 09/16/17

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Transcript for Wealthy businessman found guilty of murdering Dee Dee Jackson: Part 4
??? Reporter: 3t, the next generation of Jacksons, are performing in the Netherlands. ??? I would do anything for you ??? during their European tour they learn L.A. Businessman don bohana is being charged with the murder of their mother Dee Dee Jackson. We were on tour when we found out that we were actually going to have some kind of court case. Reporter: But remember, don bohana, who pleads not guilty, has a strong reputation in L.A. As a wealthy, well-connected businessman with and now comes O.J. Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran, a friend who bohana hopes to hire. But Cochran has a conflict, so he connects bohana with another famous courtroom figure, Dr. Michael Baden. Yes, that's him. Dr. Baden, a Fox News consultant and former New York City chief medical examiner with decades of experience. When you live long enough, you get more experience. Reporter: The hits keep coming. The central member of bohana's team, Harland Braun. He's a high-powered defense attorney to the stars, working on the sensational "Twilight zone" case where actor vic morrow and two children are killed onset and later represents actor Robert Blake when he's accused of murder. To line up Harland Braun and Michael Baden is a mini-dream team. These are the people you want. Reporter: Dr. Baden goes to work, reviewing the original autopsy report, inspecting photos of those suspicious bruises, walking the pool with bohana, and reaching an explosive conclusion. It was clear to me that this was a typical accidental drowning in which two people were drinking a lot, and one of them drowned. I think there's no evidence of homicide. Reporter: No evidence of homicide? But what about those suspicious markings on Dee Dee's body and face? These are trivial injuries, often caused by rescue attempts, entirely consistent with the attempts to get her out of the pool. Reporter: And there are many other bruises, he concludes, that are consistent with something else. Definitely the brown shows them to be old. She had a very diseased liver from drinking. She's going to bump into things and get a bruise when others might not have. Reporter: Their conclusion is that these bruises happened in a struggle before she got in the water. No, that's pure speculation. These same trivial injuries being called a homicide is what I think is misleading the family. Reporter: Four years after Dee Dee's death, the Jacksons finally have don bohana in court. There's matriarch Katherine and members of the Jackson 5. We knew finally it would come to justice. Reporter: In the courtroom, Jackson family members and friends all testify about Dee Dee's fear of water. Now, you'd think a key part of the prosecution's case would be that incriminating claim involving bohana and women by Jackson attorney Brian Oxman. There are literally incident upon incident upon incident of police being called to his house where he has fights with various and sundry people, his girlfriends. Reporter: Oxman says it was in police reports, but the never heard at trial. The lead investigators saying records show calls to police were merely noise complaints. It had to do with people drinking and partying and things like that. Reporter: You never found another girlfriend who said, "He beat me all the time"? No.( Reporter: The deputy says there's no proof to that motive that bohana beat up and drowned Dee Dee in a rage after she refused to bail him out of financial problems. I don't believe we have any evidence of that. Reporter: But the prosecution does introduce another incident from his past that has enraged the skbrak sons. The family believes he is responsible for killing two other women in 1975 in the water claiming he was drunk at the wheel of his boat when it capsized. Three women died in his presence? Something's freaky and weird about that. Reporter: But the coast guard report shows that not only isn't bohana under the influence, he isn't at the helm. That incident is also not allowed into the trial. The jury does hear the testimony of an aquatics consultant who says it's more likely to be injured during a rescue attempt. Why prosecutors ask did Dee Dee have bruises and bohana did not. Dr. Posy is that corner who changed his opinion from undetermined to homicide. Posey tells jurors Dee Dee's body spoke loud and clear, that those bruises are signs that bohana severely beat Dee Dee before she drowned in the pool. For the prosecution, who was the key witness? Dr. Posey. Reporter: Clearly he was. Without a doubt. Reporter: But don't forget, the defense has its own star forensic pathologist on standby, Dr. Michael Baden. I expected to go out there. I was told I was going to go out and testify. Reporter: But as the trial progresses, bohana and his family, including ex-wife Sheila, whom he's still close to, are mystified. Where is Dr. Baden? Why isn't he calling Dr. Baden? Everybody else put on their people. Reporter: You think Dr. Baden would have made a difference? Oh, indeed. The world's greatest pathologist? My gosh. Reporter: But Harlan Braun never calls Dr. Baden. In fact, Braun doesn't call a single expert witness. And in a curious gamble, he decides to put the defendant don bohana himself on the stand. Every defense attorney knows how risky it is to call a defendant to the witness stand. Reporter: Sure enough, the prosecutor takes apart bohana for his drunken actions that morning, like blurting out the wrong address to 911 and saying Dee Dee could do "Olympic-style" turns in the water. If I'm going to take that chance and call him, I got to make sure he's ready. Reporter: After a quick three-week trial, the jury announces its verdict. We, the jury, in the above and entitled action find the defendant Donald James bohana guilty of second-degree murder. Reporter: The courtroom explodes in applause as the Jackson's get their man. The story of Dee Dee Jackson's death should end then and there. But it doesn't.

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{"id":49885754,"title":"Wealthy businessman found guilty of murdering Dee Dee Jackson: Part 4","duration":"6:34","description":"Coroner Dr. David Posey told jurors that bruises on Dee Dee Jackson's body were signs that Bohana severely beat her before she drowned.","url":"/2020/video/wealthy-businessman-found-guilty-murdering-dee-dee-jackson-49885754","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}