Woman Deceives Couple by Pretending to Be Pregnant

Act 4: When a couple posted a Craigslist ad looking to adopt, Heather Taylor offered them her baby.
6:25 | 04/11/14

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Transcript for Woman Deceives Couple by Pretending to Be Pregnant
Now, a couple unable to conceive who would do almost anything to get a baby. And the woman who preyed on them. Rieena ninan has this story. Reporter: Even before they got married, mark and Tracy dziekanski, living in a kid-friendly community outside of Chicago, talked about having children. Can't wait to have a little girl and put her in the sundresses and fix her hair. Reporter: But Tracy was unable to conceive. And adoption was an ordeal. So, they decided to write an ad on craigslist. Reporter: It's a growing trend, wanna-be parents going online to find a child. Legal? Yes. Guaranteed? No. Finally, the dziekanskis get the answer they'd been waiting for from a pregnant mother almost a thousand miles away in North Carolina. She knew she couldn't take care of this baby. Reporter: Heather Taylor lives in this trailer and is struggling to make ends meet, so she's willing to give them her baby. So, it's time to go shopping. We got a few of the items and all the equipment and whatever else the baby needed. Reporter: The local babies R us wasn't the only place the dziekanskis were dropping cash. Naturally, during the pregnancy, there were some financial expenses that she said she needed money for? And we didn't hesitate. I mean, you know, you wanna keep her healthy. She's carrying our adopted baby. Reporter: Weeks later, heather unexpectedly goes into labor. Tracy is actually on the phone as heather rushes to the hospital. She's having a c-section, and I'm on the phone with her in the delivery room. I mean, you could hear the heart rate and everything. And then a couple of minutes later, there's a baby crying. Reporter: Did you give the baby a name? Is and the total tab, now $1,500. I don't hesitate. Reporter: Then heather sends you this. Yeah. We pretty much lost it. Just in awe. Oh my gosh, this is real. It's our baby. Love the wrinkles on the back. Reporter: Now they are just anxiously waiting for heather to come from North Carolina to Chicago to drop off little Anna. But where was she? Oh, it was one thing after another. Her brother was in a car accident. She missed her plane. The baby had breathing problems. She didn't want to fly, she wanted to drive. Reporter: Then heather drops a bombshell. She's changed her mind. She can afford to keep Anna. Reporter: Devastated and now suspicious, Tracy goes back to craigslist and contacts other couples, wondering is this a scam? Sure enough, she hears from a woman named Nicole who says heather was giving birth to her baby too. I lost it. I'm like, oh my gosh, this isn't real. Reporter: No, it wasn't real. The pregnancy, the sounds of a newborn crying in the hospital room, those photos, all part of an elaborate and heartless scheme. There was never a baby. It was all a lie. Reporter: Detective David Flynn from the Pitt county sheriff's department says Nicole, the North Carolina victim, got these photos as "Proof" of heather's fake pregnancy. So she's pretending here to be pregnant? That's correct. I'm not sure what she used to, to make her belly bigger. Reporter: Nicole declined our request for an interview, but she did tell our affiliate how far heather took the con job. She was faking contractions and she'd keep going with it. She'd say, "How long was this one?" Reporter: So, who is heather really? No stranger to the law. Writing bad checks and identity theft. Had a long history of making up stories about other things. Reporter: Just like the the baby, the refund was never delivered. We told her, we're contacting the detective. Reporter: How could they not know? She provided a lot of details. Seems like she wanted to live a different life, and enjoy the fantasy and attention. Reporter: And attention she got. Solicited people on craigslist and taking people's money. She had to seek mental treatment. The emotional toll that this took on them, you really can't repay them for that. How could you be so cruel and mean and deceitful to do this to somebody? I was just heartbroken. It's like the baby died almost, or -- Right. Oh, gosh, for -- for months. Our little Anna would be a year old. Reporter: Despite their awful experience, the dziekanski's haven't abandoned their dream of parenthood. Soon, they hope to start fostering to eventually adopt a child. And you believe in your heart it's definitely gonna happen? There's no doubt in my mind that baby's gonna have nothing but the best. Let us know on Twitter. Do you think adopting on Twitter or online should be legal?

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{"id":23299365,"title":"Woman Deceives Couple by Pretending to Be Pregnant","duration":"6:25","description":"Act 4: When a couple posted a Craigslist ad looking to adopt, Heather Taylor offered them her baby.","url":"/2020/video/woman-deceives-couple-pretending-pregnant-23299365","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}