Wheelchair Dancing

A paraplegic gets his groove back thanks to the woman he loves and his dance teacher.
7:51 | 01/19/13

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Transcript for Wheelchair Dancing
First -- The proposal on bended knee and then at first -- -- -- in front of all of your family and friends it is the magical moment. That -- just married couple want. But nothing was going to get -- husband you're about to me. Up on the dance floor. No he didn't have two left feet he was in a wheelchair. So how did he get -- -- moves back. Well the love of a good woman and then dance teacher whose -- was when life hands you wheels just learn how to dents in them. -- -- -- -- -- generation. Their wedding the castill NGOs didn't just take the floor for their first dance they came right up through. To appreciate the magic of this. You must know something of the misery that came the former winners one -- six years. -- six months I was. -- -- 2003. Matt takes a ride on his brand new motorcycle to a store just two miles from his home and suddenly -- on. Front again -- by Jackson threw me over the handlebars so fine that. In my lower body it is -- -- was shattered and lowers. -- any ambulance his lungs collapsed. Hospital -- in the. My -- everything was shut down on me and I just remember that overwhelming guilt. My mother remembering my mother -- father saying she never gotten. So all it can -- physically talk. -- -- -- -- -- Despite his injuries men survive -- 26 he was a paraplegic. Living at home. -- his parents and abandoning all streets why does my friends all around me getting married. Patent family. I just -- accepted. This is just not gonna happen. But. The spirit which -- -- bush -- death now propelled him to conquer his disability and soon he was hand cycling and -- wheelchairs -- Just turn it brought under the attention of the young director of adaptive sports -- Helen Hayes hospital outside New York City. Just get -- somebody and I have great intuition that this is somebody -- go getter. Calling his spirit and he's got spunk she's very outgoing it wasn't long before Elaine and Matt became coal workers with the -- -- -- -- and we got caught a few times Booth outside a war -- or restaurant we -- -- sold -- -- -- -- quite anarchy and a. -- -- -- -- -- Say hello -- with the idea of marriage gaining traction -- were when I propose. Had a lot of anxiety about their first -- my new. How important news to a bride had that -- and house. You know. A major focal point of -- wedding is and I knew there was going to be an uncomfortable situation translate into and out -- we don't have to do -- -- I didn't like that I knew that would've. Been disappointing -- her and that was not what I want it I was. Want you to feel the rhythm of the day. The answer John -- -- -- -- Line. Legendary dance instructor who want to look the handbook on the house. Now also -- wheelchair into his partner Diane December -- I contact the. There's a real beauty to -- it to the wheels about this is that like actually asthma attack and what. We want to teach people is that. They create. They musicality with their wheels as we do with her life. There's a -- featured music in the wheelchair. Come people -- Military dancing is already a recognized sports in Europe and thousands of athletes participating in. Decisions and events. Recognizing everybody's abilities and disabilities are going to vary widely. Some people will not be able to use -- -- but they can still create musicality even in just their presence and that's very powerful why. While scores mad and Elaine were not interest in competition just wanted to Jones teach them -- danced again. And maybe give their wedding guests a little surprise I think OK hundreds of really small -- basic and you know just relates if you -- strength. Well she. It's -- personality -- constantly art like the Joker is the people who run around and outgoing in the group. So slow on sappy is definitely not our relationship with satellite -- -- maybe -- The premier music frank. And the music is -- -- some. And then they turned their say hey samba -- It's a couple of modifications. The original dance. I wasn't comfortable at. By do you like this in case he I'm -- -- student -- thousand macho enough -- -- so -- -- -- to the -- I didn't have -- an -- had a and that -- that frankly what's the sprinkler. -- -- -- The music the wheelchair partner. As -- John studio are getting a workout worthy of the best physical therapy it's harder to measure but deeply -- -- the emotional night. Take Kathy for instance. I'm. Back in me. On the dance floor there -- go and I think. -- to dance in New York City before muscular dystrophy stole her legs but not her spirit as it. -- -- -- -- -- In and a man -- had him ahead. -- war. And see what this show -- It's better that could kill the I've ever -- it -- -- Detroit back. True that music vendor loan. Madden -- lane has already begun to help John -- wheelchair jobs. And if our visit was any indication a reprise of their wedding day is always one of the high. He knows how to lead and and that speaks a lot for his self esteem. And I like that I like to be -- and. John. And so we return to their wedding. Where -- -- -- -- then things could upstage their first son. Musical -- you do a great marriage. Keep dance thing.

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{"id":18261088,"title":"Wheelchair Dancing","duration":"7:51","description":"A paraplegic gets his groove back thanks to the woman he loves and his dance teacher.","url":"/2020/video/wheelchair-dancing-18261088","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}