Wife Goes on Trial for Plot to Kill Ex-Husband

Act 3: The jury takes just six hours of deliberation to deliver a verdict in Amy Bessey's trial.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for Wife Goes on Trial for Plot to Kill Ex-Husband
"20/20" returns. With "Does mother really know best?" Once more, gio Benitez. Reporter: Las Vegas prosecutors have charged Amy Bessey with seven felonies including conspiracy to commit the murder of Robert Bessey, her husband of 18 years and father to 7 children. The case making national headlines. Amy Bessey is charged with plotting to kill her husband in a drive-by shooting with her brother and her son carrying out the crime. Reporter: As the trial begins the prosecutors come out swinging. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned and that fury is the rage that she felt against her husband Robert Bessey. Reporter: They tell the jury that they now have evidence Amy had hatched schemes to off her husband not once, not twice but -- She tried at least three times. Reporter: What follows is a parade of would-be and wannabe assassins. There may be no stronger evidence than witnesses coming forward and saying, "Yeah, Amy Bessey wanted me to kill her husband. And tried to get me to do it." Reporter: Enter Courtney smith -- Michael's ex-girlfriend. She testifies that Amy spoke about that insurance policy incessantly. She said that it was for $250,000 and that she had made the comment that he was worth more dead than alive. Reporter: And, smith says, she was in on one of the first, unsuccessful murder plots, a failed attempt to poison Robert on father's day. Death would be delivered in can of red bull laced with arsenic. Who delivered that red bull to Robert? I did. Who actually handed it to you to deliver it to Robert? Amy. Reporter: The defense draws out that Courtney has an axe to grind with Amy. And then you have a conversation with police which you describe Amy as a ? She can be. Reporter: Up next -- Vincent Swedberg Michael's biological father. Prosecutors say Amy tried to recruit him as a hit-man too. Did there come a point in time when she asked you to make him disappear? Yeah. What did you take that to mean? Dead. Did there come a point in time where after you said no, that she would have someone else take care of it? I think so, yh. Reporter: The third time was the charm. Prosecutors say, Amy decided to keep things in the family, turning to her baby brother, ex-con ricc Pearson. Recruiting him and her own son Michael to do her dirty work. Everything leads back to Amy Bessey. Reporter: Did you ever tell ricc or Michael or both -- did you ever tell them, "I wish he was dead"? No. Not in those words. I did make the comment in front of everybody in my family that I wish the son of the Was dead. Reporter: So in front of your family, you told them, "I wish he was dead." Yeah. As a blanket statement, not, "Somebody do this for me, somebody do this for me," like it was portrayed at trial. That quote is one of those things that you wish you could take back. Reporter: But there's no going back now. Prosectors are finally ready to lay out their chronology of the crime -- it is the night before the shooting -- Amy and Michael are at that spaghetti dinner at aunt Mary's. At 10:44 P.M., prosecutors say, a telltale text is sent from uncle ricc to Amy. Ricc was communicating with Amy and saying, is everybody there? Reporter: 1:47 A.M. The plan is afoot. Prosecutors say the three conspirators go silent on their cell phones. 3:28 A.M., Michael and uncle ricc pick up that energy drink and get spotted by the gas station security cameras near the scene of the crime. She said if her brother hadn't stopped to get an energy drink, they would have never gotten caught. Reporter: 4:35 A.M., the plan is executed on that lonely stretch of interstate 15. Who do you think pulled the trigger? It's impossible to say. Reporter: But the executioners have botched the job. Their intended target lives to tell! If Robert had been killed -- the information about the gold SUV probably never would have made it to detectives. Reporter: And at 5:07, yet another bone-headed mistake. Uncle ricc calls Amy, pinging a tower nearby the crime scene. There is no question this is amateur hour. Reporter: Staring at a maximum prison sentence of 91 years, Amy rolls the dice, testifying on her own behalf. I said that I wanted him dead. That's different from what you're saying. Reporter: But now she flip-flops. No, she didn't just go home from that spaghetti dinner and go to bed like she told the cops. On the stand she says she did drive to that diner to pick up Michael, but it was totally innocent. "I went and picked -- I never saw the vehicle. That's what my brother said, they had a flat, take Michael home," I said okay. I sat and had a cup of coffee, and took my son home. So you lied to detective majors? No. When -- not on purpose, but yes, I did. Yes, you did lie? Yes, by omission, obviously, yes. When you're testifying on your own behalf, having to admit that you lied to the police doesn't help. Reporter: But Amy continues to proclaim her innocence through a two-week trial. Did you participate in any way in the attempt on Robert Bessey's life? No, I did not. Reporter: But the Vegas jury doesn't go for it -- returning a verdict in time to make it home for dinner. Guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. Ms. Bessey, I've given a great thought to this. Reporter: The judge sentences Amy to 14 to 44 years, her daughter Aly collapses in court. As far as you're concerned, was your mother behind a murder-for-hire plot? There's only speculation. I have no idea, but there I go with my heart that's screaming "No, that's my mom. That's my mommy." I'm done. Reporter: Michael and ricc plead guilty and are expected to be sentenced next month. They declined our requests for interviews. Do you forgive your shooter? I need to forgive them, so I can move on with my life. Reporter: Robert Bessey is now resuming his life raising three kids while his 43-year-old ex-wife applies her homemaking skills in a Nevada state prison. What message do you have for the people who are watching this? If you have family -- do everything you can humanly possible to love them. Keep your family together. Reporter: Is there anything you would have done differently? Taken my own advice I just gave you. Reporter: As for the matriarch of the "Bessey bunch" -- well, she's ok with how things turned out. She says these concrete walls and barbed wire fences are actually an upgrade -- from her old ball and chain. I might be in jail, but for the last 20 years I've been in prison. So for me to -- to have the freedom of my own will instead of a world being imposed on me on a daily basis, there is freedom in that. A real prison, better perhaps the life she had. After what you heard, did Amy get a just sentence? Up to 44 years. Let us know on Twitter. David and I will be right back.

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{"id":23109220,"title":"Wife Goes on Trial for Plot to Kill Ex-Husband","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 3: The jury takes just six hours of deliberation to deliver a verdict in Amy Bessey's trial.","url":"/2020/video/wife-trial-plot-kill-husband-23109220","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}