Wild Animals in Human Habitats

From bears in backyards to a mountain lion in a building, some animals are getting too close.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for Wild Animals in Human Habitats
-- show you people who put themselves in harm's way by coming into close contact with wild and dangerous animals even knowing the risks. But the rest of us innocent bystanders who become victims when that line between where animals live and we live it's dangerously narrow. Who should have the upper hand when it comes to visitation rights are they getting too close to -- or is it the other way around. Here's David Wright. These days it's tough to tell where civilization ends in the wild kingdom begins. -- -- going to meet the he's back up 400 pound black bear that was like and -- -- in law that -- keeps showing up in suburban Glendale California. Napping in backyards. Lounging by the -- Surviving boy -- yeah this pedestrian was still busy texting he ended up getting the surprise of his life. Authorities truck that -- thirty miles away. Somehow we call came back. Our back yard is their front yards. Some level of conflict is -- -- where sharing the same -- right. Are you kidding me this Mountain -- somehow found its way to the lobby of an office building in downtown Santa Monica guys -- police are often shocked. Wow that's a bobcat recently a bobcat broke into a prison in Washington State. Do you job moos gets. Tangled up in a backyard swing set the sheriff's deputy armed with bolt cutters finally sets -- free. Chicago finite. It was coyote. That's not to leave your kitty cat outside. They -- -- look at humans as a potential food source that's partially our fault it's not the animal's fault -- -- for four waving can be bought it. This dumpster might as well be a vending machines. Yeah this candy store in Colorado also. The resort in New Mexico last week at -- case don't allow me like a tourist insurgent rebel. Meanwhile in Florida imagine waking up to this two bears with a bow to fit right into -- front yard. Camera never lies right so what about this mountain lion in San Diego apparently asleep on a backyard picnic table -- Still have a visual -- him yeah it just looks to me. We need your neighbors called 911 but the lion wasn't going anywhere he rescinded the tax -- Germans. -- -- -- Mostly these animals -- hunting humans but there are noteworthy exceptions. Danielle was riding her mountain bike at a park and Orange County literally just a few blocks from the suburban sprawl when a Mountain Lion. Holder challenges will reveal names of world -- friends came to her rescue. There's a suburb -- on the other side of that -- as the water tower there power lines there and yet this is the meadowlands home won't. While we were shooting our interview just down the trail the coyotes -- danger. Not from the cameraman. After what happened and -- Orange County is taking no chances. For jaywalking on -- hiking trail this cat gets life. And a wildlife breeding said. Except Riley wildlife ecologists for the National Park Service tracks urban carnivores in the Santa Monica Mountains. Last big open space between Hollywood Hills and the beaches of Malibu. This amount on college postage and TV -- over the past decade he's tracked 24 mountain lions. Today he's using radio telemetry to keep tabs on three -- one loses her mother called -- nineteen lunar two GeMS and here it sounds like that he'd been nice -- -- on -- -- signal coming from -- -- -- points to a rock -- The lions -- And the -- happens ever rather posh address Mulholland drive literally the pinnacle of the city. This line. Sitting on some primary was there were on Mulholland drive -- chair Jack Nicholson lives almost three -- Several expensive homes are just downwind and there are signs that more people may soon be moving in. Should they be -- No but certainly aware and and that Mountain Lion and its hunting grounds could include Malibu because -- -- shared yes maybe Canada Hollywood. This upwardly mobile cougar was killed trying to get across a freeway into Beverly Hills. The park service wants to build tunnels under the freeways so all urban carnivores have room to roam and one little wilderness is left. Somehow -- even without -- -- -- this Mountain -- found its way to Griffith park in the middle of Hollywood. Griffith park has had -- lions for years. This when rose wild outside the zoo these domain includes the pony ride and the carousel. None of which comes as a surprise to biologist and Nat geo TV host Donald -- All this area -- -- is a wildlife -- is one cat comes up to speed up the hill on Yahoo! frequently anything she wants is what's going on. But even when you explain that. Families of Clark did you know. That there is a Mountain Lion that lives here people seem perfectly willing to live and let live we've -- deliver them. -- -- -- He's carrying. -- and -- we didn't. I think we -- in the end co exist. Even list with carnivores. -- with -- my intimate moment. Has not astonishingly. And -- and grains and finally a good choice to. He hear it happens. Let's move on occasion you gonna have eroded bail amounts lined a ball kept going Psycho and walking into -- and so more the next few and far between. As for that Mountain Lion and Griffith park. His GPS -- reveals his favorite -- hall who also happens to be LA's most famous landmark. Yes he's -- generate millionaire and our senators. Icon of tinsel town famous the world over is also a lions -- Surprisingly. Hollywood seems okay with the imagine --

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{"id":17032423,"title":"Wild Animals in Human Habitats","duration":"3:00","description":"From bears in backyards to a mountain lion in a building, some animals are getting too close.","url":"/2020/video/wild-animals-human-habitats-17032423","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}