Around the World at 16

Part 1: Teens undertake perilous sailing trips on their own.
8:31 | 11/26/11

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Transcript for Around the World at 16
The young -- you're about to meet is far from home far from family. And surrounded by nothing but water talk about daunting she's completely alone sailing around the world and quite possibly risking her life. All in the effort to break a record. Makes you wonder what are the parents think when they let their kids go off on these harrowing adventures. Chris -- answers the question. Parents who -- that their -- didn't kids get off the couch. Be careful what you wish for. Meet these four adventures teams eager for the open -- each of them determined to sail around the world alone. After she and her father faced off with their government for the right to -- -- At the Helm of a 39 foot now off the coast of Africa and speedy sixteen year old Laura -- Trying to become the youngest ever to -- the globe by herself. In addition told Australian TV all good with her who needs the comfort of home life at -- I don't really hit him it for me it's really now. Abby Sunderland from Thousand Oaks, California would understand that feeling she faced the same -- its end. Risks. I'm definitely next but I understand. And -- Kentucky case what I. And I understand how you're going to be -- Downloads there -- spend most of my time I can control pretty much the -- above from right here. That might hurt by -- auto pilot. It was back in 2900. And he began talking publicly about her plan to circumnavigate the globe by itself in this forty foot boat -- wild. The fulfillment of the dream she's crying on her parents which she was just thirteen. So when your daughter comes to -- and says I want to sail around the world by myself what's your first reaction. Still -- -- -- any of my kids come to -- and with. -- ambition I don't laugh -- it. I like to listen to my kids. From her earliest days even in diapers. Abby was traded Seaman ship by her -- testing here he says -- tougher and tougher -- scenarios through her team. That was a particularly. Rough day and and that the -- was -- -- from coming. The couple -- that it when -- out of that stage and I said so happy are you ready to sail around the world. -- Richie replied he -- my vote. -- at getting spots and she -- was approval. Now and I want to just say no. Billy -- that that would have been the easiest thing for -- -- that would have been but then. What about Avago and all -- talents. Yet but what about this. -- This is seventeen year old -- Jesse Martin. In 1999. He set up to sail around the world by himself and struggled with the loneliness. -- -- -- -- -- There any other places that I'd rather -- it. Jesse also -- life threatening storm -- Let him emotionally devastating. -- -- But Jesse witnessed some unforgettable sights along the way. And I made it safely. Meanwhile the Sunderland and wouldn't even let every -- the family dog fighting without someone accompanying her -- they decided to -- -- sail around the world. All by herself. At sixty. Could there be a tragedy -- there could be but there could be a tragedy on the way -- nights you know are are driving with her friends in a car. At sixteen so. You on the Internet combined skills. And then you -- It's so foreign. To what I would think is what -- would want for your child and that is to make sure of their safety number one Paramount above anything else in the world. TJ Cymer sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times was horrified by the news -- at least -- These -- get out there all by yourself that this possibility of bad weather but apparently she's a really talented sailor she's a kid. January 2000 -- 300 pounds of freeze dried food on board the set sail from marina Delray -- -- got a way. Parents watch it -- their teenage daughter they didn't deliver lines that connect have been events in. While at -- Eddie talked with her mother twice today logged in kept up her page on FaceBook one of her friends was this team. On -- Jessica Watson slightly older sixteen year old also in the process of sailing solo around the world nonstop. I'm seeing you. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. After 210 days at -- Jessica pulled at -- -- Herbert to a welcome. You as a stride again here. Again I disagree but -- prime minister -- just say I thank him. I consider myself here I'm an ordinary -- who believed -- -- Derby street this. -- Jessica's new world record for herself. For a group crafted to avoid any threat of pirates took a pass -- -- around Cape Horn and into the south Atlantic. We talked to her via Skype and she'd -- at -- for a 101 days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't get knocked down. But just a week after -- -- The early morning hours of June 10 2000 soon. Hart stopping news from at least some of it as a fierce storm surrounded her vote deep in the Indian Ocean. All communication would that -- had been lost in the ship's emergency beacons had switched done. We had no idea what happened -- The beacons could have been -- good enough function and ashes and -- There are signs of serious trouble tonight for a California teenager and search for enemies don't count -- is the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fears intensified -- -- Twenty agonizing hours later. There was -- news of last her boat had been spotted from applying its -- on but still afloat. -- Bill very relieved. It's been along couple of days and would -- be glad to get it back here. Daddy would later account this scene recreated for documentaries. A sixty foot waves crashing over her -- snapping -- the boat's -- Capsized in the ship. Anybody yeah. And let them. In the emotional aftermath after -- was finally rescued by a French fishing trawler and her parents were relieved but defined. About charges that they'd been irresponsible. And facilitating -- voyage. I think what they're trying to do is stir up media I think they're trying to get their face on camera. And that's not what this is about what this is about as a young lady it has great skill on the ocean. Back home and he has been sharing her story writing a book about her trip. Dutch team Laura Decker sales on tonight. Across the fascinating. And for giving C.

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{"duration":"8:31","description":"Part 1: Teens undertake perilous sailing trips on their own.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15030998","title":"Around the World at 16","url":"/2020/video/world-16-15030998"}