Whitney Houston and 'The Bodyguard'

Part 6: Houston starred in a revolutionary movie and married a surprising man.
1:38 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston and 'The Bodyguard'
Racing with destiny. That line seems to sum up where Whitney's life was going and of course none of us knew we -- it would lead. But even from such a -- a blockbuster movie and a new marriage things would only come falling. Back down to earth. He was unstoppable. Whitney Houston the girl with the golden voice the undisputed queen of pop in 1992. So. It was then she caught the -- of -- Hollywood heavyweight. Looking for a star for his next move it. She was just true beauty and and and such -- such a musical instrument and I. You know I really wanted to her. The bodyguard was a romantic thriller starring Kevin Costner who plays a former Secret Service agent hired to protect a pop star. From an unknown stalker. She would be Houston's first foray onto the silver screen as she told Diane Sawyer in 2002. You said you were scared to death on the bus. Terribly frightened. Me Kevin Costner asked him -- making. He -- because generally when they contain and I just look at our Sonoma in this currently. She's just really -- -- The body guard. Was it really revolutionary movie you'd never really -- the exploration of interracial love in a big blockbuster that way. -- warrants for everybody in America and I -- -- wants for myself. The movie was a -- making over 400 million dollars and yet it would be this soundtrack. That would become legendary what did that mean for her at the time not known for as an actress. -- let alone a black female actor says -- it was incredible. They were the two biggest a big at that moment. Serious and it may surprise you that the song we all remember I will always love -- it was actually an afterthought he suggested by Costner. Written by Dolly Parton. Okay. Dolly song was a song that I'd always really really loved. You know truth be told. The musical -- -- camp was very unsure about this -- country song. The song wound up being the best selling single by a female artist in history. Success Whitney did not -- coming she had deep insecurity surrounding her acting and says it was her husband Bobby Brown. And pushed her. Pastor fears I wake up in the morning I think well. -- can't do the. -- and equipped to OK when a quick he said no way are you gonna do that. If you quit now you gonna blame me for the next in my life. -- do this movie need to do well. Bobby Brown the man at the center of Whitney's life its -- -- Bad boy attitude made him notorious in the world of R&B. They met in 1989. And that freshness may have been the attraction -- which she loved the fact that here was a man who could stand up to -- He went right up -- said if I was gonna ask you out would you go out at me and she'd loved about it she said yes. She was 25 brown just when it. But already a star in his own right with new addition -- And a solo career. -- was also already the father of three children from two relationships. It was sexy smooth a gentleman and -- country to popular belief. It's kind -- mutilating. It's as many -- with so much like some road and usage here to learn than to chase after it. And two of the biggest stars -- taking their balance this. This. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Love as we find it. This -- -- and I found -- him. He economy. The couple performed together in -- music video. -- brought even closer by the birth of their child Bobbi Kristina. Yet those moments of happiness were clips by headline after headline about their stormy marriage. This is when you really started to see the Whitney Houston -- it. Take a turn for the worse where it became not about. The music not about her -- is -- about her voice but it became about. What's she doing with this guy. Bobby went to jail after a chain of arrests for DUY and parole violations. Through it all Whitney Houston's stood by her man. I would -- my -- wanted to be dance with me sure you know everything was cool and you know -- -- the -- -- her own thing and other than a dozen of them and about is left is loving member. I never really haven't been lumped in England my -- the Miami's home. But there were rumors that the loyal wife was concealing a secret. Violence in the home. Has he ever hit you know he's never hit me now. I -- him. -- Wedeman I don't know if worry I can't do this city work I can't get to come over -- have you ever hit her. No no no no. I don't I wouldn't quit hitting me. -- -- sisters. For -- a mother you know two daughters. I would never raised my hands. In in any kind of waved to -- I love I love the beauty of woman. And this is my. No don't know. And what a year after this interview are distraught Whitney Houston called 911 from her Georgia home. -- -- -- And what I think -- are looking at work. Vietnam and. When police showed up Whitney said -- Bobby Brown hit her bruising her cheek and cutting her Len. The charges were eventually drops in but Bobby was a magnet for trouble tell me about you anthrax. Mean drugs. Were not friends. I used to ice to smoke a lot of marijuana. Lot. The marijuana still in your life. -- because I'm I'm I'm. I'm I'm the type of person that I'm on the very high high high strung person seeing him -- won't -- them. Hostile destructive. And you know. It's not an everyday things. Maybe every other day. And it's hard because a lot of -- -- And like we live -- you know what about other -- now now. Yeah Brazilian tested for cocaine. I tested for us substance like cocaine which can be anything it could be an aspirin. But it was not cocaine in my system. And this is what I'm. Whitney -- said Bobby was her drug but was there's something else fueling her erratic behavior -- alcohol. Is -- marijuana. -- cocaine -- of pills. It is -- At times all. At times.

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{"id":15740062,"title":"Whitney Houston and 'The Bodyguard'","duration":"1:38","description":"Part 6: Houston starred in a revolutionary movie and married a surprising man.","url":"/2020/video/whitney-houston-bodyguard-15740062","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}