What to Wear When 'Stealing a Groom': Taylor Swift's Tour Costumes

Taylor Swift takes Katie Couric on a tour of her "Speak Now" concert dresses.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for What to Wear When 'Stealing a Groom': Taylor Swift's Tour Costumes
December that's a beautiful camp anyway I was playing -- piano for this song and what people didn't know is that. The straps had snaps right here as soon as the lights went black. -- -- -- -- -- Had a little red dress and -- it ran on top of the bridge and started the next sometimes -- snapped but come on snapped it would just be hanging have to like. What can do you think that's fine can't -- that. It's it's a -- show yeah. -- -- So here we have the wedding party. There was -- -- -- -- -- can't speak now that was about and crafting a wedding and stealing -- part Ingraham so I was not wearing a wedding dress I was wearing this dress. My dancer Claire was playing the bride. We had a dancer playing the preacher priest guy he's for the bridesmaids dresses ideas that I would show up and and do this dance thing I'm on top of the stage and then and then steal program it was still. I call and find at night because the dancers and all was doing different things and facial expressions like -- home it was just don't buy. How involved were you in answer orchestrating this whole. -- Visual presentation of the song well I have I have set designers -- carpenters have. People who helped me put it. This whole production together and I just that that sit there and say I wanna create a wedding on stage -- -- and a wedding party down infused I want to show up in a different part. And then I want to kind of -- with me. Leaving the stage. You know this was very clear while -- it. Must bring back a lot of great memories -- this actually really -- I'm so glad that this war. It's something that people like pat verbeek has become -- in the take pictures with the dresses -- -- see the dresses and it just it's really exciting.

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{"id":17553169,"title":"What to Wear When 'Stealing a Groom': Taylor Swift's Tour Costumes","duration":"3:00","description":"Taylor Swift takes Katie Couric on a tour of her \"Speak Now\" concert dresses.","url":"/2020/video/wear-stealing-groom-taylor-swifts-tour-costumes-17553169","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}