Whitney Houston: The Tough Years

Part 7: Concerns grow over Houston's thin body; singer admits to drug use.
6:45 | 02/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston: The Tough Years
This may be the first time Whitney Houston's voice wasn't the center of attention. That's because people were shocked by how she looked. This 2001 tribute concert to Michael Jackson. Led to rumors Whitney Houston was near death. You know she was always so fresh faced and smiling and should we had to -- gone. It gets -- well. It was hard to find the -- Houston's it efforts. A year later she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer -- still struggling to come to terms with the problems that were painfully obvious to everyone else. You'll hear her voice straining from what she said was laryngitis. You now. That as we sit here and talk -- everybody watching this news. Is going to be staring from being physically. And they're going to be saying. -- finish you know him how patent how many bones can we see is -- sick and house of issues. Next. Key index. Text books. And -- McCain. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not be fat and -- -- -- destiny Whitney is not the sex ever okay the Michael Jackson. VH one -- look at the -- the picture. Stressed that bad shot. Well. It may be a bad shot but this is real I mean look. The bones. That's where you. -- in my bones in her -- comes from parents and the team. I tends to you mean but that's just them. So why isn't. Science coming. To you know it's scary them. Can't believe what you couldn't -- Until -- -- do you really know. -- you really no no you know picture. Anorexia. No link they've -- it can only. Believe me knowing. That it's because of drugs. You know. -- -- -- -- But -- have been times when I know I -- Glink who unlocked an emotional stress. My eating habits off. Reportedly at one point she weighing just 96 pounds. Five foot seven inch -- Television executives were so startled by her appearance at -- tribute concert she was electronically. -- -- for you. Did you see that they took. Electronic. Devices and change -- for the air into this would -- a few of the people. Other people to. Other people in. Because that sparked the whole thing with the headlines for saying Whitney is dying. -- -- -- -- -- Whitney dying. Crack rehab fails. First of all this -- when interest rates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do that to crack is -- Is that alcohol. Is that marijuana. -- cocaine is a pills. It is -- At times all. Times. Did you think how dangerous ones. Now wouldn't -- I would like she apparently -- anything. This says 730000. Dollar drug habit this is a headline. -- 730. -- each fiscal I was should ever made that morning -- -- they can share with anything. No way. -- was in -- state. From the drug dealers and had what sympathies thousand dollars with -- -- policy -- seats. And tortured denial that would fall away over time -- Whitney would later reveal she spent seven months at home in her pajamas in a drug addled state and smoking marijuana laced with cocaine. But in this synergies she remained evasive. Do you think of yourself as an adult am addicted to -- things. -- -- -- -- -- Making love. I don't think. -- -- I like to think and I have. -- had it. Which can be broken. If you had to name the devil. For you the biggest -- among them the biggest donors me and and -- even my best friend and analysts enemy. Content you that. And that's that's -- his. Another person who wants to die. From a person who has life and wants to live. And that's stones to -- him and that the week is kind of and I won't. A stubborn -- that kept Whitney from getting help. Even when her mother says he staged at least two interventions one reportedly with armed guards. -- -- -- -- -- -- This of people and what -- can meet. -- -- You -- me. With the love. And time. You know. I can't make review. With love of god I'm not pretty my my my mind -- parents who are doing. I'm doing. -- including -- -- -- could hit earth but they cleaned now once I know China. -- -- -- -- -- -- is left this. -- -- and Whitney would need all the help she could get -- going into rehab and not once but every time there's still it wasn't enough.

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{"id":15741251,"title":"Whitney Houston: The Tough Years","duration":"6:45","description":"Part 7: Concerns grow over Houston's thin body; singer admits to drug use.","url":"/2020/video/whitney-houston-tough-years-15741251","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}