Woman Denies Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband: Part 4

Dalia Dippolito's lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the case, claiming police violated her constitutional rights.
8:14 | 08/13/18

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Transcript for Woman Denies Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband: Part 4
They are newlyweds like none other just six months after wedding vows with the justice of the peace Dahlia had to face a different kind of justice. Purely the results. Twenty years in prison for solicitation to commit murder. That seemed to be the end of this sordid story her husband might even Hanson pity for the woman convicted of plotting his death. For a second ice I look back I felt a little bad for a and it's no fun. Nobody wants to go to jail I know that for sure. But then Dahlia hail Mary prayer for an appeal with yes. Course the fly whenever jolly into the police. Step to walk free from home Florida judge ruled the jury wasn't Clinton's properly and ordered a new trial. He appeals court. We surprises divert heat is getting into. And probable cost past I hired. The sooner Dahlia is anxiously awaiting a new trial she is out of prison and under house arrest at her mother's home. Finally ready to talk to 20/20 about the charges against her did you want your husband. Now apple. Did you hire a hit man to kill your husband now. Because it is a pretrial interview her newly hired high profile lawyers work I anglers and Bryan Clay Poole wouldn't let her talk about certain parts of the case. In particular those seemingly damning videotapes. How do you explain why it we have all seen and heard. On those videotapes and late that it would explain that hearing now that I can't because the attorney legally have told me that we're saving not for there aren't they inquired how. Damaging are these tapes to your client and they are damaging his people formed opinions. Her lawyers have an explanation for those tapes our job in the second trial is to provide the proper context. For the jury to see that this is not really what it looks like. He says he can't understand the tapes without understanding everything became the fourth here's the plot twist no one saw coming. He says it goes back to of all things another television channel. The TT show burn notice USA's long running crime drama. On this episode the plot is about hiring a hit man. I wanna pay a lot of money to kill a baby and guests who had been an extra on the show you getting killed in dual earners get credit. Mohamad show hot. Delhi is one time lover part time actor and a confidential informant for the Boynton Beach police. The lawyers say Mohammed Dahlia and Michael wanted to mimic the episode in their own feet hit man video. They wanted to submit that posted on YouTube to try to get acting parks. Pat was the plan so the goal here was to be famous I'm not here to tell you that what these three folks did was Smart. No not so Smart. But whatever it was basically pools says Mohammed figured it would be even better if it was recorded on real undercover cameras planted by real cops. No more food he wanted planning a murder come on found out Mohamad is an actor. In this video. You know nobody's and it if they pack more acting right exactly that's all part of it. And believe it or not he says they're not just acting Babel come real life victims Dahlia is a victim via I believe that. Absolutely clay Poole claims the real wrongdoers in this story are the detectives themselves how. Special edition of cops filmed on location with the remember the TV show cops. They've been planning to film with the Boynton Beach police for months when Mohammed walked in with the story about a hit man pretty cool claims detectives thought they had struck gold. With a plea squirming did is they found out she's attractive woman in their minds or they're like changing she faces up her thing. Skips to get on tape of the video she just got in the car. Our guest at. I get in and out. Catch going ahead and okay. This is where the explanation gets tricky. Clay Poole claims Mohammed realized his plans that sounded so good three feet YouTube video we're spinning out of control in real life. He wanted out the detectives threatened him to make can continue as a confidential informant. He wanted to zero part of that detective Marino was calling him and at times a day did you gotta do what you gotta do you got a caller. Mohammad acknowledges he felt pressured by police in this deposition. Why didn't you believe that you could get prosecuted for this if you didn't continue to work with them. For they told me I could affect. Why would the police put pressure on Mohammed. Label says they wanted to make sure nothing to stop the cops TV show from going forward. And under all that pressure. Cliff Poole says Mohammad freaked out when Dolly told him she didn't want to meet with the suppose it hit man to always starts back and out she didn't want to have any part of this anymore. Label claims she only kept up the act because Mohamad threatened her with a gun school. And there me and her I am did you believe he would act violently that says she was threatened to. Act out a hoax on a videotape we do understand how ridiculous that sounds you have a lot of people watching them is that's not ridiculous you've got a six foot two. 230 pound man with a gun saying you will do they absolutely YouTube hoax. You or else right art. Robert. All that leading to that game is 5000%. Sure moaned at. A 5000%. Sure not a 100% sure not a 1000% sure but five. 1000% sure how to you've explain. A look at that video. And I see somebody. Who's struggling. With whether she's really sure she's struggling cool whip it. Ask why why well how she's struggling issues 5000%. Sure you might find humorous bit. Out when I hear people say they're sure I'm 110% richer. She's trying to overcompensate. Whether she's handling the hundred or 5000%. Shore Dolly is lawyers believe the whole case against Elliott doesn't add up to anything. That she was trained by the only. So are you saying that guy it was enticed entrapped into soliciting a murder for hire there's no question about it that is deemed Boynton Beach police department was dead set. On manufacturing. He crime here. They've filed a motion to dismiss the case claiming police violated her constitutional rights the police deny any wrongdoing. In this type in a few bad cops show just happen to be here at the time this investigation we're not in the business. Producing television. The business of saving lives. And we believe we did in this case we believe that the merits of the case the evidence collected. Will stand and and we believe we are so out he's going to vote. And what about wind Dahlia was arrested. Only you do read. Why didn't she just tell police her version of what happened I've asked that question do. Of Joseph I think everybody they started this was just a YouTube thing we're putting together she was in a state. Of shock I hate it couldn't react and to completely Brett I wanted to get out of panic out its parent I've. What do you say to people who say you're just denying the undeniable. That. This is an open and shut case. That. Now when that the attorney that I have down matchup coming to light. You can Wear it that's a fee and payment cannot believe me. So who believe. Is Delhi of the soft spoken wholesome woman at our interview or a cold blooded killer. Is the real you the person in those tapes of the person sitting here. Today the curtain and hair. That he what they've been showered with hate Allen Abbott park you're acting and that's tapes yes but you're telling the truth that. Why should we believe him. If I happen trick. Next Mike's final conversation with Dolly in and out there. Out it. Could be beaten concludes that doesn't sound to me like it's coming from the person who thought his wife was going to have a shot twice in the head.

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"Dalia Dippolito's lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the case, claiming police violated her constitutional rights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"35593197","title":"Woman Denies Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/woman-denies-hiring-hit-man-kill-husband-part-35593197"}