'A Woman's Work Is Never Done'

Part 4: Lynn Tilton, owner of 75 companies, has a personal mission to save jobs.
8:12 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for 'A Woman's Work Is Never Done'
Thank you everybody and yeah those people who have a platinum blond hair and tight jeans we'll keep track. -- -- -- is on a very short list and self made female Binyamin. It is never got. The world is at this -- pulp and -- Anything -- no handshake and his own local here. Intelligence specializes in buying companies in jeopardy. Destruction. Getting rid of what doesn't -- and finding new ways to make them profitable. Very well. -- eleven years she has saved dozens of failing company. Students -- -- Glen MacNow. And -- the punishment. But this is about more than money. Among children who isn't personal mission to save American jobs thank you for making you remember. I can't -- stated you. At 52 years old men is a combination of Lady Gaga and -- He is the only 75 come from more than any woman in America and improve anywhere else. Together these companies generate about eight billion dollars a year -- that. Then sent one of their helicopters. To take me in -- style to her secluded mansion and the new Jersey Shore. -- you -- what I would describe as a piece of work. -- you tell me what you are aware. I want -- Chico today little manuscript. You know like I like my skirt short and the -- Carty -- do you worry about the impression you -- I think and I do it on purpose to some extent that's sort of my dust to diamonds. -- and you know I like. To say that we buy companies when their -- return them to diamond. That -- to do good was instilled in -- by her parents and an early age growing up in Teaneck new -- He was very close to her father. Who taught high school math. A wild man was a sophomore young university. Her father passed away it was devastating then took some good moments Yang for her mother and -- I think he's grown up immediately I wanted to -- everybody. But especially says ended -- -- 23 years older -- infant daughter he's got to go from here on Wall Street working fifteen hours a day. My twenties were so difficult so dark -- I only remember them -- -- details. Because I lived in fear every day of -- fear of not being able to keep my job and take care of my child. Fear of being a failure. But after nineteen years he said the macho mentality and Wall Street. Became too much he sued no mention sexual harassment and since I was -- beaten down by that experience. But I wasn't sure I'd be able to stand up again get back out into the world Kidd saved enough to retire but before walking away. And then sent to final Christmas time to cement their client for many years I had been asking me on the phone and -- when I was wearing what color my underwear last. And so I decided to give my top ten customers a gift of telling them up my underwear looked like anti sent out -- Christmas card with me red lace. Sort of Tedy manner and great cowboy boots. And -- to have pushing them Merry Christmas. Don't since I have was to spend -- -- feel like it's not far away from Wall Street what happened that back -- back. I had a dream with my father who told me that wasn't what he had had in mind for me. We were raised to get back to the world officer Colin. To save people from what I suffered. When we lost a working parent. The crumbling of the family that for every job -- -- saying that was a family that would be kept together. And so I've tried to at least his later life when my father proud. It was in December of 2000 Flynn returned to me out to lunch patriot or talking -- deny her cost. We -- fourteen different industries. Helicopters fire trucks and trucks make up companies clothing companies the only thing they have in common is that nobody else to. She takes a personal interest in the daily operations. -- crossing the country. The typical week that had been flying between New York Arkansas Los Angeles enjoyed. They can't stop at MD helicopters and C. A company she dropped out of bankruptcy and then to a long -- -- -- the military helicopter. I have pulp and Paper factory in old town named kids hanging the transformation. From what else -- -- -- A new technology -- We have been able to pay the sugars. -- And they are broad giving up that -- half way to get it yet. Intense focus on where. These little time for relaxation. At 104 homes and make -- Ireland Italy on the beach in Florida. In Phoenix Arizona. And here in New Jersey. He hasn't been married she -- in. We're seeing in this beautiful lavish palace where those colleges -- What do you extravagance is calm you know I'm I'm not extravagant for someone -- my wealth I loved beautiful -- I haven't -- wardrobe. No -- and -- Book cost of 12500. Pain won't categorize -- product in addition to four plus its -- this current season. Gotta get that new stuff outside where -- content is organized by design. -- on one side could probably on the other. Show me something. This is my new black -- for this isn't how much. 121005. The question -- -- is how much is an act. And how much is really her she insists and I believe her that she's not gonna change. The flamboyant woman that she is to conform to our ideas of how a businesswoman -- Success has come at a -- took him. Reputation. Crewman from students it has also been said that you scream you. Especially hit men that you all but Castro fan I think -- tough time everybody perhaps from more difficult -- but I speak the truth. And that means that sometimes people don't want to hear. Exactly where they stand. Who won't. And so on my management teams come into the room my hand them. -- -- I -- -- too -- and harsh speak when they're in like exit you can talk about it. We can do and -- I hugged them on the land. Let's talk about jobs in this country. You worry about it it's it's what I think about -- -- -- what drives me every day we must create -- in this country. Or we will have violence -- street America. She says she was not struck and over the last few weeks. You can't hire Boston -- except hometown over the country and the demonstrations against the rich. There's only one way to put people back to work in this country if you want a salad in America you need to make -- in America. What advice would you give to someone young starting. If they say. He didn't and one day I would say don't do what you do for the money. Do -- whatever path he achieves. Do it because it makes your heart beat -- the success comes from following your passion. Let's make this a fairy tales. Okay.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"Part 4: Lynn Tilton, owner of 75 companies, has a personal mission to save jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14839900","title":"'A Woman's Work Is Never Done'","url":"/2020/video/womans-work-14839900"}