Whitney Houston Goes From Bad to Worse

Part 8: Houston and Brown's troubled lifestyle is exposed on a reality TV show.
4:45 | 02/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston Goes From Bad to Worse
The year is 1999. And Whitney Houston just hit the road on her my love. Does your love a world tour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In this never before seen video she was candid backstage. About living in the public. I like to laugh when I like. -- -- Martin -- sophisticated them. The video reveals many shades of -- superstar. Mother the vulnerability. Hidden behind the voice of goal. Only the best it can. Perfectionist it's gut feeling that I -- But what no one knew then was that the Whitney loved her fans she also feared them each performance an agonizing test. I was -- -- detainees. For -- sometimes just trying to get together to militant groups he's going to be. When you've been at the top of your game. And you slide a little bit. Crazy thing happens -- it makes people insane that they -- -- is recapture that glory in the mid ninety's she said I feel old yet -- I -- the world. A -- stuff and that it just wasn't any fun anymore. I I enjoy what I do. I love this -- -- an excellent team. Because. People -- different in the industry it's about money. It's about to -- -- you think you're not tough enough for this business -- -- That was a quick and thickness I mean blasted the -- You got -- -- but she was becoming a different kind of tough. Tough to deal with you have to -- depend on the talent. Whitney Houston's relevance in terms of deal making. Had evaporated. She was not number one on anybody's list she was often hours late for -- photo shoots rehearsals. And even started canceling big performance -- When asked about the cancellations. Couldn't connect. -- conscious and don't -- -- against -- innocent teen years my career and people. Talk as if you're just impossible -- you may show you may not show them such. -- -- Point but there's some high profile things he didn't show for two. For most famous -- -- the 2000 Oscars -- publicist said she had throat problems. But there were rumors about her shaky voice and erratic behavior. -- the Academy Awards okay. I was fired. Hit from the -- I don't mind. I didn't -- doing anyway. Them. Past and the past then it's over now. Her career and her marriage were both starting to collapse when she agreed to do the Bravo reality show being Bobby Brown. Many saw it as a misguided attempt to help her husband -- all right that's what I need someone who's clearly. That much of the masses who letting cameras now -- her life. For those shocking decision. And a bad one. -- a drug Gatt and quite sure. You wanna fill me in my husband arguing -- -- -- highly personal matters that nobody should ever seeing. And she said her worst demon was herself -- wasn't kidding. But in 2007. After a history of infidelity drugs rehab scandal. Whitney had had enough. The marriage finally over. Whitney Houston was on her own -- searching for a comeback. With her daughter Bobbi Kristina. -- -- -- -- Panel -- and learn from it and what you like about him and it's scary. For anything any -- go to sleep. She sings -- little time. And man. I didn't retain. Okay. -- He. Bobbi Christina would be the inspiration for her mother's fierce struggle to make it back to the top of my time then -- -- me -- me. I love -- then he.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Part 8: Houston and Brown's troubled lifestyle is exposed on a reality TV show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15741580","title":"Whitney Houston Goes From Bad to Worse","url":"/2020/video/whitney-houston-bad-worse-15741580"}